Flying over the oak tree, the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crops Essay

Dangling Modifier:  Flying over the oak tree, the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crops.1. The farmer saw the flock of birds flying over the oak tree.  He suspected they had damaged his crops.Dangling Modifier:  Ironing out all wrinkles, the pants looked much more presentable.Your answer:2.

After ironing out all the wrinkles from the pants, Joan thought that they looked more presentable.Dangling Modifier: The police chief posted the mandate against hubcap theft on Monday afternoon.Your answer:3. On Monday afternoon, the police chief posted a mandate against hubcap theft.

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Dangling Modifier: Until the beef has been rubbed with garlic oil, do not put it into the skillet.Your answer:4. Rub the beef with garlic oil and then put the beef into the skillet.Dangling Modifier: He found his glasses crawling under the couch.Your answer:5.

In order to find his glasses, John had to crawl under the couch.Predication: Our resolutions should begin at midnight on January 1.Your answer: 6. At midnight on January 1, our resolutions will begin.Predication: The reason for the cat’s illness is because she was allergic to the dog.Your answer: 7.

The cat was allergic to the dog.Predication: A book that has an exciting introduction and a surprising ending would be the best story for me to read.Your answer: 8.  I like books with an exciting introduction and a surprising ending.

Predication: The driving exam is when one is tested on the rules of the road.Your answer: 9.  A driving exam includes road rules.

Predication: The Homeowners’ Association rules were created to ensure that the neighborhood looked nice.Your answer: 10. To ensure nice neighborhoods, the Homeowners’ Association created rules. 


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