Five Most Important Characteristics for Effective Teaching Essay

Five Most Important Characteristics for Effective Teaching            Teaching as a profession is never an easy task; a lot is at stake. The development of students, for example, relies heavily on the effectiveness of the teacher. Thus, teachers must have positive characteristics; five of what I think are most important include the following: evident mastery of the subject; using humor to teach, interacting well with students both as a group and as individuals; providing a good learning atmosphere (; and using different teaching strategies.Mastery of the Subject            By having mastery of the subject I am to teach, I aim to maintain my competence in everything I teach.

It would also be my goal for students to keep their faith in me, and have enough trust in me that they believe the education that I got would suffice for their needs.Humor            By adding humor as part of my teaching strategy, I intend to keep my students interested at the lessons I am teaching that can become boring due to seriousness and lack of humor. Keeping in mind that jokes I would use would not be merely jokes to make my students laugh, but it should be related to the lesson in some way.

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Interaction with Students            Student and teacher interaction is the foundation of teaching. Through my effective interaction with my students I am able maintain a good, healthy relationship with them that would definitely help in the learning process.Providing a Good Learning Atmosphere            By providing a good learning atmosphere for the students, I intend to keep my students comfortable in the environment they are in while learning at the same timeVariation in Teaching Strategies            By not focusing on one single strategy and using different kinds, I intend to main the interest of the students already established through humor. Varying teaching strategies would break the monotonous routine of a single strategy.ReferenceUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham.


Effective teaching. Instructional Tips, Office ofCurriculum Development and Management. Retrieved June 10, 2009, from 


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