First Home Alone Essay

First Home AloneFirst experiences(Pickman,1977) can be defining. My first time living without my parents was characterized by a messy home away from home, our idea of being independence was met with despair and it was hard to adjust to managing the home without our parents’ guidance. This first experience in a new environment has metamorphosed me to be independent- minded, mature and responsible.It was characterized by a messy house away from home. The laundries were overflowing and the laundry basket had “hidden itself” under a wet towel, being embarrassed by this unmanageable overflow again.

The sink’s fill of dirty dishes seems to send me an emergency signal for aid.  A red crumbly flower drawn by the drops of pepper sauce looks exhausted just as I do. At this moment, I thank God for not letting me live with flies and cockroaches yet. Also, our idea of being independent was met with despair. Since I was a 10th grader, I have lived with my sister attending college, and it was my first time living without my parents’ arms around me.  At first, It was actually not bad when my sister and I were full of passion to live all by ourselves, to cook and decorate our house. However, the mid-term exams brought a disaster to our home, and it seemed to continue even after the exams ended. This does not mean that we never tried to clean the house.

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On the contrary, we were spending the whole weekend cleaning it. But, the house was back to its old messy atmosphere during week days when we were also back to our hectic school activities.  It seemed like my sister and I were having a competition, who would keep this cycle of cleaning and massing up for a longer period, and one day my sister and I yelled at the same time: “We need mom!”Furthermore, it was hard to hard to adjust to managing the home without our parents’ guidance. It took us two semesters to become matured enough to live like civilized human beings.  Although I was often frustrated and stressed out because there was no good home-made dinner and a comfortable house for a year, It was a good opportunity to learn how to live independently and control my life style.  I now realize and appreciate my parents’ endeavor to give me an easy and comfortable life while I was growing up.

I am very happy to have both parents as contrasted with some lonely children.My first experience has metamorphosed me to be independent- minded, mature and responsible. I have been keeping a good life style for one and a half years for now.  I only see the over-flowing laundry basket once in a while.  There are no more flowery patterns on the table cloth.

  This experience of living without parents has taught me to live alone and control myself. I appreciate and happy with the fact that I was pass over and my first experience was truly very defining.REFERENCE:Pickman, A., Special Challenges in Career Management: Counselor Perspectives, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, N.J., 1997 


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