Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary First being mass produced in the machine

First being mass produced in the machine

First and foremost it is important to understand why some prefab
designs were deemed fails and some successes. Success and failure can be
difficult to define because they may be measured by unique reasons for example architecturally,
commercially, technically, etc. Any which way, the majority of prefab housing
attempts have come to an end, and in this case they have fail. However,
Irrespective of the unavoidable fate, historical, cultural, social pressures lead
to different developmental approaches which future models can harvest useful
information. Many think a theoretical intent, such as Le Corbusier Maison Citrohan, is
deemed successful because it may be implemented in future designs. Timing may
also be considered a catalyst for economic success or failure in the case of Wachsmann’s and Gropius’
packaged house.


Timing in this argument is crucial. As with many successful
designs, crisis has been the driving force. ‘The Toyota
production system evolved out of need. Certain restrictions in marketplace
required the production of small quantities of many ‘varieties’ under
conditions of high demand’ (Ohno, 2014). Citroen designed cars to remedy the
agricultural crisis. Britain is in a housing crisis and prefabs offer a
solution that has been tested before hand. The Lack of skilled labourers, limited
time due to government commitments, affordability in comparison to the current
housing market, government commitments, lack of innovation in the construction
and reliability in the delivery of mass production only strengthens
as to why prefab should be the next step the UK takes to aid the housing
crisis. The timing is right, but how will this materialize when many past
prefab examples in different countries have, eventually, all come to and end.

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Maison Le Citrohan, Usonian homes, Maison
de Meudon and the packaged house, with the exception of Usonian homes, are all
examples of designs with the intentions of being mass produced in the machine
era. Throughout the 20th century the formation of the American
prefabs improved in conception and application, but still halted whereas Toyota
Housing Corporation is continuing to thrive throughout 15 years. Fingers point




the moment this kind of construction is still a niche market and recalls for
government to set in to stimulate the new industry.