.First at the beginning of the course,

 .First Research Question: Results and Discussion4.3.

1. Results of the ICC surveyThe first research question of this study was “does video-driven instruction have any effect on the improvement of Iranian EFL learners’ intercultural communicative competence?” In order to answer it, an ICC survey was utilized (See Appendix 1) which had eight open-ended questions. In the process of reviewing the collected data, some answers of the participants were remarkable.The inclusion of open-ended questions gave participants an opportunity to contribute some insights from their experiences and to identify other issues.As mentioned before in chapter one, the main purpose of this study was not to find how much cultural information has been obtained by the learners during a course, but to realize how intercultural performance has been combined within the teaching/learning process, and on how the learners’ progress has been determined. Therefore, based on these perspectives the participants were given an open-ended survey.

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Before embarking on the study and exposing the participants to the videos selected (i.e., Terminal and Lost in Translation), the survey was given to the participants (as the pre-survey). As they were not familiar with the basic theories underlying intercultural interactions at the beginning of the course, most of them left the questions blank in the pre-survey. However, in the result of post survey after the treatment the following insightful and interesting answers were extracted.Moreover, additional evidence of development was revealed through the participants’ comments made in open-ended responses. Moreover,all the extracted data about the questions of ICC survey were numbered first and translated from Persian to English by the researcher and were later confirmed through discussions with the student to clarify their original meaning of certain answers where necessary.The first question of this survey was “what barriers have you encountered in the process of communicating with people from English-speaking countries?” Some selected insightful answers to this question were as the following:


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