Financial Investment Analysis Essay

       In the financial world today, mainstream financial media and their web sites present a lot of news and events as economic and market analysis in their agenda to promote securities to the public. Their main audience is the mainstream investor who is expected to blindly follow their “expert” financial advice. It is only the savvy, relatively sophisticated and independently thinking investor that seeks “alternative” investment advice. From a sea of fundamental and technical analysts, gold and silver bugs, geopolitical analysts, and oracles and soothsayers. Economists present a scientifically developed economic theory based on the general laws of human economic behavior.

Only economists have been able to consistently explain historic events and “puzzles” and provide the necessary understanding for interpreting current economic developments and forecast future ones. Therefore it is not surprising that Austrian analysis has gained almost mystical reputation amongst a relatively small circle of investors; it is also not surprising that many alternative analysts claim.         The three articles chosen that deals with financial investment analysis was analyzed accordingly: One talks about more investment seminar to capture consumer. The strategies uses as make promises in the seminar made options.

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To double, triple or quadruple investors’ money each year, with complete safety was the promises made by the investor. The other services both through its direct and indirect sales channels and will collaborate with the team to further enhance its technology in the areas of payment validation. For example, he said the companies would combine their efforts in the digital receipt arena as well as introducing – some time next year – digital archive and notarization services. The last article I know, this article explains the three methods, demonstrates that they are essentially equivalent, and recommends which method to use under specific circumstances.         Comparing and contrasting the three has different ideas and startegy but both will have the aim to capture the attention of the investors.

The first one use a strategy that attack on the promises to overcome , the second one tries to channeling system so to make sure there are other chances for the investor to grow economically the third article tries to expound methods just create the idea by investor to invest since they have options at their risk to follow prior to the customers intersest as well.Reference:;coName=Financial+Institutions%2C+Inc.;


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