Film Study Essay

Film StudyFilm critics all over Canada have criticized Canadian films of resembling documentary films that are of less or no entertainment value. Canadian films are also ridiculed for portraying characters that are powerless and surrender to the surrounding world. Certain films made in Canada have received bad reviews for featuring sexual sequences lacking in taste. Another allegation claims that Canadian films are stereotypical, usually featuring either a strong female character or a male character with a weak moral fiber. Canadian films have also been labeled as open-ended tales. Even on the technical front, Canadian moviemakers have been found to be lagging due their non-adoption of film technology advancements.For instance, the movie ‘32 Short Films about Glenn Gould’ resembles a typical documentary, as it features interviews, dramatic recreations, and archival material to depict the biographical details of renowned Canadian musician and composer Glenn Gould. Emporte-Moi is a film made by definitely a woman’s film.

The whole movie revolves around the main character ‘Hanna’, a thirteen year old girl, played by Karine Vanasse. Her father is an unrecognized poet, with a tormented soul. The teen, after seeing a powerful character in a movie, starts to adore her teacher who also happens to be a strong female character.

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This film fits into stereotypical genera of ‘strong female/weak male character’ movies.In the film ‘I Love a Man in Uniform’, the main character ‘Henry’ is an aspiring actor who impersonates a real life cop. Tom McCamus plays this role and portrays a man with an insignificant personality, who relies on external factors to make his life meaningful. The movie ends by posing a question to the audience as to whether the society or Henry should be blamed for the dire consequences. This film is a typical open-ended narrative where the viewer has to step into the shoes of the character to determine the end of the film. In the Canadian sports comedy ‘Les Boys’, the lead character ‘Stan’ is gambling addict with stacking debts. At one point, his entire life depends on the outcome of a Hockey Game.

This is an example of movie which features a powerless character who entirely surrenders to the surrounding world.ReferencesMelnyk, G. (2004). One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press.


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