Film industry and the entertainment business Essay

Film industry is the largest amusement concern in the universe. United States and India being the largest centres for film devising concern known as Hollywood and Bollywood severally. Though one million millions in interest with immense net incomes made by a good film there are batch of jobs faced by the movie industry. In this instance survey we will analyze menaces faced by the movie industry as a whole.Piracy is a major job faced by the movie Industry all over the universe. Movie and Music Piracy is one of the worst types of Intellectual Property ( IP ) Crimes that impact our economic system is confronting now.

Larceny of films by making illegal transcripts of original film which can be done by assorted ways like making a maestro print of the transcript and so doing multiple transcripts of it, entering the film in the theater by camera phones and other devices has resulted in large loss for all the people who have truly worked difficult in making the merchandise. Downloading a film from the cyberspace is no different from purchasing a pirated Cadmium from a street seller and any clip a individual purchasing a pirated Cadmium or DVD is aching legitimate concerns, creative persons, and are besides assisting fund condemnable organisations. Music and Movie buccaneering has been linked to organized offense, narcotics trafficking, kid labour and other really serious offenses.IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad known for covering in international place trappings merchandises.It is the universe ‘s largest retail merchant in furnishing merchandises known for doing Norse manner of trappings merchandises. The bulk of its concern is DIY ( Do it yourself merchandises ) furniture which the consumer can piece by himself which reduces the clip for the company and saves infinite and cost for the company. It sells its merchandises through its 230 shops in 33 states which is visited by more than 410 million shoppers worldwide. It designs its ain furniture which is made by more than 1500 providers in 50 states worldwide.

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It employs about 128000 people in it shops. It made net incomes of about $ 7 billion despite of fiscal crisis IKAS’s vision is ‘to create a better mundane life for many people. Its purposes at selling merchandises at low monetary value but non at any monetary value.

In the UK, it has 18 shops and besides sells online. The company is reacting to the turning populace ‘s concern for sustainability. It believes traveling green is the best concern pattern. IKea ‘s concern for people and the environment helps it to do good usage of bothenergy and natural stuffs it uses to do it merchandises. There are 18 shops in the UK boulder clay day of the month, the first was opened in Warrington in 1987.

In July 2009 IKEA opened it opened its first shop in Dublin, Ireland. IKEA shop includes eating houses and caf & A ; eacute ; s and besides have little nutrient stores selling Swedish food markets. It has presently 28 shop in US and programs to open 50 more shop by 2010.“ Every twelvemonth when the clip comes to set together this study, I like to take a measure back and take some clip to reflect on our societal and environmental work.So much has happened in the past decennary. Ten old ages ago we had no existent comprehensive program for how to near sustainability. Not all of us even agreed that this was of import to our concern. Today, cipher debates this.

Now our wealth of dedicated colleagues takes enterprises and contributes every twenty-four hours to a common docket. Social and environmental duty has become a genuinely incorporate portion of our mundane work.I ‘m proud of what IKEA has achieved.

We ‘ve seen enormous development over the old ages.At the same clip, I feel a spot defeated because we still have so much work to make before we can state that IKEA is a genuinely sustainable company.We have taken of import stairss in the countries that we focused on first, such as the bar of kid labor, deforestation and working conditions. These countries are still of import to IKEA, but our focal point has shifted over the past few old ages, merely like it has in society at big. Concerns about clime alteration and decreasing natural resources have led us to spread out our environmental docket.This means that we need to affect ourselves even more. We must look at how every portion of operations and every IKEA merchandise can be improved in every measure – from natural stuff extraction to the terminal of its life rhythm.The biggest possible prevarications in front of us.

I am positive that we are on the right path, and that we will do a difference. ” ( Anders Dahlvig President and CEO, IKEA Group,2008 )

Undertaking 1 Answer 2

In the above instance survey we will analyze IKEA Company by utilizing SWOT method and things it needs to follow to develop a sustainable concern. IKAS’ssustainability goalsand environmental designs are chief undertakings of its concern scheme. It has launched a new sustainability program which will take the company through to 2015 which includes environmental, societal and economic issues.Strengths and failing which are internal factors like fiscal, selling and chances and menaces which are external factors and are out of concern control like technological alterations, economical state of affairs, political to call a few.IKEA can make chances and undertake its menaces by utilizing its menaces and looking into its failings and one of the chief strengths of IKEA is that it uses no excess raw stuff than needed for bring forthing its merchandises and programs to recycle the waste stuff.


  • Great Brand image internationally.
  • Their alone concern theoretical account has really small direct competition from a similar manner of concern
  • IKEA has its ain design group which can do certain that their merchandises can fit the latest tendency in the industry.
  • Best usage of natural stuffs doing certain nil is used more than needed and is used as much required.
  • Suppliers working with IKEA have good relationships with the company.
  • Maximal recycling of waste merchandises.

  • Economies of graduated table.
  • Strong Financial Backup.
  • One of the best Selling schemes in the industry.
  • Low cost broad scope of merchandises with best quality in the industry. Its purpose to sell merchandises at low monetary value but non any monetary value.

  • Its vision ‘to create a better mundane life for many people ‘ .


IKEA though a successful concern demands to admit its failings and seek its best to better them to prolong its concern. The followers are some of the chief failing of IKEA.

  • Its size of planetary concern sometimes makes impossible for the company to look into the criterion and quality of the merchandises made in other states. Some states where it beginnings its merchandises from do non implement the right working conditions and besides to do certain no kid labour is been used, this could besides impact the consumers manner of looking towards IKEA merchandises.
  • It is non possible for them to look into the topographic points where they beginning their merchandises personally so they have to depend on 3rd party companies to make that who can non be trusted ever.

  • During recent times of recession it ‘s been a hard undertaking for IKEA to beginning good quality merchandises from other states at low monetary values in order to vie in the market and increase or at least keep its gross.
  • They need to inform all its stakeholders about its environmental activities and looking at the size for their concern it sometimes becomes impossible for them to make it.
  • Majority of its merchandises are DIY ( Do it yourself ) which sometimes is non suited for aged people who may happen it hard to make it by themselves.
  • They do n’t hold much direct competition which can sometimes be a negative thing for the growing of the company.
  • Need of big infinite for salesrooms and warehouse which increases the capital cost.
  • Not adequate distribution channels have merely 3 shops in London which can do incommodiousness to some clients who can exchange to other retail merchants.
  • Sometimes due to remembering of faulty merchandises creates a bad feeling on clients.


  • Turning demand for greener merchandises can assist IKEA to look frontward for a better market for these merchandises.
  • Expansion in Asiatic markets like India and other South Asiatic states can assist IKEA to bring forth more grosss.
  • “ Low monetary values with best quality ” can assist IKEA to look for more topographic points to beginning its merchandises.
  • IKEA can work more towards recycling and better usage of natural stuffs.
  • Cuting Carbon Footprint.
  • Increasing its online gross revenues which can bring forth more gross for the company, IKEA ‘s web site is one of the most visited web site for place trappings merchandises.


IKEA can minimise the effects of menaces if right actions are taken in appropriate clip and some of the menaces can be converted into chances by right solutions.

  • In recent times of recession consumer lag on disbursement has caused in diminution of grosss, it needs to come up with new thoughts for pulling clients.
  • More rivals come ining the market has besides caused lag in it concern.
  • Slowdown of first clip clients purchasing house has besides caused lag in IKEA ‘s concern which is besides a major menace in decrease of its gross revenues.

Based on the SWOT analysis IKEA needs to make the undermentioned things to develop a sustainable concern.

  • Increase usage of Renewable stuffs and smarter usage of natural stuffs will assist IKEA to develop a sustainable concern in the long tally.
  • Long term committednesss with its providers will assist IKEA to cut down its buying cost by perpetrating of big measures.
  • Economies of graduated table ( Buying big measures at cheaper unit cost ) which will assist IKEA to sell merchandises at a lower cost and besides increase net incomes.

  • Reducing transit cost this can be done by smarter packaging which can assist it acquire more merchandises at a peculiar clip which can besides assist to take down C footmark. Their chief slogan should be traveling green is the best.
  • IKEA should work more toward its societal duty like more support for charities. It is already working with World Wildlife Fund, UNICEF and Save the Children.
  • Should be more unfastened to its stakeholders which can be done through proper communicating with its employees, consumers by informing them about all the of import determinations of the company.
  • Should steer clients towards a more sustainable life.

These steps would decidedly assist IKEA to develop a sustainable concern.

Undertaking 1 Answer 3

IKEA though a successful concern demands to make a batch to carry through its societal duty some of these are:

  • IKEAS ‘s chief purpose is “ Low monetary value but non at any monetary value ” but it should do certain that the providers from which it beginnings its merchandises purely follow these regulations and the merchandises manufactured should be in acceptable on the job conditions and minimal harm done to the environment.
  • IKEA should utilize upper limit recycled, cut down its waste and best usage of natural stuffs.
  • IKEA is known for its low monetary values and advanced design. Like most multinationals companies, IKEA has been charged with allegations of indirectly utilizing child labour. It sells rugs sourced from India, where some providers employ kids for weaving rugs. IKEA has undertaken several strategies to turn to these issue, but with limited success.

    It needs to truly work hard to do certain no kid labour is used for fabricating its merchandises.

  • It should work more towards cut downing C footmark and salvaging the environment by cut downing waste and doing the best usage of natural stuffs.


IKEA is a well-known international brandwith 100s of shops spread across the universe. In order to better public presentation, it must measure its failing and external menaces and work towards doing its menaces into chances Through this, IKEA is able to turn over the old ages but it needs to retain its individuality.IKEA ‘s believes in low monetary values, economical usage ofraw stuffs, and its duty for people and the environment but needs to truly work hard to carry through its societal and environmental duties.IKEA has discovered a concern truth – being sustainable and responsible is non merely good for clients and the planet, it is besides good for concern!


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