Filipino People and Family Planning Essay

The dismaying addition of population in the state has caused many persons to seek aid in Family Planning. Discoursing household planning is non merely giving out rubbers.

pills and more but besides on caring for our generative wellness ( RH ) . One organisation that has been functioning its clients particularly adult females is the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines. Inc. ( FPOP ) . It is a private. non-stock. and non-profit voluntary organisation that promotes quality of life through RH attention service bringing.

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information. instruction and communicating ( IEC ) activities ; and policy protagonism enterprises.It is besides the taking NGO RH title-holder and one of the oldest FP NGOs. It has the widest national network/coverage across the state.

And the lone RH NGO. with a strong binary construction. with voluntaries coming from strategic sectors of society. backed up by professional staff. FPOP was founded by Dr. Jose Catindig ( PPMP ) and Dr. Gregorio Lim ( FPAP ) in August 4. 1969 through the meeting of two separate and dynamic organisations: the Planned Parenthood Movement of the Philippines ( PPMP ) and the Family Planning Association of the Philippines ( FPAP ) .

Now it has 26 chapters and 8 community wellness attention clinics ( CHCC ) to 40 states in the state. It is besides an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation ( IPPF ) . the world’s largest voluntary household be aftering organisation. FPOP has a binary organisational construction. These are the national and chapter –based voluntaries and professional staff. It has voluntaries within the organisation and plan voluntaries at the community degree. These voluntaries serve as FPOP’s nexus to the community as a prophylactic distributer. community pedagogue.

and community organiser.Therefore. recognizing its vision of authorising households and communities and besides taking full duty of their wellness and quality life. What they do? RH is non merely a concern of adult females but of people from all walks of life. Men and adult females have a different generative organ.

therefore RH is necessary to both. The concern on sexually Transmitted Diseases is besides for work forces. adult females. and all those who are sexually active. Family be aftering as a manner of life and Reproductive Health as an built-in portion of single wellbeing and development are FPOP’s pushs.With these. it promotes life through its RH Care Service Delivery.

Reproductive Health Advocacy Project in Philippines ( RHAPP ) and Development and Family Life Education for the Youth ( DAFLEY ) . | RH Care Service Delivery is designed for those who are in communities and miss adequate information on RH. And with people who are sexually active in these communities. pills. preventives and other household planning methods are merely bought over the counter. And therefore causes some effects to those who were non decently educated how to utilize such.

With this. FPOP’s strong belief on educating people on this affair are realized thru the assorted activities for twosomes. striplings. work forces.

adult females etc. to assist them in household planning and generative wellness. Therefore reding. information airings and community instruction plans are organized. Thru these activities. FPOP ensures its chapters and Community Health Care Clinics provide a comprehensive bundle of household planning or RH wellness services. These bundles include lawfully and medically safe household planning methods.

the maternal and child wellness attention services.Other concerns that it provides to its clients are wellness and nutrition. gender sensitiveness. bar and direction of generative piece of land infections ( RTIs ) like HIV/AIDs. Violence against adult females. kids. men’s RH an engagement in Family Planning.

Breasts and generative piece of land malignant neoplastic diseases and other gynaecological conditions. RH for older individuals and adolescent gender and RH. The Generative Health Advocacy in the Philippines Project ( RHAPP ) . is FPOP’s protagonism for a positive policy environment for RH-related issues at the national and sub-national ( local authoritiess and parts ) degrees.It is besides authorization of Filipino adult females. work forces and the young person in with the Participatory Reproductive Health Advocay Workshops in baranggays.

National and Regional Fora for Advocates among others. They besides have national and local statute laws for RH and Population. Another push of FPOP is educating the young person. In DAFLEY undertaking. it addresses the dynamic demands and concerns of striplings and young person. This services for immature people include synergistic guidance through media. telephone. cyberspace.

or face-to-face guidance.Others are done in developing equal counsellors. pedagogues. symposia. forums.

referral to clinics and professionals for medical related and RH concerns. Filipino Rural Reconstruction Movement The Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement. abbreviated as PRRM. is a non-governmental organisation and establishment formed in 1952 in order to help the hapless members of society in the Philippines. As a motion. it was initiated by upper and in-between category group of persons based on the experiences gained from the rural Reconstruction and development done in China during the beginning of the 1900s.After World War II.

among its undertakings had been the constitution of co-ops in rural communities. It was the inspiration of the initiation of the Federation of Free Farmers in 1953. every bit good as the parturition of organisations similar to PRRM in other states such as Thailand. Colombia. India.

and GuatemalaIts chief office is presently based in Quezon City. . which became possible through Dr. Yen’s constitution of another related organisation during the sixtiess. viz.

the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction ( IIRR ) .Vision And Mission PRRM envisions a universe of equity and sustainability. The hereafter is one where society is free of ignorance. poorness. disease. and impotence ; and development takes topographic point within the environment’s transporting capacity.

————————————————- To heighten the capacity of rural communities in the planning. protagonism and execution of sustainable development. through an incorporate plan of instruction. support.

wellness. home ground. environment. and self-governance.————————————————- ————————————————- Valuess ————————————————- The PRRM believes in several values. First.

PRRM believes in justness and equity. which means that the hapless should be treated with a discriminatory prejudice since they would hold already been faced with much inequality in the yesteryear. PRRM besides wishes to advance gender inequality and this would be shown in the undertakings done by PRRM. ————————————————- .

Second. the PRRM believes that one key ingredient for reliable development would however be unity and peace. It is particularly indispensable for the Philippines as it is a vivacious state with a diverseness of civilization and spiritual beliefs. The discrepancies and differences should be overcome so that the Filipinos can accomplish their ends as one united state. and this will finally take to development for the state. ————————————————- The PRRM besides believes that patriotism.

a contemplation of a common political orientation. is the key to reliable development.The people of the Philippines demand to truly believe in their capacity in accomplishing what they want. Indeed.

particular attending to utilizing and developing the autochthonal attempts is indispensable in advancing self trust. ————————————————- Furthermore. PRRM believes that all development must take into consideration the protection of the environment. This will guarantee that the environment will non be to a great extent strained on and that the future coevalss can go on to profit from the Mother Earth.————————————————- With respects to civilization.

PRRM believes that the Filipino people have a vibrant and beautiful civilization which they truly enjoy sharing with others. ————————————————- Last but non least. PRRM besides believes that development is for the people and by the people. Genuine people’s engagement at every phase of development is the kernel of community authorization. ————————————————- ————————————————- Goals.————————————————- Among its contemporary functions is the publicity of sustainable agribusiness.

engineerings in the fishing concern and agriculture. agroforestry. planning and execution of pull offing resources in communities.

the battle against ignorance through instruction. the battle against proverty through support preparation. the battle against diseases through wellness instruction. betterment in entree to justness. Restoration of coherence and connexion among and between communities.

creative activity of support. environmental stewardship. consciousness of public policies.

and the airing of information to other Philippine and Asiatic non-governmental organisations.————————————————- ————————————————- Future Goals ————————————————- A nucleus aim of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement is to construct up the Conrado Benitez Institute for Sustainability ( CBIS ) . which maps as the educational. research and proficient trouble-shooting wing of the PRRM.By concentrating on instruction for sustainability through supplying educational classs which cover subjects such as sustainable local economic system. agribusiness. coastal resource direction. new and renewable energy.

and gender issues. CBIS aims to instill sustainability into the future coevals.————————————————- In add-on. the PRRM intends to recommend issues related to environment and sustainable development.

economic development. societal development and the rights of adult females. kids and young person. and administration and citizen’s engagement. ————————————————-Other long term ends besides include the creative activity of an organisation information database and the execution of a “report card” system. The former Acts of the Apostless as the footing for supervising the on-going undertakings and operations and the purpose is to hike the efficiency of the different operations by at least 25 % . While for the latter allows advancement and achievements of ongoing undertakings to be recorded and reported.

The PRRM purposes to accomplish workflow streamlining. publication exposure and quality. improved staff preparation and direction answerability. ————————————————- ————————————————-Historical background ————————————————- In the 1900s. the Filipino Rural Reconstruction Movement was founded and inspired by its so leader Dr. Y. C.

James “Jimmy” Yen ( besides known as Yan Yangchu ) . a national of China. It was brought the Philippines. specifically in Nueva Ecija and so besides in Rizal state.

by Filipinos such as Conrado Benitez. a individual connected to the University of the Philippines. with the vision to authorising and developing rural communities and the purpose of supplying developing on self-government and on how such communities can sustainitself globally. nationally. and locally.————————————————- Apart from Conrado Benitez. original members of PRRM’s Board of Trustees besides included Salvador Araneta. Cornelio Balmaceda.

Cecilio Putong. Juan Salcedo. Jr. . Asuncion A. Perez.

Gil Puyat. Paul R. Parrette. and Albino Z. Sycip.

Apart from Benitez. Sycip. Putong and Salcedo. Jr. . PRRM’s original incorporators besides included Esteban E. Abada. Eulogio Rodriguez.

Jr. . Roland Renne. Juan Cojuangco. Oscar B.Arellano. and Jose S.

Camus. [ 11 ] ————————————————- In 1970. former Philippine Secretary of Health and Senator Dr. Juan Flavier. conveyed his experiences while working with and for PRRM by composing his book entitled Doctor to the Barrios. ————————————————- In 2009.

PRRM became a spouse of the Ayala Foundation USA. with the undertaking of constructing drinkable H2O installations within chosen Philippine barangays.


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