Figure Of Christ In Essay

& # 8220 ; Lord Of The Flies & # 8221 ; Essay, Research Paper“ Jesus ” IN LORD OF THE FLIESMany critics have compared the character of Simon in the book Lord of the Flies to a Christ figure. After reading this book I besides found out that Simon and Christ had a batch in common.The first clip we, readers start sing Simon a particular individual, different from the others is when we see him the merely 1 to assisting the littluns to garner fruits they were unable to make. “ Simon found for them the fruit they could non make, pulled off the choicest from up in the leaf, passed them back down to the endless, outstretched custodies.

” ( p.51 ) So we know about Jesus & # 8212 ; transporting about hungering and agony.After Christ was baptized he walked off to the desert and stayed there for 40 yearss, chew overing and praying.

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So did Simon. He felt better walking in the jungle entirely, believing, likely, woolgathering, basking the power and the beauty of the nature. In that desert Christ besides talked to God and I think it was the God & # 8217 ; s appeal to Simon when the big beam of visible radiation fell down from the sky. “ Beyond the screen of leaves the sunshine pelted down and the butterflies danced in the in-between their ageless dance. “ ( p.120 ) Simon did non fear it and he faced it. As Christ facing God, Simon knelt.

Physical aid to people was non the chief undertaking of Christ & # 8212 ; he taught, gave discourses, appealed to unclutter their psyches and ideas & # 8211 ; to acquire rid of internal immorality. As good Simon was the lone 1 who supposed that the animal they were so afraid of was, likely, inside them. “ What I mean is. . . maybe it & # 8217 ; s merely us. ” ( p.80 )God chose Christ from all others to carry through the most of import undertaking because Jesus was impeccant and saint.

Simon was the lone 1 on that island with clear psyche and the good interior him without any aspirations of power and suppression. So it was his fate and privedge to face the “ animal ” foremost and to speak to it The Lord of the Flies told Simon that the immorality was inside the male childs and for that ground – invinsible. It was seeking to allure Simon stating that he was ab initio good but everyone was traveling to hold fun on the island so Simon has to discontinue being perfect and become like the remainder of the male childs. “ You’re non wanted.

Understand? We are traveling to hold fun on this island. ” ( p.131 ) .

It reminds the enticement of Christ by Satan while he was entirely in the desert praying and thought.That conversation with the Lord of the Fliess happened non a long clip before Simon & # 8217 ; s decease. His psyche, likely, felt it and Simon felt bad. He fainted and when he woke up he was really weak exhausted, thirsty and hot. The dark before Christ was arrested he besides felt severely and could non kip.Finally there was a batch in common in the deceases of Christ and Simon.

They both were killed by the members of their communities. Simon was non recognized by them and was murdered, so was Christ ( figuratively ) . “ He came unto his ain, and his ain received him non. “ ( John, chapter 1-11 ) They both sinless and good were sacrificed for the wickednesss and immorality of the others. After the Simon & # 8217 ; s decease every bit good as after the Christ & # 8217 ; s one all of a sudden there was a shower and storm.

“ Then the clouds opened and allow down the rain like a waterfall ” ( p.139 ) . Afterwards the Christ & # 8217 ; s dead organic structure disappeared. The Simon & # 8217 ; s did excessively & # 8211 ; was washed out to sea. And was non his decease the wickedness offering & # 8212 ; shortly after it all other male childs became rescued.So can non we conclude that Simon in the book Lord of the Flies was Jesus Christ of that narrative, of their universe. Simon came there with the same mission Christ did & # 8212 ; to salvage the adult male, conveying to him “ the Word ” & # 8211 ; and lose his life for the interest of it.


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