Fifa world cup mega Essay


During the summer in 2002, people from around the universe gathered together in South Korea to watch the most celebrated game in universe association football, which is the FIFA World Cup game. Since the World Cup commission decided to keep 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, metropolis of Seoul in South Korea started to alter for their opportunity to demo their beauty to the universe. The spectacle of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea non merely offered amusement to the universe but besides offered delicious beauties of the hosting metropolis. During this mega event, Koreans found the artistic alteration in their metropolis, and aliens experienced out of the blue good crafted sense of Korean art interior and outside of the metropolis. To present visually pleasuring eyeglassess during the World Cup game in South Korea, this paper focuses on application of cultural and traditional artistic values reflected in the facets of architectural design, infrastructural design and mega constructions.


Merely like the name mega undertaking, FIFA World Cup is one of the highly big scaled international athleticss infrastructural events along with Olympic game.

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This particular event typically attracts a batch of planetary attending to the hosting metropolis because of its significant size of fans and their involvement toward the game, and the host. Harmonizing to Zhong-Jie Lin in his 2007 article ‘From mega construction to megalopolis: Formation and transmutation of mega undertakings in Tokyo Bay ‘ , mega undertakings include aggregate renewal of land, large-scale substructure, impressive architecture and the most up-to-date engineerings. During the development period in South Korea, a series of expansive size undertakings came up in the metropolis of Seoul every bit good as in the other states and environing territories. These undertakings feature enforcing architecture, easy to entree transit, minor gay events beside World Cup, and impressive memorials throughout the metropoliss.

Most of the developments represented socio-cultural values of South Korea along with traditional artistic signifiers and symbols good blended in them. The undermentioned paper contains four parts. The first portion discusses the architectural design which has its background in the artistic cultural spirit every bit good as the traditional manners of South Koreans. The 2nd portion argues with infrastructural design which it supports the construction as an art signifier while run intoing the map for its efficiency. Third portion shortly tells the reader about the representation samples of mega constructions and how the mega constructions of FIFA World Cup relates to artistic value.

Architectural Design

Before looking at the chief architectural designs of the World Cup, a short note is made of the traditional architectural spirit of South Korea.

Take a expression at two of Koreans old manner lodgings. ‘Choga Jip ‘ and ‘Giwa Jip ‘ they are the shelter for two different categories in Joseon dynasty. Even though they are made of different stuffs, and different graduated table for different categories, it is easy to detect that the curves are involved in their design. Curve is largely good blended in Korean civilization. From their traditional vesture ‘Hanbok ‘ to the expansive sized castles, it is easy to happen beauty, that ‘s made of curves. Besides, maintaining the signifier delicate, elegant, but simple could be counted as Korean beauty.Main bowl would be considered as the most of import designer during the FIFA World Cup game.

Choon-Su Ryu was elected for the chief bowl interior decorator for the 2002 World Cup. His old plants are, ‘Han gye ryung highway service country ‘ , ‘Gal hyun dong pine tree house ‘ , ‘1988 Seoul Olympic gymnastic exercises bowl ‘ , and ‘Ritz Carlton Hotel ‘ . He is considered as the architectural interior decorator who reflects the beauty of traditional Korean spirit in his plants, and no admiration that he got the inspiration for the World Cup bowl from the traditional plaything ‘Bang pae Yun ‘ , which is shield molded kite. From above the bowl, it looks like rectangular shaped elephantine kite.

This unique kite form bowl design contains the significance of winging hope for winning, every bit good as winging images and civilization of South Korea through World Cup. Besides he had the thought of winging hope for united Korea and peace. Another thing that is noticeable is the symbols of ‘Hwang po point ship’surrounding the bowl. The Han river was the chief transit route for the people in Han-yang, Seoul ‘s old name, and the Hwang Po point ship is the symbol for history of Han river.

By doing the signifier of collected Hwang Po point ship around the bowl, it symbolizes the Han river and its history. The drape construction of the ceiling creates natural curves which represents the traditional Korean ceilings and eaves with the high engineering of modern Korea.Other illustrations of the Korean beauty reflected bowls would be Jeon Ju World Cup bowl and Jeju World Cup bowl. Jeon Ju World Cup bowl was voted by the association football fans and netizens ( combined word of web and citizen.

As the cyberspace spread widely, the population of people who communicate public affairs in the web grew, and the media coined the word netizen. ) as the most beautiful bowl in Korea. The four subdivisions of the ceilings and bases of the bowl visualized the ‘Hap Jook Sun ‘ , which is a traditional fan made as particular local merchandise of Jeon Ju. It represents the bowl as a unfastened infinite for everyone, and the ceiling signifier of folded fan meets the representation a pole signifying supplication for good crop called ‘Sot dae ‘ . From the pole there are 12 overseas telegrams back uping the pole, and this 12 overseas telegrams represents the ‘Ga ya Geum ‘ , which is a traditional cultural instrument incorporating 12 strings.

Another alone design would be altering the flow of watercourse, which was fluxing through the bowl, to flux around the bowl. Not merely that, they besides designed a span to travel over the watercourse, and enter the bowl walking over that watercourse. This represents the traditional drama of Koreans which is called ‘Dap Gyo Nol Ee ‘ .

Dap Gyo Nol Ee is an act of stepping over the span for the twelvemonth long fortune in Korea, and the interior decorator of the bowl reflected that construct in the Jeon Ju bowl design. Besides the primary colored bases are noticeable. In add-on to the gleefully matched colorss, each colors represents its ain significance. The bluish represents the delicious life manner of Jeon Ju metropolis, the ruddy represents the passion of Jeon Book ( Province that Jeon Ju is included ) citizens, and xanthous represents universe peace.

Jeon Ju World Cup bowl presents the traditional ethos, and artistic cultural head of Koreans with the taking engineerings of twenty-first century.Jeju World Cup bowl is located at Seo Gui Po in Jeju island. Seo Gui Po is known as glorious scenes of nature with its ain island civilization. The subject of Jeju World Cup bowl is 5E, standing for, brush, environmental, authorising, efficiency, and amusement. Jeju bowl makes good harmoniousness with the environing nature.

It is easy to hold with that fact, because when they designed the bowl, they made the audience to see the island, ocean and the Halla Mountain at one glimpse, and they besides considered the landmark and conditions. They made the association football land 14m underneath its original landmark to avoid strong air current, minimized the building country to half bing to building disbursal decrease, building period deficit, and after service cost decrease. Besides, the Jeju bowl nowadayss ‘Olle ‘ , which is an come ining manner made of stones to forestall strong air currents to their traditional lodging, at the entryway square of the bowl. For the ceiling, they modernized the ‘Ttae woo ‘ ( traditional Jeju canoe ) , and a fishing cyberspace. A pillar and bearing represents the five oceans, and the sailing boat represents the people of Jeju making for the five oceans.

Jeju World Cup bowl was besides considered as the most beautiful World Cup bowl in the universe because of its efficiency as an impressive design and the harmoniousness that it achieves with the nature.Beside the World Cup bowl, the Incheon international airdrome is a rather impressing architecture to the visitants. Airport scenes are the first feeling of its state, and of class the good first feeling is easy continued to the following 1s coming up. The eyeglassess of the airdrome could be a teaser, or the spoiler of the hosting metropolis. To make map wise, but civilization reflected expansive construction is difficult to make since the edifice has its must hold public presentations. Incheon airdrome is designed by Terry Farrell who has a British background, and yet he interpreted the beauty of ruddy crowned Crane into the design of Incheon international airdrome. Red crowned Crane is a natural memorial of South Korea, typifying long life, peace, and luck.

Farrell proposed that he gave sense of large wings of the Crane to design of the edifice, to make peaceableness in contrast with hastes in the airdrome. Incheon airdrome contains really amazing Korean ethos reflected in their design, but it was besides designed to manage the high volume of the air hose traffics.

Infrastructural Design

Incheon international airdrome is the busiest and yet really function wise airdrome throughout northeast Asia. With no admiration of being called the air hose hub for Asia, Incheon airdrome handles one 100 and 70 1000 aircrafts, twenty seven million riders, and one million and seven hundred thousand dozenss of ladings per twelvemonth. The cargo terminus is equipped with ability to draw up 24 aircrafts and the parking ability of 60 aircrafts at the same clip. Unlike the old Kimpo international airdrome, Incheon airdrome is available to get and go 24 hr, because it is constructed off from the new urban community country. These facts made easy for the foreign air hoses to increase the coming and traveling aircrafts during the World Cup period without any fuss.From the Incheon international airdrome, there are few ways to acquire to Seoul.

One of them is through Incheon International ariport Highway. It is operated as a toll route and the two Bridgess go oning the main road is being settled as a traffic manner and a tour site. ‘Bang Hwa ‘ span is at the entryway of Seoul connected from the Incheon international airdrome main road, and it is specially designed merely for the Incheon international airdrome.

The Arch truss in the center of the span idealise the taking off and set downing aircraft, and the curves of the design gets good blended to the Hengju mountain fortress wall at the north side of the span, and the Gaehwa mountain to the South. The Youngjong expansive span connects the Jangdo and Youngjong do with in Incheon metropolis. Designer applied three different engineerings for this span which is suspension, truss, and boxed. The suspension portion of the span hydrides with the environing seascape along with the railroad and main road, and brings out the synergism of engineering and beauty. The beauty of Youngjong expansive span does non halt at that place. The interior decorator installed assorted coloured illuming to uncover its nighttime beauty.

Just like the Incheon international airdrome, Youngjong expansive span accomplishes its map and the beauty of external visual aspect.Within Seoul, everyplace is really easy to entree because of the well reinforced system of Seoul tube. Unlike the tube system in Toronto, Seoul has 11 metro lines accompanied with more than 300 coach paths.

It could be confounding to those who are non really familiar with the tube system, but one time you get the scoop of this system, detecting Seoul is merely a piece of bar. During the World Cup period, Seoul metropolis has moved one of their chief one-year event to the month of May from October. Hi Seoul Festival was originated from the Seoul citizen ‘s twenty-four hours, which was held in October, but for the visitants from the universe, the metropolis has changed the day of the month to early May, and its name to Hi Seoul Festival. Hi Seoul Festival has its base cantonment at Seoul metropolis hall, and it is easy to make by metro from Incheon airdrome, or where of all time elsewhere within Seoul. To increase the feeling of the diverse civilization of modern Korea, Seoul tube allowed the proved graphicss of the creative persons and public performing artists to portion their civilization with commuters and visitants go throughing through specific Michigans in the metro lines. Furthermore they did non bury to expose long-established tradition influenced graphicss and memorials through wall paintings and mini museums on the metro walls and country. Burrowing one of the foreign visitants interview from the local magazine, ‘ ..

. see Seoul tube as the most impressive cultural experience I of all time had… would wish to see how this state turn as it keeps its traditional unity… ‘ ( The Seoul Scope, July issue ) the art undertakings traveling on Seoul tube seems really successful, exciting and impacting during the World Cup period in add-on to the chief event that was in the hosting state.

These events were made possible of the infinites provided for it.

Mega Structural Design

Space has a really close relationship with sizes. The chief edifices built for the World Cup, mirrors the beauty of usage ; in fact it besides mirrors the beauty of mega constructions. The World Cup bowls and the Incheon international airdrome can be identified as a chief mega construction of the mega undertaking in South Korea in twelvemonth 2002. The chief bowl has one floor resistance and six floors supra land to suit 60 four 1000 audiences. The overall size of the bowl adds the symbol of power and strength to the chief construct of shield shaped kite. Furthermore expansive sizes of the Jeonju Stadium and Jeju bowl imply the similar value.

To make the facet of mega construction, power, engineering, and resources has to be met. Through that procedure it gets built and go a symbol of what it is made of. In his book ‘The narrative of the Roman Amphitheatre ‘ , Bomgardner describes the Colosseum as ‘Both symbol and metaphor for the imperial might of the Roman Empire that dominated the ancient Mediterranean universe ‘ ( Bomgardner, 2000, p.1 ) . Colosseum is a representative sample of expansive size memorial incorporating its cultural value. Equally good as the Colosseum, Eiffel tower in Paris is besides considered as the sample of representation. When Eiffel tower was foremost proposed for the 1889 World ‘s Fair to typify their illustriousness, resistances jeopardized the completion, but through that adversity Eiffel tower now stand for the most good known symbol for Paris and France.

As a tallest construction at the clip it represented the Gothic humanistic disciplines of France and the expansive size adds the illustriousness and the impact of Gothic art at the clip. Mega structures non merely stand for the illustriousness and power, but it besides represents the sense of powerful disposition that is dissolved in the civilization, involvement, and head of people. In other word being a mega construction adds some values of the long developed artistic quality implied in the spirit of state.


The 2002 FIFA World Cup Mega Project has been a great success of its many other World Cup games: the beginning of building, throughout the games to the really terminal of the shutting ceremonial. This mega planetary event gives eternal possibilities and growing to the hosting metropoliss. In fact it is besides a great promotional tool as demoing their civilization and artistic value to the universe.

With the World Cup traveling on, Seoul represented its ain beauty through edifice, and cityscapes, demoing their cultural, traditional and ocular artistic values in their blood. The eyeglassess of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea leads to the resulting decision.Inside and outside of the World Cup, the architectural design squad focused on uncovering disingenuous Korea to the visitants around the universe. Their attempt and ideas are really good blended in most of the architecture which played the chief function in 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea.

The traditional life manner of Koreans influenced the design component of the constructions, making harmoniousness with the modern sense of beauty. Seoul bowl, Jeonju Stadium and Jeju bowl synchronizes the component of traditional and modern in their design and map.


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