Field Study 2 Essay

Christian Miguel Austria’s AutobiographyMy name is Christian Miguel A.

Austria, but my friends call me CHRISTIAN. I ‘am a student of the College of Education and I ‘am currently enrolled in BSE wherein my major is Social Science. I came from the little town called Patling in which my mother taught me all of the basic things I will need before I go to school. From the moment I stepped inside my classroom, when I was just a toddler, I dreamed of being a successful man. But one thing that surprised me the most was that the way to achieve it was to become a teacher.

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The moment I had stepped inside the University of Sato Tomas my dream came true, because this was the University that I was dreaming to attend to since I was little, at first, I was really surprised and scared because this was the first time going in the University. But as the days have passed I had developed a keen sense of friendship with other people, in line with my course, TEACHING. Now that I ‘am a 2nd year student I have a lot of dreams to fulfill promises to be made and a whole lot of requirements to be passed. But if you may ask me how I am doing right now I would say “I’m fine”. This year was a very critical stage to me.

Why? It is because in this year we have to major on different subjects, wherein I was separated from my 1st year friends. Furthermore there are a whole lot of courses that are requiring us to pass several things.In this course we were subjugate to pass a portfolio, in which we have to compile all of our episodes that we had done for the past 3 months. This portfolio helped me to become a more responsible man. Why? For the very reason that you have to keep all of your records for 3 months. That is a very hard thing for an adolescent like me.

As a result I was able to keep all of these episodes in line to the passing of all of my requirements. While making this portfolio I realized that I a lot of things had already happened to me this past 3 months. First, I was able to observe these Grade 7 Dignity students, where I realized that students from an urbanized city are really different from students coming from the rural areas. Second, I was able to be friends with other people because I was forced to be with other people because my friends from first year were not the same major as I ‘am. This event made me realized that as teacher your friends will never be permanent.I also had some realizations and different views after I had enrolled in this course some of this were.

Teaching is a very hard JOB, your patience to other people, especially your students, should be long enough to handle different types of people, In this case naughty students. The teacher in the Philippines is also one of the lowest paid jobs here in the Philippines. One professor told me that “ Kung gusto mo yumaman wag ka mag teacher”. This statement of my professor will never be true if the teacher keeps on reading and studying.

For people who study hard will be rewarded greatly, in this case a large salary. But it’s a very sad thing to know that the government takes as much as 30 percent of the teacher’s salary just for the benefit of their own.The final and greatest realization that I had learned in this course is that teachers are immortal. Why you may ask me.

Simply because the legacy that they had left on the hearts of every student can never be replaced nor bought by any person. And even though they die, the memories of every student can be passed down to their children to inspire and motivate them.Statement of PurposeAs student we are bound to pass all of the minimum requirements in every course that we take up. In this case we are required to pass this portfolio to Ms.

Carmina Vicente on October 7, 2013. For the completion of all my requirements in this course, Field Study 1, The Learner’s Development and EnvironmentThis portfolio would also serve as a documentation of all my episodes/ projects and experiences that we shared during the months of June-October. This portfolio will also serve as a compilation in which I could show it to my students in the near future to motivate them in becoming a teacher themselves too. It could also be an instructional material wherein we can show this to our students when we are teachers like Ms. Vicente too.Overall this portfolio does not only serve as a requirement on this course. But as a memory of the teaching – learning process that Ms.

Flores had given us when we were students.Episode 2: The Learning Environment, Interaction and Individual DifferencesThere are a lot of things to be considered if a student is to learn effectively. In this episode we had tackled what are these critical things that a teacher should be focused about, in order to deliver their lesson to the students efficiently and effectively. Some of these are: the learning environment or facilities of the school, the interaction between the student and the teacher and last but not the least the individual differences among the students.The learning environment and the facilities of the school will always be a critical thing for the students learning. Why? For one general reason that if a student is not comfortable in his surrounding, there is a possibility that he will always be distracted or worse not even listen to the lesson and just go out of the classroom.

The facilities of the school should also be well equipped with reliable and updated books, journals, and computer devices, as stated by the DepEd. But not only these learning aids are very much required if you are to establish a conducive and safe environment, the school should also provide facilities such as Clinic, AVR, Gymnasium etc. to help the students realize that school is not just a place for learning it is also a place where you could socialize and have fun. Thus, promoting the interaction between each and every student inside school.But the most critical thing in learning is the individual differences of each learner, the teacher should always adapt to the each and every learning style of the student in order for learning to take place. This is a very hard task in the part of the teacher. Imagine a public school teacher, teaching around 70 students each student has a different learning style.

The teacher should be competent enough to adapt to all of the learning style of the student in order to deliver her lesson skillfully.Lastly, the school should also organize PTA meetings. PTA meetings are very important because this is the only time where the parents could know if the their sons or daughters are performing well or not inside the classroom and sometimes being surprised that the behavior of the student in the school is very different at home. Thus, promoting the home-school interaction.


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