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Democrat Leland Y. Yee, PhD, is an educator, child psychologist, husband and father of four who has dedicated his career to strengthening our schools and colleges, protecting our families, and working creatively to improve the quality of life in the local community.  In 2002, Leland was elected as the first Chinese American Assembly member in the history of San Francisco.  Today, as a candidate for State Senate, Leland Yee has the strongest record of accomplishment on the issues that matter most. His candidacy is endorsed by the California Nurses Association and California’s new generation of leaders including State Senator Carole Migden, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris.  As part of his campaign, he held a political fundraiser in San Gabriel, Los Angeles.Like most fundraisers, this event had its fair share of influential and affluent guests.

  While most of the guests were of Asian descent (Chinese, Korean and Filipino), there were also a number of Caucasians who attended the fundraiser.  The main function room where the event was held was decorated prominently with the American flag and banners of the Democratic Party were all around.  It was a very festive atmosphere.With over two hundred (200) guests, it was already projected to be a great success.

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  My suspicions were confirmed when I overheard one of the organizers talking to somebody and saying that they never expected such a huge turnout and that this was surely going to raise a lot of funds for his then senatorial campaign.It was very enlightening for me to be there and witness the political machinery at work and see just how difficult it is to run an election campaign, much more for a senatorial position.  While my only role may have been to assist in setting up the function room and placing the decorations (placing banners, setting up the seats and tables, etc…), I was able to witness firsthand the way things are run and just how well Leland Yee was able to make use of this event to further his political ambitions.  This also allowed me to observe up close and personal just what a great person and politician Leland Yee is.

While Leland Yee still wasn’t a member of senate at the time this event was held, he carried with him the stature of a member of senate.  His uncanny ability to work the crowds and seemingly be able to express a genuine interest in the person he is talking to is probably what makes him a very good politician.  Leland Yee made sure that he shook the hand of everyone at that event.  He did not single out the affluent or the influential guests but made sure that he was able to meet everyone and even exchange a few kind words and pleasantries.During the highlight of the event, Leland Yee made a very strong and passionate speech about his platform and his stand on various issues.  He made it clear that he was serious about his job and serious about making the state an even better one.  One by one he outlined his accomplishments and demonstrated to crowd that he was the best choice for the senatorial position.My highlight of the evening however happened just a few minutes after his outstanding speech when I got a chance to meet Leland Yee up close and personal.

  I was positioned near his table fixing the decorations and the audio visual equipment when he approached me.  I was overwhelmed just being in the presence of such a great man and was even more overwhelmed when he extended his hand and shook my hand.  He didn’t say much but the words, “Thank You young man.”, surely got my vote.


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