Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Fiction Research Overview Essay

Fiction Research Overview Essay

Fiction Research Overview            Fictional stories are literary works purely created from the imaginative ideas of the writer mainly based from the personal experiences and social and cultural perception of the author. Because of this concept, it can be evidently express that the fictional story created is the personal manifestation and presentation of the author’s ideas regarding a certain social problem of issue in the society.

            This concept is evidently present in the fictional shot stories created by Kate Chopin entitled Desiree’s Baby, Through intensive analysis, it can be generally perceive that the main focus of the fiction story is the problem of social discrimination and prejudice evidently present in the humanity across time until the present. It can also be viewed that the fiction story is mainly based and influenced by the personal experiences and perception of the author Kate Chopin regarding the said social dilemma.            By considering the personal biography of the author, it can be seen that the writer herself have viewed and experienced the dilemma of social inequality in first hand. Her family has been slave owners during her younger years in St. Louis, Missouri and through it, she was able to witness the ugly side and adverse effect of the said problem. In addition, her personal profile also express that she and her family are also advocates of the fight against social inequality and the inhumane treatment of slavery. Because of this idea, her fictional story became her personal tool of expression to entail to the public the ugly side and inhumane aspect of discrimination and racial prejudice.

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Thus, the main story in Desiree’s Baby can also be viewed to be the literary representation of author’s perception through personifying the main character to make the story more convincing and evidently real with its purpose.BibliographyWyatt, Neil (1995). Biography of Kate Chopin. Kate Chopin Study Text. http://www.


December 11, 2006.