Feminism campaigned and continue to campaign for

Feminism and extremism in achieving the goalIntroductionOften on our way to achieving lofty goals we err in a way toachieve this goal. Because of our misunderstanding of the basic purpose of thegoal we need to be achieving. For example feminism and how it lofty goal switchto conflict with mans although the feminism its way to equal society and topreserving of the society and stability society Which has not been achievedbecause of the wrong way to achieve the goal and also extremism in achievingthe goal .that what I will argue in my essayEssayAt first, I try to define the feminist movements andfeminism goal, Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, andsocial movements that share a common goal: to define, establish and achievepolitical, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.

This includesseeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women thatare equal to those for men. Feminist movements have campaigned and continue tocampaign for women’s rights, including the right to vote, to hold publicoffice, to work, to earn fair wages or equal pay, to own property, to receiveeducation, to enter contracts, to have equal rights within marriage, and tohave maternity leave. Feminists have also worked to promote bodily autonomy andintegrity, and to protect women and girls from rape, sexual harassment, anddomestic violence. Changes in dress and acceptable physical activity have oftenbeen part of feminist movements. Feminist campaigns are generally considered tobe a main force behind major historical societal changes for women’s rights,particularly in the West, where they are near-universally credited withachieving women’s suffrage, gender neutrality in English, reproductive rightsfor women (including access to contraceptives and abortion), and the right toenter into contracts and own property. Although feminist advocacy is, and hasbeen, mainly focused on women’s rights, some feminists, including bell hooks,argue for the inclusion of men’s liberation within its aims because men arealso harmed by traditional gender roles.

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Feminist theory, which emerged fromfeminist movements, aims to understand the nature of gender inequality byexamining women’s social roles and lived experience; it has developed theoriesin a variety of disciplines in order to respond to issues concerning gender.Numerous feminist movements and ideologies have developed over the years andrepresent different viewpoints and aims. Some forms of feminism have beencriticized for taking into account only white, middle class, andcollege-educated perspectives.

This criticism led to the creation of ethnicallyspecific or multicultural forms of feminism, including black feminism andintersectional feminism.-How has this noble goal turned into a conflict, which hasharmed society?Today’s feminism teaches women to see themselves as victimsand men as perverts, bullies, and misogynists, says Natasha Devon ,At the endof the session, one of the Society’s senior members said: “It’s great thatyou don’t think there’s any misogyny in your world, but I think if you  to these men for long enough you’d find therewere some pretty sinister ideas about women buried somewhere beneath thesurface.”In that moment, I suddenly realized why so many aspects ofthe modern feminist movement in Britain irritate me so much. Don’tmisunderstand, I’d consider myself a feminist and I’m all for structuralchanges which ensure equal treatment of the sexes – the types that are workingto ensure we have an equal number of female MPs and laws to prevent femalegenital mutilation, for example.

But cultural “feminist” changes, thetypes that insist lads mags, Page 3 and wolf-whistling are automaticallyoffensive and should, therefore, be scrapped from the public consciousness, Ihave always struggled to comprehend. For, at their crux is the notion that menare either genetically or socially conditioned to be evil. This explains whyrelatively harmless acts – an admiring glance, a whistle, a propensity for lad’smags – are imbued with such weighty significance, often lazily labeled as”rapey”.

Today’s feminism teaches British women to see themselves asvictims and victims cannot exist without a villain, in this instance – men. Inorder for this thesis to have any kind of logic, feminists have made sweeping,inaccurate judgments about an entire demographic, based on nothing more thantheir gender. Ironically, the exact practice they claim to be fighting. Genderequality requires co-operation on all sides.

As a humanist, I’d like to seetoday’s feminists give men a bit more credit – they might just be surprised.But there is one term that describes this state of hostility: Misandry, a termthat is quite different from the feminist movement concerned with equality insociety, regardless of sex. There may be male homosexuals, but men’s hatred isnot a condition to belong to the feminist movement. Although it is undeniablethat such a menopause is not to be denied, it is also impossible to ignore thefact that the enemies of the feminist movement have been caught up in theseindividual cases at the expense of the vast majority of moderate feminists,writers, and institutions.Feministism movement is hateful for man a men? And it is Restrictedto women gender equality It is nice to say that feminism includes male elementsas well. There are many women men who, in turn, are marginalized and ridiculedif they stand up to the rights of women, which are labeled as non-men and thelike.

Women’s men are also part of the community system And repression, so itis also a witness to what the female suffers. But yes, most women are women, ofcourse, because the female is first and finally the biggest loser. As forfeminism, it is completely contrary to the truth. Feminists hate racists and masculine’sof both sexes, hate the enemies of equality and women’s rights of any sex, andstand against them all.In 1997, sociologist Alan Johnson, in his book The SexSyndrome, revealed our patriarchal heritage that male-hatred charges were usedto silence demands for gender equality and to shift attention to men in a waythat promoted male culture.

Johnson noted that the term Misandry: (hatred of men)did not appear in dictionaries until recently, and comparisons between him andthe term Misogyny: (hatred of women) and found it shaded movement because theprevailing culture does not show any comparison against male ideology.”People are often confused between men as independent individuals and menas a dominant and privileged group.” He wrote that given the “realityof women’s oppression, male privilege, and the influence of men, both men andwomen, It is not surprising that every woman should have moments in which mendespise or even hate them. ”   Conclusionthis conflict resulted in the emergence of other side means(Men’s rights movement )facing and defending men’s it push to increase communityconflict, The situation became like a cold war And it appeared clearly in thesocial media and movies and songs that call against men Ex, Dua Lipa( new rules),  Dolls (i don’t need a man) ….Etc.The basic purpose of feminism is community stability This isachieved by not being biased towards sex on another It could be a man who ishugely caller for Women’s rights .A woman could be the biggest violator ofwomen’s rights The man for the woman is husband, son, and father, not enemy,the woman is wife, mother, and daughter, and not the enemy, But the real enemyis who makes and push the hatred between  Pillars societySourceshttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/10831043/Modern-feminism-has-got-it-wrong-about-men.html


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