Female Sex Offenders Essay

AbstractThis document studies the case in respect of female sex offenders and seeks an explanation for the apparent increase in this type of crime committed by women. We find that whilst the reasoning behind this trend can be partly attributed to the improvement in the management of crime, the breakdown in marital status and gender equality, more liberal reporting has also contributed to a greater awareness of the crime itself.Female Sex OffendersWhy does there appear to have be an increase in sex offences committed by women over recent years? Whilst experts have put forward a variety of theories for this trend, all are agreed that, despite excuses made, it is a crime.Sexual abuse can be defined in two ways. Firstly committing of a sexual act with another without their express consent. Secondly is the committing of a sexual act, whether by consent or otherwise, with a minor.

Generally female offenders fall into a number of different categories.·         Facilitators – women who intentionally aid men in gaining access to children for sexual purposes·         Reluctant partners – women in long term relationships who go along with sexual exploitation of a minor out of fear of being abandoned·         Initiating partner – women who want to sexually offend against a child and who may do it themselves or get a man or another woman to do it while they watch·         Seducers and lovers – women who direct their sexual interest against adolescents and develop an intense attachment·         Pedophiles – women who desire an exclusive and sustain sexual relationship with a child ( a very rare occurrence)·         Psychotic – women who suffer from a mental illness and who have inappropriate sexual contact with children as a result. (Warren. J, and Hislop.

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J, Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation)Many experts have endeavoured to find the reason behind the general increase in crime involving female offenders and sex offenders in particular. In a study (Schwartz. D and Steffensmeier. J) Identified law and organizational management of crime together with gender equality and emancipation as two of the explanations behind such increases.

However in the case of female sex offences our research shows that there are two other factors to which the increase can be attributed. Firstly, historically, and before the age of consent such offences were not considered to be a crime. Secondly, because of the unusual nature and comparatively rare incidences of such types of crime, reporting of them takes on a higher profile.

These crimes are much more widely publicized and analysed. For example, we studied the results of a number of search engines when using the phrase “Female sex offenders”Yahoo.com           –           produced 1.3 million resultsGoogle.com          –           produced 6.9 million results.Ask.co.

uk             –           produced 225,900 resultsTaking the same search engines with the phrase “Male sex offenders” showed the following.Yahoo.com           –           produced 1.36 million resultsGoogle.com          –           produced 6.75 million resultsAsk.co.uk             –           produced 222,900 results            This proves the disproportionate interest in female sex offenders.

Although only around 1.5% of sexual offences are committed be females, the above results revealed that they are reported and discussed in a slightly higher number than the 98.5% committed by males.Discussions            Although an element of the apparent increase in female sex offences can be accounted for by gender equality, our studies show that awareness and reporting has had the largest impact in this area.ReferencesWarren. J, and Hislop.

J, Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation, retrieved 4 May 2006 from the world wide web 3 May 2006 http://www.crimelibrary.com/criminal_mind/psychology/female_offenders/6.htmlSchwartz. D and Steffensmeier.

J, Contemporary explanations of women in crime


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