Fellowership Essay

In business society, Followership is cooperation with business mission and values to provide teamwork along the organization (N. A. , 2012, para.

4). In return, leadership has the same meaning. To be an efficient follower, the individual has to be willing build the pathway to be a leader. Furthermore, many follower and leader qualities are helpful when they are practiced together. When most individuals think of followership, willingness to follow a leader, people think of David Koresh’s religious organization in Waco, Texas not white collar crimes like Martha Stewart (Merriam-Webster).What makes David Koresh powerful for people want to follow? However, leadership and followership still have many uncertain roads to cross that create the follower to become the leader. However, a capable leader can not go without a follower. Followership allows leaders to see how individuals alongside positional powers.

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Furthermore, the followership positional powers intentionally abandon authority central access that has dictated their way of thinking about management style. Followership matters when they do something and even when they do little or nothing in our changing times.My followership style and commitment to be a courageous follower and ethical leader According to Johnson’s, “I have to act in an exemplary manner, demonstrate courage, and determine when to bring organizational misconduct to the attention of outsiders” (2007, p.

187). For instance, Robert Kelly believes that being a follower is more important than being a leader (Johnson, 2007, p. 188). We spent the majority of out live following someone that followership contributed the most business excellence. As an example, I have spent majority of my life following in a church until I decided to be a leader myself.According to Kelly, “exemplary to describe ideal servant-followers;” furthermore, I score high in independence and critical thinking (Johnson, 2007, p. 189). When I am presented a problem, I walk through all the possible outcomes before making a decision especially when my decision involves someone else.

The down side, I am less effective on their engagement (Johnson, 2007, p. 189). As for engagement, I am weak in social engagement to interact with others. Furthermore, exemplary followers become highly cynical instead of reach goals; in which, they become disillusion with the leader.

As described according to Johnson, “Pragmatic followers fall in the middle of the independent thinking and engagement; however, they have been victimized by frequent layoffs, restructurings, and leadership changes” (Johnson, 2007, p. 192). For example, I was working with a financial institution after six weeks of training because I did not develop as fast as the company wanted me to. The organization let me go and I am trying to survive again.

Everyday I am looking permanent work; in return, I keep getting promises from organization leaders.We are more interested in surviving than serving. My role as an HR professional in ethical leadership and followership As most of us know, to find someone with quality leadership is an impossible task in today’s society. Leaders have special traits of seeing the future and well spoken to persuade their followers. For instance, ethical leadership in human resources should be willing to receive their followers. Human Resource professionals use followership as a development to understand leadership in the workplace.Human Resource professionals show their coworkers in their organization, to be a follower individuals have to have the confidence which leadership is heading.

Human Resource Management realizes they can enable and empower their followers to accomplish their goals. Further, Human Resource Management has proven that individuals can follow their ethical leadership with ease. For instance, the progress moves towards organizational and individual goals ceases because the Human Resource professionals are taking ethical accountability to solve the problems.Human Resource professionals have taken the extra step to help follower understand their goals they will be recognized and rewards not like David Koresh followers during Waco, Texas. Human Resource professionals still have the task to assist generations saying, “What about me? ” Honestly, Human Resource professionals have worked towards those individuals and had them choose their ethical path for success because they will not just communicate but also successfully deliver the their responsibilities. ConclusionFollowership is as powerful as leadership; however, depending on an individual’s followership profile. A person’s willingness to follow as well as lead is important to an organization.

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