Felita I also hope to bring in

 Felita MarthaYours faithfully, I hope the above demonstrates my suitability for this programme. I look forward to discussing my application with you in further detail. Outside of my academic studies and work experience, I have enjoyed being actively involved in volunteering activities, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Food Cycle.

In carrying out the Volunteer Teacher role for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees sessions, my team have to plan weekly learning materials to ensure that our students will have the same level of education with other students that attend Malaysian formal education and carry out the learning sessions effectively. Meanwhile, in Food Cycle, volunteers work collectively to deliver and healthy food and good service to people living with HIV and their families according to the hygiene and food safety guidance within determined timetable. During my studies, I had taken an auditing course to grasp understanding about how an audit assignment is carried out and some techniques that can be used in collecting audit evidence. Moreover, I had learned to apply coordinated set of concepts and principles used in preparing financial statements to analyse financial reporting issues.

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I also hope to bring in communication and analytical skills that I have developed while working in GlaxoSmithKline as a Financial Analyst, where I had to interact with other business units and subsidiaries to obtain financial data and proposed areas of improvement to the employees’ work-related payment system. I had also become Resident Assistant Executive Committee at Sunway Monash Residence, who listened to residents’ concerns and discussed solutions with the Resident Assistant Team collaboratively. In addition, I often proposed to and negotiated with vendors about modifications to product specifications to suit the monetary budget and residents’ demands. Audit particularly appeals due to the opportunity to gain insight into a multi-dimensional business and the need to continually respond to changes in business environment and regulatory requirements. In addition, I am enthusiastic about pursuing a career that is aligned with my personal value, which is to make contribution to the society. Auditors help organisations to identify weaknesses from their financial statements to prevent errors and fraud which in turns help UK economy remain stable. I am currently a postgraduate student studying for an MSc in Accounting and Finance at London School of Economics and am writing to apply for the above role as advertised on the website.

BDO, one of the world’s most innovative international networks of accountancy and business advisory firms would be a great place to start my career. Through the graduate programme I will obtain the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals to develop my skills and contribute to the audit team to prepare analysis of accounting data from clients’ financial records.  


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