Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman Essay

“Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman Essay

“Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman

In the opening lines of the book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die,” Karol Truman wrote the following lines:  “Of all the languages in the world, the most difficult language to communicate is our feelings” (Truman, 1991).  Moreover, she also said that as individuals, one of our greatest challenges is to effectively communicate with other individuals what we actually feel. In this book, Truman not merely informs the readers why we feel the way we feel; she likewise teaches us how these feelings actually started.  Next, Truman tells the readers how we can effortlessly change or convert these adverse feelings into positive feelings in order that they would not hamper or growth as individuals.

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This book will definitely help us comprehend and recognize the effect that feelings have on every facet of the life of an individual. When readers read this book, their journey of searching and contemplating on who they really are will actually start with the first chapter of the book. After reading the first chapter, they will start to feel the emotions and feelings of abundance, peace, and health as they will endeavor to settle the negative emotions that they feel and they will realize that they could make their life happy and peaceful if they choose to feel positive emotions and the feeling of goodness.

The book offers a simple but a simple but meaningful study and rationalization of our feelings as individuals.  Truman profoundly explains the concept of feelings such as what they are, how they are important to physical health, how people go through them, and most significantly, she has taught the readers how to work with feelings and how to prevail over those feelings that are dragging us down. Truman’s book deals with the cause of feelings and manages feelings on the spiritual, medical and scientific levels. The readers will find this book interesting because it will answer their questions about how their feelings came about and how to appropriately consider or categorize them.  Moreover, it will answer their search for a simple means or reflection to let go of the negative unsettled feelings that have them in their negative and vicious patterns.

Furthermore, the readers of the book will find that the most practical idea or tool that Truman has written in the book is the instrument, which she dubs as “scripting.” In talking about “scripting,” Truman states the following concepts: “My Soul is comprised of my Spirit and my Body. Having been schooled by my senses from birth, my human nature is to listen to the needs and the wants of my Body. So, naturally, the desires of my body seem to receive the most attention, thereby governing my actions and my existence. Because of this, my Spirit is often neglected—much to the detriment of both my Body and my Spirit. My desire is to function as a whole—a whole Being—to be at peace in my Body and in my Spirit (Soul). In order to do this, my Body cannot be in charge and allowed to overrule my Spirit. Both Body and Spirit need to be balanced, to be in harmony” (Truman, 1991).

According to Truman, as a consequence of people’s unruly will and human nature, most of our, we have permitted our bodies to call the shots. In our lives, some of us have suffered extreme pain and inner struggle because we have allowed our bodies to become the master ourselves. Furthermore, during the darkest times of our lives life, we do not feel peace and happiness because we think that it is impossible for us to experience and feel those kinds of feelings.  It is highly recommended that we should utilize the “script” in assessing the feelings that we are experiencing; hence, after reading the “script,” in Truman’s book, we will discover and realize that we will become sensitive, aware, and careful of our feelings, words and thoughts.  Moreover, after learning about this tool, we will be able to fix the struggle, discord, and conflict between our Spirits and our Bodies, which will definitely corrected the fragmentation in our Souls.  Therefore, every time we feel that what we are thinking or feeling is causing us any discord or negative emotion,  we should see to it that  we use the “script” so that we can feel positive feelings again. In doing this, we are certainly directing our Spirits to fix the flawed or incorrect indoctrination that is causing our anxiety or distress.  Relative to this, Truman said that when we are dealing with our Spirits, we should be aware that we are talking to and ordering no one except our Spirit, our Intelligence, and our Higher Self. Then, we must remember that in turn, our Spirit reach out to the feeling that has covered the memory of perfection in our DNA, and order the feeling that our Spirit has been commanded by our Body to make necessary corrections and to discover the memory of perfection suppressed in the cells original perfect blueprint.  Moreover, our Spirit would also command the feeling to get rid of the misrepresentation present in ourselves and to re-establish the cells ideal purpose or operation by means of re-programming them so that there would harmony and balance in our RNA and DNA.

Whenever we follow this exercise, we should tell ourselves that we are human beings accountable for ourselves and hence, we should be responsible for what we think and feel. In addition, through this exercise, we would be able to assist and help our own conversion or transformation; hence, we will be able to discover or reveal the memory of perfection in the cells all over our bodies. According to Truman, after this, our cells could then start working the way they were intended to work. Also, the cells could then realign themselves to happen to be balanced and become in tune with the Universal Laws or with God’s Laws.

Moreover, after reading this book, the readers will realize that this tool will be extraordinarily beneficial in turning negative feelings and experiences into strength and positive focus. According to Truman, this tool could exactly take the slums out of people and then people could modify and adjust their environment.

In this book, Truman also promotes that healing could be painless, safe, and easy. Hence, after reading the book, we can truly say that the book is a work from the heart, which could affect and touch our spirits because after reading the book, we will come to know ourselves better and we will learn to love ourselves as well. After this realization and experience, we than then can say that we will be able to learn to love other people and let other people love us back.  Moreover, the book will help us gain self-esteem and new confidence about ourselves.  After letting go of our negative feelings and negative energy, we will realize that it is normal to feel pain and be hurt.  Thus, we will learn and discover more about life and the happiness that it offers.  Because of this, we will learn to share this wonderful feeling with other people, especially with our family and our relationship with other people will consequently improve.

Personally, I have read quite a lot of books about feelings but what sets the book of Truman apart is that her book is full of interesting, practical and helpful information. For example, what we will find interesting and helpful among the insights in this book is the exceedingly fascinating chart regarding “Probable Feelings Causing Illness” that deals with more than 200 illnesses.

Furthermore, the readers will certainly agree with Truman that physical health is inextricably associated with emotional and even spiritual health.  In the pages of this book, the readers will find a number of information and lists of feelings and physical symptoms. Since it is written incredibly simple, readers will have an easy time understanding the contents of this book.

In conclusion, it is certain that this book is a must-buy because it truly rationalizes the basis for finding all of the answers that we are looking for regarding our feelings.  It also teaches us how to examine ourselves in an affectionate and sympathetic manner. Lastly, this book retells something, which all of us already know but easily disregard — that we are the truth we seek. #


Truman, Karol.  (1991).  Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.  Olympus Publishing Company; 4th revised ed.