Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Feeding The Ghost Essay Research Paper WE

Feeding The Ghost Essay Research Paper WE

Feeding The Ghost Essay, Research Paper


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The novel Feeding the Ghosts, by Fred D & # 8217 ; Aguiar, exploits the awful conditions black people were put through while being transported from Africa to the Americas. It examines the thought procedure of the captain, the crew, the prisoners, and the legal system of England. D & # 8217 ; Aguiar clearly illustrates the snake pit that was forced upon the inkinesss and how even the highest tribunal system of the clip saw nil incorrect with it. The Whites were the 1s who made the Torahs ; the Torahs were meant to protect the Whites. The high tribunal had Torahs in topographic point about proper processs on these ocean trips, but the jurisprudence wasn & # 8217 ; t intend to protect the inkinesss, or stock as they were referred to, merely the well being of the white people involved.

The common construct is that a courtroom is where the truth comes out and justness will be served. It is a safe oasis for the inexperienced person and a prison for the guilty. But when the hearing of the investors of the Zong vs. the insurance companies starts, Lord Mansfield provinces, & # 8220 ; As you know, gentlemen, this is non a condemnable test. It is a hearing & # 8221 ; ( p. 139 ) . No, this would ne’er be a condemnable test. It wasn & # 8217 ; t illegal to slay black slaves if there was good plenty ground. Blacks didn & # 8217 ; Ts have human rights like the Whites did. Laws weren & # 8217 ; t created to protect the black adult male ; they were at that place for the well being of the white individual. Anyways, the black individual was stock in the eyes of the jurisprudence so the intervention of stock was the inquiry at manus.

& # 8220 ; Which jurisprudence did the captain interruption? None harmonizing to English legislative acts. What is being disputed here? Whether his actions were within the jurisprudence that describes the intervention of slave stock. & # 8221 ; ( p. 171 )

White persons made the Torahs, Whites enforced them, Whites benefited from them. Captain Cunningham isn & # 8217 ; T on test for throwing 131 ill slaves overboard, the crew International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; T on test for perpetrating Acts of the Apostless of inhumaneness, but instead this is a hearing of whether the actions taken were in protection of the staying stock ; whether some of the ill slaves could hold been spared and sold in the Americas for a net income. The insurance companies aren & # 8217 ; t there to stand up and support the black slaves ; they are at that place to protect themselves from holding to pay? 5,109. The attorney for the insurance companies invariably refers to the black slaves as stock, but in the following sentence he talks of how many work forces, adult females, and kids could hold lived and been productive slaves. How in one breath can a individual be stock and the following homo?

& # 8220 ; Africans are categorized as stock, but it has been long recognized by civilised people that they are merely labeled so for their conveyance from Africa to the plantations and non because they are really equal to animate beings. English society is full with illustrations of Africans who conduct themselves in a civilised mode. Mr. Wilkes was interrupted by loud laughter. & # 8221 ; ( p. 142 )

There is a little sum of people who recognize that inkinesss have rights and that they are non much different from us, but even those who recognize this are still puting them far below the Whites. This acknowledgment International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t even remotely a alteration in the manner people think. It is more an ignorance of the fact that inkinesss can be smart and civilised and instead a belief that no affair how civilised or smart, they will ne’er fit up with Whites. White people believe that the inkinesss weren & # 8217 ; t intend to be smart, but instead were meant to be workers of the land. When Whites see a black individual, they think how much money could they acquire for him. If one was educated, it was an stray happening and that individual was fundamentally still unseeable to the white individual. There was an credence of the inkinesss being human, but it was obvious that they were considered in a different breath. Blacks were human but they weren & # 8217 ; t people. They were stock, the same type of stock as say maybe Equus caballuss or sugar canes. So the acceptable intervention of inkinesss when they were stock was wholly different from when they were civilians in England.


domination of Whites has long been the power that has ruled. There is formal regulation structured around the beliefs and demands of Whites. There is informal regulation built around the Whites abhoring of inkinesss. The inkinesss couldn’t acquire occupations, couldn’t acquire money to afford an instruction or nutrient, allow entirely the better things in life. If there is no manner for the inkinesss to break themselves so they could ne’er make the same degree as the Whites. Was this a happenstance? No, it was the manner things were meant to be. As Charles Mills states in The Racial Contract, “White domination is the nameless political system that has made the modern universe what it is today” ( 1 ) . The chief implicit in constituent in recent history is the influence of the white individual. White persons have placed their ain beliefs into the common Torahs of the land. Possibly this wasn’t meant to go on but the affair of fact is those biass are at that place and they below the belt place one above another.

The investors saw the black people as a payroll check, as something to sell over sees to farm the land, as stock. The insurance companies saw the inkinesss as stock besides, but as stock that should hold been treated better. The justice saw the actions taken by the captain and crew as unsavory but necessary to farther protect from the loss of the stock. The necessity to kill 131 black people was apprehensible to them, but the demand to kill 131 white people could ne’er be acceptable. The violent deaths were acceptable and the insurance companies had to pay because grounds brought Forth by the cook & # 8217 ; s assistant wasn & # 8217 ; t sufficient. The authorship of a black slave who was thrown into the sea and climbed back onto the ship wasn & # 8217 ; t plenty. It was an invented fancied narrative by the insurance companies. Surely no black adult female would be so educated and remain unknown to the crew. The insurance companies claimed that the crew was throwing over absolutely healthy people and the grounds supported this impression. Although the grounds was questioned for being allowed since it questioned the jurisprudence of inkinesss as stock. If the inkinesss weren & # 8217 ; t stock so the murdering of slaves would hold been illegal. The Whites are over looking the existent affair of why this went to test, the ethical intervention of inkinesss, and alternatively refering themselves with whether the actions were within the legal arm of the jurisprudence.

When I took American Government in high school, my instructor said something that I ne’er heard or idea of earlier. From so on it has ever stuck with me and I believe it applies here. In the first sentence of the Constitution of the United States it states, & # 8220 ; We the people of the United States of America. & # 8221 ; The original authors of the fundamental law didn & # 8217 ; t intend we the people to intend everyone, they were merely connoting white people, non black, were covered under the fundamental law. This is something I ne’er considered since America was the land of the free. White persons have ever had power in the universe and long have been the policy shapers. Although the thought procedure of Whites has changed and the credence of inkinesss as equal is doing advancement, there is still plenty of room for betterment. In this twenty-four hours of educated people, mass media and mass communicating there is still an implicit in bias against the black individual. Things haven & # 8217 ; t changed plenty to state we are equal. Time is the chief constituent in altering this. Something that has been rooted in white backgrounds and common Torahs for 100s of old ages doesn & # 8217 ; t alteration in a few decennaries. Here at UW-La Crosse pupils are required to take a minority surveies category and similar plans are underway at other colleges. Education is the first measure to shuting the spread. The 2nd measure is altering how one perceives another who is different from them.

Will the universe of all time be able to make away with bias? Or is prejudice something that is like 2nd nature. Everyone is entitled to their ain ideas, so wouldn & # 8217 ; t that entitle everyone to holding a bias?


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