Feasibility – Tranquil Water SPA Essay

The spa market is one of the fastest growing leisure sectors, where societal trends and aspirations find instant reflection in the developments on both the demand and supply side. The market is very fragmented, each segment catering for different customer needs, which continuously change in line with social and lifestyle changes.

It is becoming increasingly clear that although the spa industry is growing dramatically, there is an increasingly wide divide between the niche, specialist, luxury market and the mass market with lower-cost, functional facilities for faster turnaround, which also like to call themselves spas. As always, within a rapidly expanding market, there is a danger that the word ‘spa’ will become hyped and over-used, but the sophisticated and discerning spa-goers are already very well informed and will research carefully the facilities, treatments and services on offer before spending their money. The search for improved well-being is more and more the driving force behind the spa client’s visit.Tranquil Water Spa is a resort-type spa that offers traditional massage services through the use of hydrotherapy systems that utilize water jets in order to provide water therapy to its guests. It is a spacious spa that has 20 unique and fully automated Ultrasonic Massage System equipped with therapeutic aquatic jets that helps customers with different health benefits which depends on the type of massage and machine they will use. Some water resorts only cater aqua thrills, adventure, and fun while Tranquil Water Spa offers massage services.Tranquil Water Spa includes day spas, fitness clubs and gyms, and water resorts as their competitor.

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Examples are The Spa, Fitness First, and Splash Island. Compared to fitness clubs and gyms, we focus on developing health and fitness. We have different exercise studios, machines and equipment, and personal training. Nevertheless, Tranquil Water Spa focuses on developing overall well-being and relaxation through a variety of services.


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