Feasibility Study Essay

2. 1 FEASIBILITY STUDYThe feasibleness of the undertaking is analyzed in this stage and concern proposal is put away with a really general program for the undertaking and some cost estimations. During system analysis the feasibleness survey of the proposed system is to be carried out. This is to guarantee that the proposed system is non a load to the company. For feasibleness analysis. some apprehension of the major demands for the system is indispensable.

Three cardinal considerations involved in the feasibleness analysis areECONOMICAL FEASIBILITYTECHNICAL FEASIBILITYSOCIAL FEASIBILITY

ECONOMICAL FEASIBILITYThis survey is carried out to look into the economic impact that the system will hold on the organisation. The sum of fund that the company can pour into the research and development of the system is limited. The outgos must be justified. Thus the developed system every bit good within the budget and this was achieved because most of the engineerings used are freely available. Merely the customized merchandises had to be purchased.TECHNICAL FEASIBILITYThis survey is carried out to look into the proficient feasibleness. that is.

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the proficient demands of the system. Any system developed must non hold a high demand on the available proficient resources. This will take to high demands on the available proficient resources. This will take to high demands being placed on the client. The developed system must hold a modest demand. as merely minimum or void alterations are required for implementing this system.SOCIAL FEASIBILITYThe facet of survey is to look into the degree of credence of the system by the user.

This includes the procedure of developing the user to utilize the system expeditiously. The user must non experience threatened by the system. alternatively must accept it as a necessity. The degree of credence by the users entirely depends on the methods that are employed to educate the user about the system and to do him familiar with it.

His degree of assurance must be raised so that he is besides able to do some constructive unfavorable judgment. which is welcomed. as he is the concluding user of the system.


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