FDu admission Essay

I am submitting this letter in compliance with the requirements of the University and to signify my intent to pursue a degree in Pharmacy at your prestigious University.

            It is quite difficult for me to elaborate why it is important for me to pursue a degree in Pharmacy.  There are so many reasons why I want to be a Pharmacist yet I cannot quite pinpoint a single reason that is more important than all the rest.  What I can share, in my attempt to explain why I wish to be accepted in this University, are my experiences in life and my background, hoping that this will show why I have made such a decision in my life.Probably one of the main reasons why I am keen on pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree is because of my lifelong passion for helping out people.  I vividly remember the first time I entered a Pharmacy.

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Mr Smith, an old man who managed the Pharmacy at the corner of where I grew up as a child, had brought me to where he worked.  He told me that it was like a candy store except that it was for grown ups and that it also made people happy.  The moment he opened those doors and ushered me into the Pharmacy I was dumbfounded.  Never had I seen so many colorful bottles and pills in orange plastic cylinders that looked no bigger than a tic-tac.  If Mr Smith hadn’t told me that they were not candy I swear I could have eaten them all.  The most amazing thing about that experience however was not how wonderful the store seemed to me back then as a child but the fact that every person who walked into that Pharmacy that day seemed to know Mr Smith by name while Mr Smith knew them by heart.  He knew their families, their ailments, their refills and prescriptions.  He could even tell you from the handwriting alone which doctor had written out the prescription.

  This was a man of character and man who lived his life to help others.  It was never a glamorous job yet that day, Mr Smith was a star.  It was this passion that Mr Smith had for helping people and giving them the medicines that they needed that first got me thinking about pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.My immediate professional goal is to become a certified Doctor of Pharmacy.  Pharmacy in present times has come to include other services related to patient care including clinical practice, medication review, and drug information.

Some of these new pharmaceutical roles are now mandated by law in various legislatures. Pharmacists as drug therapy experts and the primary health professionals who optimize medication management to produce positive health-outcomes also play a large role in ensuring optimal health outcomes for patients.  Becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy will therefore allow me to accomplish two (2) goals, the first and probably most important of all is that it will allow me to help other people and the second is that it will give me a respected degree in the Medical profession.            In the long run I anticipate that a Doctor of Pharmacy degree will someday allow me to have my own Pharmacy, much like Mr Smith.

  Not a shopkeeper as most Pharmacists nowadays are regarded as but as a certified Doctor of Pharmacy who owns his own small business.  I would be lying if I said that the money that I can earn in this profession does not interest me in the slightest bit.  I too have come to love consumerist America and all the creature comforts that it promises to those who can afford them.  While I have no intention of becoming a Wallgreen’s, I do wish for a comfortable life for myself and my family.  To be able to provide for my family and to ensure that my children will also have the same opportunities to succeed in life as I have by getting a good education at not only the college level but a Doctorate degree as well in their chosen professions.            This is how I think a Doctor of Pharmacy degree can help me achieve my immediate goals and long term professional goals.


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