Father and Matilda Essay

Matilda is an intelligent young girl who lives in a lovely house in an ordinary neighbourhood but a not so nice family. First there’s her brother who is constantly calling Matilda a dip face and wasting his sweets by continuously throwing them at Matilda.

Then there’s her self-obsessed mother who is always seen smothered in make-up and in a pose to try and make her look good. Finally her father, her father is a selfish low-life cheapskate. He works in a second-hand car shop and most of the cars are faulty. What Mr. Wormwood does is fixes the faults temporarily so whenever the buyer drives for 20 minutes the faults will appear again.Matilda’s parents neglect her they do not treat her well and she feels she doesn’t belong with her family. When Matilda has the opportunity to go to school she expects lots of kids and toys and a nice colourful building.

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Well at least there were lots of children. She looks around the playground looking for someone she knows then the main door opens a loud strong voice yells “SILENCE. ” Miss. Trunchbull marches out and Matilda hides in a crack in the building. Another girl the same age as Matilda says “Hey this is my spot, Matilda apologizes and the girl accepts and introduces herself.

They walk out of the crack and Miss. Trunchbull storms by them and look at a girl in their class picks her by the pigtails and throws her over the fence When Matilda gets into class she is worried she is going to have a teacher as bad as the trunch but when she gets into class she realizes her teacher is a lovely caring woman. Her name was miss honey and she was astonished at how smart Matilda was she went to Miss.

Trunchbull to see if she could move her up a class or two but obviously she said no. Matilda then become good friend and tells stories to each other and Matilda finds out that Miss.Honey is the niece of Miss. Trunchbull and Miss.

Honey ran away after her father died and the trunch done things so much nastier than her dad did and she forgot her favourite doll. A few days later the trunch comes into Matilda’s class and someone puts a newt in her water. That’s when Matilda discovers she can move things magically and flings the newt at Miss. Trunchbull and she struggles around the room trying to get it off. Matilda then realizes she can only do it when she’s angry. Matilda climbs up a tree outside Miss.

Trunchbulls house nd uses her magic to get miss honeys doll back and she moves a lot of things back to what they were before her dad died and the trunch runs away miss honey moves back and whilst Matilda is visiting her family drive up and say they have a one way ticket to Hawaii and Matilda doesn’t want to move so miss honey adopts her and they live happily ever after. I liked most of the movie and how they really exaggerated all the characters personalities. I think it overall was a good movie and I think all the scenes where equally good therfore I don’t have a favourite or worst scene.


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