Fastfit MIS Case Essay

1. Describe the multiple locations from which customers can submit orders and the information technology components customers would need (on their end) to accomplish this activity. Location
Company Website – therefore anywhere once you have the appropriate IT Hardware – Input
Keyboard, Scanner, Mouse, PC, Laptop, Tablet
Screen, printer
Internal memory (RAM/ROM)

Operating systems, web servers and browsers

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Network – WAN
Would need necessary hardware for connectivity as stated above.

2. a) Describe the information technology components FastFit needs to interact with customers on the web. [Hint: Locate a detailed explanation of e-commerce system platforms in the course textbook and/or web search.]

Information Technology
Web Service
To provide customers with a URL in order to access the website Firewalls
To Ensure the security for the customer
PCI compliance
Process Payments
Supply Chain Software
To manage order entry
To Track order
Logistics for customer order shipping
CRM Software
Provide customer support
Database management
To organize customer records, creates a more tailored experience for the customer with stored account details and purchase history etc Provides data about inventory levels and prices to provide to customers Servers

To process the orders

b) At what location within FastFit would you place these technology components and why?

The only component mentioned above which would need a location is the servers. Their location would depend on size needed and budget available. Considering the small size of Fastfit they should consider renting a server. They could rent a server from a remote vendor and control it centrally in the warehouse, the E-commerce fulfillment center.

3. FastFit is planning to invest significantly in its e-commerce platform to increase online ordering. Describe three technology features/capabilities that should be included in the platform and provide business justifications for each feature.

Ubiquity – With only five stores online sales could be a huge part of Fastfit’s overall revenue stream. It is important that the e-commerce technology is available to consumers at any time. They can ensure this but not having any technical faults with the website and by designing applications to fit all of the customers operations systems such as and IPhone or a blackberry etc. i.e. create the “marketspace”. This will ensure they reach the greatest number of customers. Richness – Selling such exclusive products there is a danger in losing the “luxury” appeal when reaching a wider audience. By ensuring you platform allows you to retain the richness of your message you will not lose this aspect of your brand and
still be able to reach a wider audience. Social Technology – The market in which Fastfit operates would highly benefit from a social feature on there e-commerce platform. In this market of apparel and the growing market of sporting goods highly benefits from peer pressure, into buying goods and “keeping up with the trends”, therefore buying new goods more regularly. It also gives Fastfit a means of finding out what the consumer wants and what they are and are not happy with.

4. a) What does the Haverhill order fulfillment center do? Track customer orders
Take in orders from HQ
Ship customer orders
Track inventory and order from suppliers as needed

b) Describe the information needed at the warehouse to provide fulfillment services. Customer details; last name, first name, address, contact details Payment confirmation
Order details; Order #, product #, quantity, size etc.

c) What information is created or changed during the course of the e-commerce business process? Inventory levels
Delivery status
Customer account details; new account, addition to old account, payment and order history of customer


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