Fantazja Essay

FINDINGS:No of Hotels / Size per Region:There exists an equitable distribution of hotels from among the three regions.

Slovakia leads hotel count by mere 4 hotels.  Poland holds 37% of total small and medium-sized hotels, while Slovakia dominates the large hotel category with a 44% share. (See Appendix A)Distance:Small-sized hotels are farthest to the rail link with a mean of 2.5 and Standard Deviation of .97 against the mean of medium and large hotels at 2.2 and 2.

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3 respectively. (See Appendix B)Advertising:Large Hotels spend the most in advertising at a mean of 1,482 pounds. (See Appendix B)Workforce:The 3 hotel categories present minimal differences in number of workforce:  A mean of 18 employees for small hotels, 19 for medium and 23 for the large hotels. (See Appendix B)Accommodation Type “A” Income:The 3 hotel categories present minimal differences as well in terms of income for this accommodation:  Large hotels have a mean income of 391K pounds while medium and small-sized hotels are not far behind at 389K and 386K pounds respectively.

(See Appendix B)Accommodation Type “B” Income:For this type of accommodation, medium-sized hotels earned the most at P217K, followed by small and large hotels at 213K and 207K pounds respectively. (See Appendix B)SUMMARYClosest to Rail Link:  Large HotelsFarthest to Rail Link:  Small HotelsMost Number of Employees:  Large HotelsLeast Number of Employees: Small HotelsHighest Advertising Spender: Large HotelsHighest Income Earners:            Accommodation A – Large Hotels            Accommodation B –  Medium HotelsCONCLUSIONBased on the above information, it appears that the three categories of hotels from various regions do not have much disparity in terms of mean income earned in both accommodation types.  While large hotels lead mean revenues for accommodation type A, the hotels from other categories earned revenues close to that of large hotels.  Large hotels also were also behind in terms of mean income from the other hotel categories for accommodation type B.The above information should prompt Fantazia management to review the performance of its hotels per category.  To increase income, management could decide to increase advertising budget for small and medium-sized hotels while probably reassessing the location of its large hotels.Word Count: 370APPENDICESAppendix BCross TabulationTabulation A:# of Hotels per Size / RegionCount of    HotelSizeCount of    HotelSizeRegionSmallMediumLargeGrand TotalRegionSmallMediumLargeGrand TotalPoland1313935Poland38%41%26%35%Czech Republic971026Czech Republic26%22%29%26%Slovakia12121539Slovakia35%38%44%39%Grand Total343234100Grand Total100%100%100%100%Tabulation B:Years Experience of Hotel ManagerCount of    HotelYearCount of    HotelYearSize0 to 34 to 7> 7Grand TotalSize0 to 34 to 7> 7Grand TotalSmall1515434Small33%38%29%34%Medium1712332Medium37%30%21%32%Large1413734Large30%33%50%34%Grand Total464014100Grand Total100%100%100%100%APPENDIX BMean and Standard DeviationAdvertising Expenses:# of Employees:Type AType BSmall HotelMean1172.18848518.

03030303386,984.85213,003.03Median131016350200211200Mode131014336000226000Standard Deviation849.27980664.64680568114,438.428914.716935Sample Variance721276.189921.

592803031309615195179472178.03Count33333333APPENDIX B (Continued)Mean and Standard DeviationMedium HotelMean1313.74193519.74193548389,761.29216,516.

13Median134120376000217000Mode11113325000226000Standard Deviation807.86941884.79560730989,340.578005.

751964Sample Variance652652.997822.99784946798173778564092064.

52Count31313131Large HotelMean1482.12121223.24242424391,766.67206,921.28Median134422367000214000Mode113122353000226000Standard Deviation808.80168916.38861439990,649.

5341202.03424Count33333333APPENDIX CAPPENDIX DAPPENDIX E:APPENDIX F:APPENDIX G:Standard Deviation of IncomesType A AccomodationType B AccomodationMean385319Mean211219.0225Standard Deviation99456.83973Standard Deviation26126.

40667Range490500Range228497.75APPENDIX H:Correlation of Income to Hotel Distance from Rail linkCorrelation: Distance to Income Type A1.74740001.

71474000-0.59356341Correlation: Distance to Income Type B2140001.721400011.7-0.10771351Yes, there exists a significant correlation.  Based on the results, as the distance from the rail link increases, the income of the hotel would be considerably reduced as well.BIBLIOGRAPHYBlack, Ken.  Business Statistics: Contemporary Decision Making.

2nd Ed. St Paul, MN: West Publishing Company, 1997.Middleton, Michael R.  Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel.

USA: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1997Walpole, Ronald E. Introduction to Statistics. 3rd Edition.New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. 1982


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