Family Values nad influence on Society Essay

            When people are asked who has influenced them the most in life… the majority of them will come across with answering that their family has. Having a family is a blessing and as children grow older their vision of their own future is to raise a family just like their own.

Despite the fact that time has indeed changed since our parents were children, nowadays, families face much more difficulty and challenges compared traditional families of over two decades ago. A natural family is a basic human nature and social unit composed of the union of a woman and a man in a lifelong contract from marriage. A natural family also involves a married couple to reproduce, and in some societies and cultures, adoption is included. Our society’s value system is indeed reflected by natural families.

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This type of family structure can enhance individual values if and only if it is well structured.            A family value is both a social and a political concept that has been used in numerous societies across the whole world. Specifically, this term determines the set of moral beliefs that a society holds based on people’s perceptions and actions. In order for a family to bond and to be successful, it takes both time and effort.

Values in a society are also largely determined by different family structures. For instance, research studies show that roughly 37 percent of black children live in a family where there are two parents and 64 percent live in a family with only one parent. Approximately three decades ago, these percentage rates were switched around. With this in mind, how are other expected to judge? What do others think about this problem? The first major issue that can be seen is that children who are raised by a single parent are losing out on a lot of things.

They wouldn’t know what a true family feels like. In return, this can lead to problems as children are growing up.            It is apparent that teens become rebellious around a certain time of age, specifically in their teens, but if parents are not able to control them, can you imagine how they will turn out? Sometimes parents make mistakes and they try to correct them by not allowing their children to go through it, but when certain mistakes simply run down to the next generation… not only does this affect the family, but the society as well. Natural families began to take its course decades ago in the United States and it still continues to develop in our society to present time because it is a cycle that goes on and on as long as children pass it on to their own children.            Stable and secure natural families that welcome children into their homes create a healthy society. However, a society that decides to abandon the norm of having a natural family is destined to endure suffering and chaos. A loving family is one that reaches out in service and loves to contribute to the community and help those in need.

In return, the society and social institutions should respect these types of families. In a natural family, the father has the primary responsibility for the well-being of his household and the mother the day to day responsibilities to care for the house and raises the children. Both parents set the overall policies for the family and both have the responsibility to carry out these views and policies. The father and the mother both have to be self-disciplined, morally strong, and frugal. They have to set high standards for their children while commanding obedience and respect. Children are in charge of learning what is right from wrong. When they are punished, they need to obey and learn what discipline means.

They have to learn how to be self-reliant as well in order to succeed in life and in return, take care of their own families.            Families that have values have not only morals, but they also have respect. They respect others as well as their society. For instance, my parents have always donated money to the poor, greeted strangers while walking, helped elders walk to their cars, and much more.

This reflects upon me and it makes me do the same things that they do to care for their society. Because of my parent’s values and manners, they make me want to be a better person.            Parents are the ones that teach their children everything.

When a child is rude, the first thing that strangers do is look at their parents and grunt. On the other hand, when a child is polite, the first thing that strangers do is look at their parents while showing them a smile and compliment them. Like mentioned before, a place that consists of well mannered people who have family values is a good and well respected society. It is important for parents to teach children from wrong to right. They are the ones that mold their children at the early stages of their life. Without parents or without a family, it takes double for anyone to learn what family value really is.

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