Family and Grandparents Essay

Grandparents play an important role in inculcating good habits in their grandchildren. Grandparents influence their grandchildren in many ways. They are the head of the family who appears as a significant factor in what all a child learns during his or her formative years. Thus understanding them is important and the role that they play in our life holds a great value.

Respect your grandparents and complement them so that they feel good. Grandparents are a big source of developing cultural roots within the teens.Regular interaction and effective communication with grandparents help the children of today to gain a better insight about the culture and traditions followed in our country. Grandparents help children learn the basics about the cultural roots.

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• The presence of grandparents provides a sense of emotional security to their grandchildren. They help in building the emotional intelligence of their grandchildren. • Grandparents pass on the necessary values to their grandchild that was otherwise impossible due to the paucity of time among modern-day parents.

As traditional values are important for a better understanding of our society, children should take them from the older generations. The values and belief systems are transmitted through the story telling and sharing the vast experience that they have. • Grandparents are the true source of unconditional affection. Grandparents have an ultimate affection towards their grandchildren, and they express it in many ways.

If grandchildren demand for anything, it becomes the priority for grandparents and they get those materialistic things to satisfy their children desires.Their affection does not change over time and they set a good example in the society. • Grandparents bridge the gap between the modern teens and parents. They assist in passing on what teens can`t say to their parents and often help parents to understand their children needs. They help in binding family ties together. • Respect is the first thing that grandparents expect from their grandchildren. Respecting your grandparents is the basic value that one should have and an act of respect will be enough to make them happy.

The teens should spend quality time with their grandparents. They should find some valuable time to communicate with their grandparents. Listening to them make them feel good as they share their problems with you and do not feel lonely. • Establish strong bonds with your grandpa and grandma through some fun-filled moments. Enjoy the time you spend with your grandparents to make the bonds stronger.

• Learn from their valuable experience about how to deal with difficult situations.Share your views with them and listen what they feel about your ideas. They might come out with an effective solution for a particular problem that you can never think of. • Your grandparents need your affection and care. Express your concern towards them as this is what they expect from you. They need a helping hand to pass on this old age and your support may fill their life with happiness.

• Make your grandparents feel as an important part of your life by offering your love and concern.


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