Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary “Fake rumours on various types of social

“Fake rumours on various types of social

“Fake news is news,
stories or hoaxes created to deliberately misinform or deceive readers. Usually, these stories are created to either influence
people’s views, push a political agenda or cause confusion and can often
be a profitable business for online publishers”, like

The largest websites like Facebook, Twitter and
Google – have failed to inform about the Las Vegas shootings that took place
during the country music festival.

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The aim of the Russian propaganda campaign was
to create and disseminate misleading articles to harm Clinton, and help
Republican candidate Donald Trump and undermine confidence in American
democracy and its leaders.

There are much more examples of “fake news”.
People increasingly get information from them then share them without assurance.
It is difficult to distinguish real information from this untrue in our time.
It is worth to search for things that interest us on the portals and check all added
comments by other users.

For example: Facebook has implemented a new mechanism
to catch and tag Fake news. Under the false posts placed on the popular social
network site, there will be stamps of red squares with white warning triangles
and an additional description of who accuses the authors of the publication of
a lie. In this way, users will be informed that someone is trying to mislead
them.  On the one hand, this should
reduce the impact of false rumours on various types of social processes, and on
the other hand, make it difficult for those who make money on such a procedure.

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook should be
doing more to combat the emerging threat of fake news.

The fake news has negative impact on the
financial markets and investors decisions. The news from internet shouldn’t be
use as guidelines for accounting professions. Only checked information,
information from truthful sources can be used. Fake news can have catastrophic
financial consequences that’s why:

“Both professional publishers of financial
information and their assurance providers need to do their part to be sure all
users of financial information, including lenders, investors, and investment
advisors receive fair, honest, and objectively complete financial information. “