Failure of Philippine Presidential System Essay

Title: Position Paper regarding the failure of the Philippine Presidential System. Yes. I terribly agree of Bastiaan van de Loo that there is really a failure of the Philippine presidential system.

From the beginning there is a failure occurred in election. From his article, he stated that the “Philippine elections are won through a mix of popularity, populism, and money politics”.This is true because on what I had observed on our town during election electoral candidates practiced and exercised vote-buying which I felt sorry for them (both the vote-buyers and to those who are sold) for they don’t deserve to be called as an electoral candidate because they don’t play a fair game to their opponents and it is a dirty thing of doing.And also add to that the popularity of the candidate, which is been added to the unofficial qualifications that if you are popular with the masa, you have really a big chance in winning the election which I also find wrong for there are unpopular candidates who will maybe turn out good leaders if not perfect leaders.

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There is also this “political dynasty” that reflects the political doings of a particular politician to its family or any member of an elite group that will turn out to be a politician and will continue the way how it is run by the first elected politician. If this politician does good in his time of rein then no problem, but what if not? And that’s the problem in there when it did happen in our society today (but not to mention them) that turn out bad. n independent and a stronger state.


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