Facts and examples of the Impact of the Electronic Industry to Our Society Essay

Facts and examples of the Impact of the Electronic Industry to Our Society            The advent of new technology that is being developed day in and day out has created revolutionary development in modern manufacturing and as a result has helped every single industry that exists around the globe today. The Electronics industry has become the cornerstone of every industry as electronic companies provide innovations to every product that would cater to the needs and demands of the community. Every other industry depends pretty heavily on the electronic industry.

It is difficult to imagine products and services that are not influenced or could be linked to the electronic industries. Motor vehicles, personal computers, laptops, iPods, cellular phones, digital cameras and high definition TV sets are all products that every individual, especially today’s population, crave for. It has become the world’s leading industry that caters to our needs (Maloney, page number). For these obvious reasons it is safe to say that the electronic industry has become a huge part of our everyday living, and life without these electronic devices would be very much different, and at sometimes could be difficult as other industries that provide numerous services in the market are somehow linked and connect to the electronics industry. With our growing dependency on electronics to usher in the coming of the information revolution we are experiencing now, electronic industry will continue to grow and prosper for the next several years.            Over the last decade, LaPedus said that the growth of the industry was overwhelming. Sustainable growth rate with satisfying return in revenues and large employee numbers were observed.

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For the next five years or more before 2015, significant growth rate is expected.  In 2006, the industry experienced a 9 percent to 249 billion dollars in growth. The following year, the growth was 10 percent to 274 billion dollars. This year the growth was projected to be at roughly around 10.8 percent to 303.4 billion dollars and the Electronic and Semiconductor Industry Associations believed that for the next several years it would not be surprising if the growth rate continues to jump and reached higher ground.The robust growth can be attributed to the consumption of electronic products especially digital cameras, high definition TV sets, MP3’s, DVD’s and cellular phones.

They are the hottest commodities in the market today. Sales of cellular phones alone are expected to account for 20 percent growth (author, page number). Despite fear of recession and the energy crisis looming at hand, a consumer electronics industry group predicted that consumers would likely to buy more gadgets (author, page number). A very good friend of mine, proves this stand by the consumer groups. As a crew for a giant fast food chain, my friend has to content himself with low income.

He works hard, takes overtime and skips meals in order to save money. While every one of us would order great foods to satisfy our cravings, he would satisfy his hunger with crackers. For six months, he would do that all for the prize of a new video console and a cellular phone.The Electronics Industry is important to our everyday life. Electronic industries employ billions of workers around the globe, and as the industry continues to grow, so will our economy. Productions in assembly lines of different industries are also hastened with use of robots and mechanical arms.

In Japan for instance, robots provide a huge boost in their production. Almost all large scale factories are run and operated by robots which are linked to a central computer system. Robots in Japan are important, since statistics showed that more than one fifth of the country’s population is over 65 (Adams, 2006). Robots are then manufactured in order to replenish the diminishing workforce. The industry had also changed the form of entertainment of today’s kids. It would be difficult to locate a house which is not equipped with video games and consoles as form of entertainment. It is also interesting and humorous to know that programmers have designed the fastest and most expensive personal computers not for business purposes but for games enthusiasts (author, page number). or a more detailed visual display and astounding audio performance, programmers and investors spend quite a large sum.

Television programming and movie making have also greatly improved with the new technology the industry brings. The used of digital cameras, computer graphics and effects all make everything in the big screen looks real. Thus, Hollywood has produced numerous blockbusters such as the sci-fi flick and comic book hero’s adaptation like Spiderman, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.The Defense Industry is another manifestation of the big impact the electronic industry has brought to our life. In order to protect the homeland, the government needed to invest in different electronics gadgets and devices.

From a simple homing device, x-ray machines at airports and docks for great modern warships, submarines, and tanks, the electronics industry working with other agencies and companies provides all of these to the government. In providing the government these services and products, the electronic industry caters around 80 percent of the components and materials needed, just as majority of equipment, such as transistors, integrated circuits and semi-conductors needed in telecommunications industries are.Although it is believed that a recession will happen in the next few years and an energy crisis is at hand, we cannot deny the fact that the industry will continue to grow as it provides us with new technology that makes living much easier for the public.ReferencesAdams, M. The Implications of Humanoid Robots as Laborsaving Devices. Natural News.

2006LaPedus, M. Growth of consumer electronics drives semiconductor industry to new heights. Manufacturing & Technology News. 2008Maloney, T. Modern Industrial Electronics.

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