Extraordinary Rendition Essay

Extraordinary rendering is a political pattern that involves deliberate transportation of persons to other legal powers for question utilizing coercive agencies. These persons who comprise terrorists are normally transferred to foreign states where anguish and other clandestine activities are considered normal in the procedure of geting information.

The term extraordinary rendering can be likened to rendition which refers to passing over of persons to other legal powers without following the necessary legal procedure.However. the contrast is that extraordinary rendering implies the usage of anguish ( Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Foreign Affairs Committee & amp ; House of Commons.

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2009 ) . Although it is associated with the September 11 onslaught. the procedure can be traced back to the disposal of President Bill Clinton. The onslaught on September 11 merely heightened and expanded the plan ( American Civil Liberties Union. 2005 ) .

The procedure of extraordinary rendering is illegal. which explains the demand to transport it outside the United States district.Since the United States is bound by the United Nations Convention Against Torture ( UNCAT ) . it uses the services of other states that do non hold rigorous human rights protection Torahs. This pattern can be amounted to outsourcing anguish. Former CIA agent Robert Baer notes that. “If you want a serious question.

you send a captive to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured. you send them to Syria. If you want person to vanish — ne’er to see them once more — you send them to Egypt. ” ( American Civil Liberties Union. 2005 ; para 2 ) .The nature of the rendering plan in the united provinces raise serious argument as to its justification. The procedure is in itself barbarous.

extra-legal and an maltreatment of conventional human rights. However. extraordinary rendering is a plan that targets terrorist who pose a menace to guiltless American civilians and hence one would reason that the plan is justified.

Since the September 11 onslaught. it has been necessary to obtain information sing terrorist act every bit fast as possible in order to gurantee the security of America.Striking a balance between national security and saving of human rights would be a slippery matter because there are valid statements from both sides. Mentions American Civil Liberties Union.

( 2005 ) . Fact Sheet: Extraordinary Rendition. Retrieved June 6. 2010. from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aclu.

org/national-security/fact-sheet-extraordinary-rendition Great-Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Foreign Affairs Committee & A ; House-of-Commons. ( 2009 ) . Human rights one-year study 2008: 7th study of session 2008-09. study.

together with formal proceedingss. unwritten and written grounds. London: The Stationery Office.


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