Extra terrestrial remote sensing for H1N1 early warning Essay

Space conditions environment survey has been attempted to deduce the H1N1 early warning. Continuous low negatron flux anomalousness before the happening of the H1N1 pandemics in Mexico in March 2009.The anomalousness was recorded by Sun Observatory Heliospheric Observatory excess tellurian orbiter of NASA. During the period of low negatron flux anomalous rise in the cosmic beam strength has been recorded locally in Mexico City cosmic beam observatory. This paper shows preliminary grounds of possible early warning of grippe by utilizing remotely sensed informations from orbiter.

Cardinal words: Space conditions, H1N1, Early warning, Electron flux, Cosmic beam


Influence of Sun and extragalactic cosmic beams on the environment of the earth1-2 is under active consideration within scientific community. A correlativity is being attempted to set up in between triping of H1N1 pandemics3-4 with a uninterrupted low negatron flux from the Sun and locally high cosmic beams during unexpected solar minimum5 of 2009.The mutant of viruses are hard to foretell in infinite and time8. The hypothesis is based on the mutant in the organic structure cells of human being or the active virus in the air in Mexico during last hebdomad of February 2009 to first hebdomad of March 2009 followed by the onslaught of the virus. Subsequently the grippe virus has farther mutated due to heavy shower of cosmic beams and low negatron flux9.

Extra tellurian influence on Global Pandemics of H1N1 Influenza

Global pandemics of H1N1 grippe are presently being observed, and future scenario suggests limited possibility to develop an early warning of any type of influenza.10-11 The Earth and its environment are continuously being showered with cosmic beams from the Sun and outer space12. Cosmic rays affect many facets of our lives, and sometimes these little atoms can make important jobs. Cosmic beams are possible to alter a chromosome in a generative cell13. After clashing with the atmospheric gases the cosmic beams generates secondary atoms. Secondary cosmic beams spread out and go on to hit other atoms and air molecules, which farther produce cascade of atoms lavishing towards the land. Secondary cosmic beams produced from the primary cosmic beams may hold iron14 or other passage elements in its nucleole, which enables them to make faster on Earth. Cosmic beam proctors record short-run fluctuations every bit good as long-run cycles15 which coincide with the H1N1 pandemics. A figure of agents, including radiation, of which mu-mesons are one type, may do mutants, or break of the DNA reproduction procedure. At the Earth ‘s surface, mu-mesons are comparatively rare compared to natural radiation in the organic structure or other environmental beginnings. In add-on, there are bio-agents ( viruses that impart their Deoxyribonucleic acid into host cells. Scientists are working to reply this inquiry and to understand how solar activity and cosmic beams might impact conditions on Earth & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s surface16. There was a period between the old ages 1645 and 1715, called the Maunder Minimum, when there was small solar activity and few maculas. During the same clip, it was a period called the Little Ice Age when temperatures became ice chest in North America and Europe. It has been recorded that during the low activity of Sun, really few or no macula were seeable in the Sun. Cosmic beam strength has been recorded higher during no macula activity17. In 1971, Nature magazine published the research of R.E. Hope-Simpson, which showed that macula rhythms correlate with influenza pandemics associated with antigenic displacements ( any substance that can excite the production of antibodies ) in the virus ; the virus mutated to a different assortment with each consecutive macula rhythm, demoing that the Sun ‘s radiation can interrupt reproduction of a virus. Cosmic beams are possible to mutate the life cells18 which come in its contact. Familial mutants are ever non harmful but sometimes it can alter the susceptibleness of the human cells prone to the H1N1 Virus onslaught. Between March and August of 2009, 1000000s of patients across the universe have shown terrible influenza-like symptoms and respiratory failure.

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Sun Observatory and Heliospheric Observatory ( SOHO ) orbiter has recorded remarkably low negatron flux ( Eflux ) from 27 February to 13 March 2009 ( Figure.1 to Figure 5. ) . A dip in cosmic beam strength has besides been recorded on 27 February 2009 ( Figure.6 ) . Reportedly, the Swine fluke ( H1N1 ) has started in 2009 from Mexico on 3 March 2009. Once the cosmic beam strength increases locally it has the possible to mutate the tegument cells of human being to do it vulnerable for the H1N1 viral infection. The triggering of H1N1 in homo has spread really fast19 and the virus farther mutated itself to do it a pandemic disease.


SOHO orbiter informations is available for downloading20, which can supply valuable information of sudden lowering of the negatron flux. It is indispensable to supervise the whole Earth by the cosmic beam detector21. If the cosmic beam strength rises all of a sudden with a lowering of the Eflux, this will be treated an early warning in the coming winter 2010-2011 across the universe. The whole universe community can be saved from the fatal H1N1 viral grippe by taking suited safeguard during those yearss of low negatron flux and high cosmic beam strength.


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