Extended Definition – Love Game Essay

Have you ever been an option to someone you considered your choice? Are you tired of acting like a fool to someone that really matters to you? Would you still allow yourself to be in this kind of situation? In life, we are expected to play our own game. There are always winners and losers, but sometimes there are also cheaters. A player is one concrete example of this certain type. Traditionally, a player is “a person who plays a game” (Merriam-Webster, 2012). However, the meaning of player nowadays has basically evolved into something else. They are into a variety of sports even in the game called love.

Men are often the ones involved in this merciless act. A player brings harm to people but can be prevented if people are aware of his personal characteristics, knowledgeable of his actions’ causes and effects, and observant of the similarities and differences between him and a true lover. There are certain characteristics that a player has that nobody else can beat. From the top of his head to the tip of his toes, everything seems so perfect. He could be every girl’s dream boy, yet every man’s anxiety. He will do whatever it takes just to get the girl that happens to catch his eye.

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He plays with his spiky hair, and tames you with his eyes that twinkle like the stars. With those pearly-white teeth that he has and natural holes in his cheeks, no one can refuse to fall in love with his killer smile. Also, a player’s actions are one of a kind. He is snake-like in nature. The way he walks is as graceful as how the snake crawls, the way he expresses his words is as fatal as how the snake brings poison and the way he courts a girl is as deceiving as how the snake hunts its prey. A player does not become one without any reason.These intentions might be some of the several causes why a person chooses to become a player. First, a player has insecurities within himself.

It may sound ironic to some people, since almost all guys want to be like him. He is also a person who lacks attention which consequently led him to search out for someone who can satisfy his desires. Moreover, he may once have been a victim of bullying; causing him to prove to the bullies that he is not the type of person they are thinking of. He is out to prove that he is not someone who does not have the capabilities to court a girl.Besides, a person could become a player out of revenge. He might have once experienced being betrayed by the girl that he truly loved, which brought him to the idea that all girls are the same.

In order for him to take revenge, he uses other girls. He makes them believe that he is committed with their relationship, yet in the end, he leaves girls with their hearts broken. Lastly, financial condition of a person could contribute to the creation of a player. He is just using women to sustain his financial needs and obligations.

There are other causes aside from the ones mentioned above, but these are the primary reasons why a person can possibly become a player. A player can affect two things: the player himself and his victims. Even if the player is the mastermind in doing all these cruel things, his acts still have an impact on his emotional being. Both his self-image and self-esteem will be affected. People will surely hate him for destroying the fragile hearts of women, and as a result, he will feel the sense of evilness and worthlessness within himself.

Furthermore, a player can have drastic effects on his victims.For one, the victims will go through mental and emotional breakdowns. They are most likely to experience some psychological syndromes like anxiety, depression and trauma. In addition, it will already be hard for them to give their trust to people because of the fear of being cheated and rejected once again. And finally, for the worst case scenario, if the impact on the victims is too radical, this would lead them to suicidal tendencies. Some people are having a difficulty on distinguishing a player from a true lover because they really do share common traits in terms of their goals, practices and efforts.

One should really trust her instincts in order for her to unveil the mask of a person and know his true personality. Both characters work hard with their finest intentions although these intentions may vary. They establish their goals and make women as their end points. Another commonality between these two is that they practice the same tactics that would lead them to their targets. You will even be confused with their efforts, such as giving flowers and chocolates during special occasions, because you are left with a question whether everything is legit and sincere.So what really sets apart a player from a true lover is that a player has a bloody intention.

He is self-centered and facetious about the relationship. He is glued not to one person but rather as many women as possible. He practices treachery and trickery. For one, he appears to be the sweetest guy in the whole world and treat you like a princess. However, the problem is that you are not the only one who is being treated like this.

Another disparity that separates a player from a true lover is the efforts that he exerts and shows to the public.He is only good in the beginning and does not disclose anything. Once he has had enough of you, he vanishes in thin air and looks for another delicate heart to rupture. On the other hand, a true lover has the cleanest intentions.

He practices what is moral and ethical. He only serves one girl and stays faithful. He ensures that he takes time to learn about what makes his woman happy, and works harder to please her in all aspects of their relationship. His efforts are enduring and he never gets tired of doing the same things. Indeed, he is serious about keeping his girl and nurturing their relationship.

A player puts people in danger, but knowing his identity will make things a lot better. Every time a woman is being played, another heart is torn into pieces. Sweeping outcomes may occur which will leave a scar in the lives of women. This may be temporary but for some people, it could last forever. Nevertheless, being fooled by a player can be stopped if you really want to put an end on it.

Thus, you should learn how to differentiate him from a true lover; unwrap and discover his heartless intentions. Awaken your minds and never allow yourself being played in the game of love.


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