Exploration and mining opportunies of Rio Tinto Essay

Rio Tinto is one of the universes renowned geographic expedition and excavation companies. About every continent ( Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and Asia ) houses an office of Rio Tinto. The company is responsible for happening, excavation and processing natural stuff ores and minerals into utile metals which are in bend used in the industry of points indispensable to the day-to-day modus operandi of the mean human individual.

From the clip of its formation in 1873, Rio Tinto was already a extremely capitalized planetary venture. In fact, after a few old ages, the company was able to go a leader in the universe market for the excavation of Cu and S with about 9,000 employees under its belt ( Harvey, 1981 ) .At present nevertheless, Rio Tinto has been being recognized as a amalgamation of two sibling companies — – Rio Tinto Plc and Rio Tinto Limited — – each of which based in the United Kingdom and Australia, ith the latter created in 1962 through the meeting of the Rio Tinto Company ( discussed in the old paragraph ) and The Consolidated a amalgamation of two sibling companies Zinc Corporation, subsequently called Rio Tinto Zinc Corporation ( RTZ ) .It was besides during this clip that its Australian opposite numbers besides formed their ain fusion calling it CRA Limited, wherein in 1995, these two companies RTZ and CRA Limited merged into one company now known as Rio Tinto.Ever since its amalgamation about 15 old ages ago Rio Tinto has continually survived by using the same techniques, they have used from long.

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They maintain the acquisition of investings ( purchasing out nickel-and-dime participants and companies and secondly research on developments and inventions to maintain up with their different planetary selling schemes and it is this planetary selling accomplishment of Rio Tinto that has helped the company set up itself in the universe market.Its leaders continuously recognize that the universe is their sphere and it is turning smaller by the minute particularly in the latest developments of digital engineering. Company heads taking to last in the planetary scene must larn to understand the complexness and fluctuation of international selling otherwise it would take to endanger and danger to their several organisations ( Doole, 2008 ) . Success in planetary selling is achieved through the integrating and grasp for the different constructs and points in scheme development, therefore doing it really of import for companies playing in the universe market to analyse each of the factors that could spell either success or failure for its long-term promotion and future programs.In position of the above context, this study will discourse on each of the different facets on why Rio Tinto is successful in the universe market utilizing Porter ‘s Fiver forces theoretical account. Porter ( 1980 ) argued that international selling must non merely cover with corporate degree schemes but besides included are the dickering power of the purchaser and provider, menaces of replacements, competition among viing houses, and menace of new participants in the industry.

Therefore in order to thoroughly analyze in item Rio Tinto Company based on this method, the treatment will restrict merely on the company ‘s diamond investings as there are many different and varied participants should discussion make out to all available ventures of Rio Tinto.Second, this paper will besides see the undermentioned points in position of the general environmental state of affairs of Rio Tinto where under this ; the treatment will concentrate on the demographic, economic, political or legal, socio-cultural, technological and planetary factors which make Rio Tinto the company it is today. All these points are so eventually used to measure its hereafter and growing in the international market and its possible schemes to better its current status, in visible radiation of its reappraisals.

II. Discussion

Porters FIVE Forces ModelBARGAINING POWER OF THE BUYERBuyers can play the industry through their ability to command monetary values, deal for more services and let rival houses to vie with each other ( Henry, 2008 ) .In the instance of Rio Tinto ‘s diamond investings the bargaining power of the purchaser is low. Changes in monetary values, direct fluctuations over a short period of clip have non been observed much for this industry as compared to that of other goods even with its important Numberss of purchasers in the universe market, although based on the tendency line from the early 1930s to the present the monetary value has been steadily increasing with a crisp rise get downing from twelvemonth 2000. This is because of the control of De Beers Corporation or more specifically the now called Diamond Trading Company ( DTC ) , who has approximately 60 % portion of the universe market ‘s diamond production.

It is responsible for bring forthing, selling, commanding and administering a major majority on the diamonds production ( Siegel, 2009 ) . Its laterality and control of the diamond selling industry was more extremely illustrated last 2004 when it all of a sudden raised the monetary value of sweeping diamonds by three times or up by 14 % . Historically, this company has been known to horde diamonds merely to command its monetary value scopes and stocks.Second, although in the old paragraph it has been discussed that so there are important purchasers in the universe market, one of the facets which causes the low bargaining power of the purchaser is that the cost of bring forthing these diamonds are in high proportion as compared to the cost of the measure of available purchasers. The varied types of diamonds together with their class, whether based on carat or quality, needs intricate procedures to do it suited for usage, either for jewelleries and industrial utilizations, which in bend splits the purchaser market at the cost of different fabrication methods.BARGAINING POWER OF THE SUPPLIERThe bargaining power of the provider on the other manus is same to that to that of the purchaser with holding a low evaluation in Porter ‘s graduated table. This is so because as discussed antecedently, the major participant De Beers Corporation holds the say in the universe distribution of diamonds. Although other establishments such as Rio Tino do hold independent powers, the immense per centum owned by the De Beers Corporation still places a major factor overall.

In the diamond industry, most of the providers are those of little excavation companies and labour. Although extremely skilled persons are so rare, novitiates tend to venture into labour due to the high profitableness which allows many fluctuations among the labour force.THREATS OF SUBSTITUESIt has been said that nil beats a existent diamond, and this is true as there are semisynthetic replacements like that produced unnaturally but most people do still hold that there is still no comparing between the two. Take for illustration Zr, which is normally used to copy the radiance, glister and image of the existent thing, it may look the same but the value of which differ and for purchasers this besides is one point to see. Having brought an battle pealing with that utilizing the semisynthetic diamond, although for the untrained oculus may non be noticeable, spell some difference particularly during its assessment and worth. A adult female may experience less when her fianc & A ; eacute ; e hands out this unreal treasure.

In drumhead, to this experts have clip and once more said that every bit long as people recognize the difference between synthetics and diamonds, these industry will be all right ( Spool, 2005 )In industrial houses diamonds being one of the hardest minerals on Earth is used to cut difficult stuffs with easiness and preciseness. Although some may come near to the hardness value it possess whether adult male made or natural, the diamond can non be phased out every bit expensive as it may be since sometimes it provides better overall quality public presentation and better productiveness consequences.RIVALRY OF COMPETING FIRMSAs De Beers Corporation and Rio Tino hold the first and 2nd topographic point in the excavation and distribution of the universe ‘s diamonds, severally, their competition has become a authoritative.

They have been caught contending over diamond mines every bit good as for laterality in this field.The diamond industry is composed of many viing houses. There are little legal participants ( in comparing to that of the top two ) and besides considerable are those providing in the illegal market scene. However in the Porter Scale the competition is still deemed to be low as that their clasp towards this industry does non present as a great menace to De Beers Corporation and Rio Tino, as their production does non fit the majority from these two companies.However, crediting to De Beers Corporation and Rio Tino it besides defeats its challengers by purchasing out and taking over their corporation. For the instance of Rio Tino it was able to make a dent in the laterality of De Beers Corporation when it was able to command through one-hundred per centum ownership the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia which antecedently had a direct agreement with De Beers Corporation. This mine is known to be the one of the universes long running mines every bit good as the chief beginning for coloured diamonds.

Other mines under Rio Tino ‘s belt where they have bulk of the ownership ratio includes the Diavik Mine in Northwest Canada with approximately 60 % , the remainder of which by Aber Diamond Mines Limited, and the Murowa Diamond Mine found in Zimbabwe of which they own 78 % . These mines are reasonably new and merely started production on the late 1990s to the early 2000 but these have already caused a commotion in the diamond market as these mines specifically that of the Diavik mine already keep 5 % of the universe ‘s diamond supply.Oppressing rivals and challengers by having above than half of its corporation has been one of the planetary selling scheme by De Beers and Rio Tino, coercing the lessening in the menace from other rivals and therefore puts them in major control of the diamond market.THREATS OF NEW PLAYERSMines are being discovered all over the universe, doing the opportunities high of holding the entry of new participants to the scene possible.

However, the veterans to the industry have already shown that they are ready with this factor as they have employed the planetary scheme of having a part ( minority or bulk ) of new company ‘s ownership.As a newcomer in the diamond universe, new participants particularly those with really limited capital value are sometimes forced to accept these given offers from major companies to avoid early closing or holding a negative balance on their books. These procedure although would do early on investing and extra cost to Rio Tino for illustration but in the terminal it would be good to them as they would non hold to worry of holding another rival in their thick.GENERAL ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATIONDemographicIt has been known that some of the celebrated diamond mines are found in states with low ranking in the universe market scene or as one would state third-world states. Because of the high cost of excavation and production of diamonds, these states would instead choose to hold foreign investors take over the recovery of these cherished metals, with minimum opposition from them so that their people can hold handiness of work. Take for illustration, Belgium or Britain ( industrialised states ) they do non hold the approvals of a diamond mine but they are the universe leaders in diamond trade, while Africa which is a topographic point known to hold diamonds as one of their natural resources are hapless and unrated in the diamond concern ( K-Oryinda Yimbo, 2008 ) .The discussed state of affairs in the old paragraph is besides true non merely to rich states but besides to companies most particularly those that have already established themselves as a leader in the industry.

Rio Tino, and other major participants have an easier clip in taking over some little – clip concern particularly if the economic times tend to be low and new companies have non yet recovered the investing they have ab initio set. Amalgamations ‘ between two companies will so happen merely to assist out go on the mine ‘s operation but this clip at the disbursal of holding bulk or even full rate of the ownership ratio. Having besides minimum companies with the capacity to make take-overs, purchasing rate or merchandising rate for these is non really high, unless of class these mines have really high values where in that instance command of these will most likely occur and the companies would bog up their monetary values merely to convert the down company to take up their offer. This is one major planetary selling scheme that Rio Tinto has employed doing it ‘s name in the diamond universe concern. Its mines are scattered all over the universe with some at improvished states like Zimbabwe, who can non fend off for themselves in runing their ain diamond mines.ECONOMICGems, gold, diamonds and other natural mineral resources continue to turn as demand for these merchandises continue to rise-up. The control of diamond monetary values by the top two establishments, De Beers and Rio Tinto supply another losing state of affairs for new companies ( and a great advantage to these two ) since they can non dicker for monetary values should times necessitate for them to promote or fluctuate the diamond costs. For this industry the power of oligopoly about ensures retail merchants of stable or increasing monetary values taking to its continued success.

POLITICAL / LEGALGovernment support is besides of import should the excavation industry flourish in a state. Bing a multi – billion sector it has the inclination to be played around particularly to those involved in political relations since it certainly is rather the enticement ( the chances for wealth is high ) .International and regional organisations have worked together with national authoritiess to come with Torahs, regulation and specifying the industry. Governments from Canada and other states have shown their support for the development of the diamond industry in their country ensuing in alleviation to the dependent enterprisers and investors ( Spool, 2005 ) .

In December 2000 the United Nations General Assembly besides showed their dedication towards the progressive betterment in the industry when they created the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme ( KPCS ) and the sign language of the Interlaken Declaration. This declaration, petitions for the execution of worldwide recognized enfranchisement particularly to that of unsmooth diamonds enabling take parting states to keep separation and favoritism of legal and illegal diamonds ( KP, 2002 ) .For little – graduated table excavation more technically termed as arsinal excavation, some authoritiess wholly forbids the operation of one, in their mainland while others provide rigorous guidelines in their national statute law. Most particularly in developing states, where investors are low these type of excavation dramas a really of import function in its economic sciences. Harmonizing to a survey in by Communities and Small – graduated table Mining ( CASM ) work forces, adult females and even kids are involved in this concern numbering a unsmooth estimation of 13 to 20 million people in 50 states to be dependent on little – scale diamond excavation ( Vlassenroot, 2008 ) .The control of authoritiess in the extension of arsinal excavation besides serves as a aureate chance to companies as Rio Tino because it allows them the chance to take control of operations ( change overing little – scale operations to that in the international graduated table ) .

It decreases forces of new and approaching companies particularly for those that uses this type of merchandise and industry as a start – up.SOCIO-CULTURALSocio – cultural state of affairss contributes to the economic sciences of the diamond mine industry. Thankss to De Beers, when they promoted and conceived through the society that diamonds hold a particular portion in the battle procedure and an inevitable point in the matrimony rites ( Siegel, 2009 ) .But non merely on marrying sets and rings do the socio – cultural economic state of affairs in general uphold the developments of companies like that of Rio Tino. The use of diamonds particularly in jewelleries is besides conceived as a position symbol of a individual in the modern twenty-four hours. It has been observed that commentaries with relation to this line of idea include that the more diamonds you have, the richer you may be and to some people relieving their category in the society is really of import and therefore this position is exploited by diamond jewellery shapers.

Although there are synthetically made diamonds as a societal symbol these rates to nil. Therefore doing demands for diamonds to be turning and unstoppable.TECHNOLOGICALTechnological promotion for the excavation procedure has been minimum. Same processes has been done and tested for already many old ages dating back to the early 1930s.

Equipments may hold been upgraded but the overall procedure remains unchanged.However looking at another facet, the development of computing machine systems and the birth of the cyberspace age posted a good encouragement for these companies. Manpower and efficiency have been decreased by the usage of high engineering equipments. The use of the cyberspace allows companies to pass on easy to both clients and providers. It besides shows another gateway to the publicity and merchandising of their merchandises. As compared to the olden times where economic sciences of diamonds are constrained to the vicinity in general, now it has the whole universe as its market.GLOBALAs discussed in the predating point, now the universe has become the diamonds market, where demand and supply reaches out to the corners of the Earth.

Companies like Rio Tino have begun to see that although the universe is a good chance to spread out and develop it is besides full of wolves that would take one down when a slack has been felt. Trends come and travel and the universe market fickle but by recognizing this Rio Tino has achieved the position of what it is today.

III. Decision

Rio Tino has become successful in the planetary selling scene as it has mastered the art of analysing the current environmental and economical scenes to their advantage.

History of amalgamations and take-overs has taken an of import move done by Rio Tino which make it the company it is today. As discussed in Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account most of the points are of low evaluation bespeaking a good chance for development. The environmental facets besides discussed shows that the current tendencies favours stable companies and have great opportunities for good planetary selling.

IV. Reference

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