Executive we have provided a mission statement

 Executive SummaryWendy’s is an AmericanInternational fast-food chain.

In this Customer Relationship Management Project, we have presented the Business Case on Wendy’s in which we have provided amission statement and product and services offered in term of customerservices. We also observed how they provide productsand services to the external customers by Skip the Dishes concept the just cameup with. After primary research, we performed secondary research basedon customer reviews on the internet. Andalso we will be discussing about the various initiative they took to promotetheir business and how they are becoming more and more successful. G1 G2 Introductionto Wendy’sWendy’sis an American International fast-food chain.

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The founder of Wendy’s was DaveThomas. It was incorporated on 15November 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. The headquarters of the company was moved to Dublin, Ohio on 29 January2006. Wendy’s was the world’s third-largesthamburgers fast-food chain with 6500+ locations, and they recently opened 500th international restaurantfollowed by Burger King and McDonald in 2016.

 Overview of the business·        Wendy’s mission statement is “todeliver superior quality products and services for our customers andcommunities through leadership, innovation, and partnerships.” ·        Wendy’s vision statement is “to bethe quality leader in everything we do.”  Business Description   Products:It is a fast food restaurant with a diverse menu mainly consist of Hamburgers,sandwiches, and sidesthat include french fries.

  G3 G4 G5 G6                   Services ·        24 hours’ drive-thru service·        Under 3 minutes’ drive-thru order preparation and hand-over.·        Under 5 minutes dine-in orderpreparation and hand-over.·        Quality product and services at affordable prices.

·        Fresh products.   Introduction of New Product andServices·        Introductionof Skip the dishes to provide the delivery of the products to customerdoor-steps.·        As all the major food chains such asMcDonald, Harvey’s and Burger King have corporate with food delivery servicessuch as Uber-Eats. In the same way,Wendy’s paired up with the skip the dishes delivery food services.  Positioning Statemento  Producto  placeo  Priceo  Promotiono  Peopleo  Processeso  Physical environmentCompetitors AnalysisTheWendy’s is a fast-food restaurant chain and competing in hamburgers, sidesalads, chicken sandwiches, French fries. Directcompetitors ·        McDonald·        Burger King·        Harvey’s.Competitiveforces The company usesPorter’s five model·        Threat ofNew Entrants: There isalways threat from new entrants in any open market industry.

Still Threat ismoderate in fast food industry because of huge capital they must invest to gainnational and international reach. And it takes time to grow from small businessto expand all over the country and overseas. ·        BargainingPower of Suppliers: Bargainingpower of suppliers is low. Because they are sourcing their raw materials andfood from American farmers and ranchers, they are very smaller in size. They donot hold significant clout because they are not large businesses.   ·        BargainingPower of Buyers: The bargaining power of customeris moderately high as customer plays the significant role for any fast foodindustry. Each customer is valuable.

As other rivals are providing substituteto their product. So to retain the customers and moderate this pressure Wendy’sdoes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility),their marketing, brand image,customer service and food quality plays well for them and holds some clout overthe customers. ·        Threatfrom Substitute Products: Talking about threat from substitute products for Wendy’s is very high.As its competitors and others in the fast food industry is selling the same orsubstitute products for their hamburgers, chicken.

Domino’s, Burger king isthere for substitute of chicken and burger as pizza. The threat can becomemoderate, depends on the quality of product Wendy’s selling, brand image andhow well customer service is being offered.   ·        Rivalryamong the existing players: The rivalry and competition is very high due to the existing biggerplayers named as McDonald, KFC, Harvey’s, Domino’s, Burger king etc.

and otherlocal brands as well which gives tough competition in international markets. Key driving forces·        Branding·        Location·        Speed·        Efficiency Keysuccess factors·        Theystarted promoting via Facebook ·        Theystarted awareness among people and went viral.·        Couponsfor the emptied fry boxes, to offer larger boxes to unlock.·        Invite a friend on Facebook, urge them to pick up fryboxes to win prizes. Advantages:·        24-hourdrive through service·        Freshlyprepared·        Awardsfor encouraging friends to buy meals.·        Rewardcoupons for buying specific products under offer.·        Giftcoupons for friends and family.

  Customer service strategyOverall Wendy’s service strategy is doing well asthey are coming up with the new way of promoting among people and making itviral through social media. Theservice strategies of the company are not provided on their websites, but we got it from the external sources. Thecompany always strives to be more customer friendly and accessible any waypossible. They are customer driven, and service culture is so far friendly and up to the standards Regarding interacting, dealing and serving as fast as they can,which is not time-consuming.

 I went to Wendy’s threedays ago just to buy a combo meal, andthe staff was very welcoming and friendly. Because of their good service, Ivisit Wendy’s three or sometimes four times a week. Thecompany does have some reward and award program, which is doing pretty good.Just share on the Facebook wall withfriends and share emptied fry box to get awards and rewards. Theironline presence is for sure making an impacton customers but not that much because they do notallow their customer to buy online from their website. Though they came up withanother delivery concept (skip thedishes). The online community is pretty much satisfied with the service they are providing.The rating and the reviews are all in favorof company’s goodwill.

 As perour research and experience of their the online service. It’s not satisfying. They never used to do home delivery. Recently,they came up with the new home deliveryconcept (skip the dishes). This new delivery system will lead to increase theircustomer in future as Wendy’s food is just one call away. More accessible thanbefore.  Recommendations.

                             The company is doing well regarding serviceand food quality. The only recommendation for the betterment of company is theyshould add “online order” option on theirofficial website. And also other ways of delivering food through UberEats.  References& Sources https://www.bunchball.com/customers/wendys http://fernfortuniversity.com/term-papers/porter5/analysis/3267-the-wendy-s-company.php https://www.wendys.com/?_ga=2.221679512.1042226298.1516131431-774511652.1516131431 Deleted:pDeleted:ovidInserted: cludeInserted: iDeleted:coDeleted:sist of


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