Executive treated at Ibn-Sina Hospital. CLP provides

                                         Executive summaryThis is a report of a 4-week graduate internship program in the Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) of Ibn Sina University Hospital by the leadership of psychologist Tuba Ayaz.

Ibn-Sina University Hospital was established in 1985. Since that time, the hospital has been providing well-qualified health care to a highly diverse patient population from all regions of Turkey. It is one of the most modern and advanced hospitals in Turkey with a capacity of 900- beds. (Ankara University School of Medicine, 2014). The Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) service was established as a department in 2002 by the leadership of Hakan Kumbasar (Ankara University School of Medicine, 2014).

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CLP promotes the highest standards in clinical practice, training and research. It has large service divided into subgroups with special expertise in the major illnesses treated at Ibn-Sina Hospital. CLP provides assessment and treatment for people who are in the hospital under the care of medical and surgical services; psychiatrists also provide consultation for the assessment of outpatients send by other specialists.       The internship prepares students for future professional real-world situations that require possession of a whole complex of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It is a short-term internship with the main focus on getting some work training and applying knowledge acquired in lessons in the real professional life.One of the advantages of internship is that interns have a supervisor who assigns, evaluates their work and gives feedback on the overall work of trainers. Internship is a good way to determine if one’s choice of the future career is correct.

Of course, it has some limitations, but it is also beneficial for students. The main purpose of the internship course is to serve as a bridge between experiences obtained in the internship and to enhance understanding of academic material by using in the internship setting. Internship give students the opportunity to analyse interest in choosen career. I had two specific goals connected with my internship:1)      To make a decision about my future career.

2)      To gain experience in administering psychological tests and to have a chance to participate in individual and group therapies. For me, it is a great chance to use the knowledge gained at university in practice and develop different skills from interpersonal interactions with clients, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental professionals to specific development skills, such as observations, communication, evaluation and problem-solving skills. I chose internship training in at hospital because it would help:     Deepen, consolidate and enrich the theoretical knowledge gained in the learning               process.        Development of skills: observe and analyze social processes, a behavior of groups and   individuals; collect and systematize facts, professionally to draw conclusions and to learn to create the personalized treatment plan.      Development of professionally important qualities of psychologist. Internship in a hospital setting offered the challenge to develop assessment techniques such as: developmental testing, cognitive testing, and achievement testing; to observe interviews, group therapies. To learn to integrate the science and practices.This report consists of Abstract, Internship Institution, The Scope and Purpose of the Internship, Integrat?on of observations and theoretical knowledge, Evaluation and Referance.

Executive summary-is a brief summary of a most important parts of internship program.Internship Institution- this part of the report gives information about the place of practice it history, vision, mission and objectives.   Integration of observations and theoretical knowledge- this part combine theory with practical work experience. Given 4 cases from group therapy with anxiety disorders, and two cases observed during applying test.Evaluation- includes the feedback about the internship program, which answers the following questions: were the aims reached?  What were the best and worst parts of the internships? What knowledges and skills that gained and how apply it in future profession. In conclusion, include some suggestions related to both internship institution and to department of psychology.During internship I observed group therapies with anxiety disorders, some cases of individual therapy with adults, administered and interpret psychological tests such as Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Monreal Cognitive Assessment, The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Sentences completion test.In group therapies patients with anxiety disorders were observed.

As we learned in psychopathology course these patients have unrealistic beliefs about reality, an inadequate feeling of worry, stress and fear (Butchers at al., 2011, p.165). Group therapies were the most memorable part of my internship, I had chance to see real cases and observe, how patients were dealing with the problems that they faced. I had an opportunity to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of group therapy.Yalom (2005) explaines group therapy as a process where patients are ”giving and receiving”; Psychiatric patients who join therapeutic groups have lost confidence or hope, and they are deeply convinced that they can not offer anything valuable to others. When they realise that they can do something important for others it support and increase their self-esteem (Yalom et.

al., 2005, p.13). In integration of observation and the theoretical part of the report, I will discuss how groups are conducted and how group members are selected, by giving examples with real cases and my reflection about them.  


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