Example Lesson Essay

Watch one of the following movies and write a short paragraph or list in which you note three things that you learned about language. E-mail me your paragraph/list on or before October 22 (marla. [email protected] edu). The King’s Speech (drama: about working through a speech impediment—phonetics/speech pathology/sociolinguistics) •The Gods Must Be Crazy (comedy: includes lots of a natively spoken click language—phonetics/typology) •Children of a Lesser God (drama: about deaf culture and American Sign Language—typology/sociolinguistics) •Rango (comedy: about creating identity through speech patterns—sociolinguistics/discourse analysis/phonetics) •Snowcake (comedy/drama: about what can go hilariously/profoundly wrong when pragmatic implicatures are not used/understood—pragmatics/morphology) •Kenneth Branaugh’s Much Ado About Nothing (comedy: a sample of Shakespearean English—pay attention to the ways in which language has changed in the past 400 years—history of the English language/diachronic linguistics /phonology/lexicon/syntax/semantics) •Kenneth Branaugh’s Hamlet (tragedy: as above—history of the English language/diachronic linguistics/phonology/lexicon/syntax/semantics) •Driving Miss Daisy (comedy/drama: class differences in language use and pragmatic implicature—sociolinguistics/pragmatics) •Bridge on the River Kwai (drama: learning to communicate across a language/culture/power barrier—sociolinguistics/discourse analysis) •The Great Debaters (drama: using language to inform/persuade/manipulate—semantics/pragmatics/discourse analysis/rhetoric) •My Fair Lady (musical: about standard accents and class structure—sociolinguistics/phonetics) 2.

Attend class the day the TA is teaching (TA—take attendance! ). 3.Working in your small groups (we’ll figure out groups in class), pick one of the following chapters to summarize and respond to; present your summaries/responses in class as noted in the syllabus.

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Each person in the group should have a speaking part in the presentation, and the whole presentation should take about 15 minutes. N. B. : Depending on the edition of the textbook, some of you will have this content in different chapters. This will be worth 5% of your final grade, so make it good! (I’m leaving media choices up to you—if you want to use costumes, computers, games, etc.

, feel free. ) •Language Acquisition •Language Storage and Processing (psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics) •Animal Communication •Writing Systems (only in 11th edition)


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