Examining Theoretical Motivational Strategies And Motivation In Google Essay

Organizational success schemes are chiefly driven by human psychological province of motive. Many minds strive to specify and measure the theory behind motive and assorted motivational schemes which have now proven to be a important success factor in the competitory concern universe. A comprehensive apprehension of the term motive has now become imperative.

Directors posed with germinating organisational challenges and necessities have been in a pursuit to unearth effectual motivational schemes driven by the construct of self authorization, invention, creativeness and self motivational facets. In the current complex environment where the being of diverse environments has created complexnesss, it has become hard to obtain a genuinely hearty solution. One may happen companies advancing employee freedom as portion of their work moralss while some are stiffly following those disused micromanagement techniques where employees are still confronting abysmal on the job conditions of being cramped under fluorescent visible radiations laboring in their tight cells.

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Successful companies like Cisco Inc and Google Inc have become living illustrations of how to change over human resources into advanced and accomplishable thoughts of the century. These taking companies have made theoreticians inquisitive about their direction schemes doing them prod deep into their organisational apparatus.The lone secret ingredient these companies hold is in the motivational facets they utilize efficaciously on their employees, harvesting high quality consequences. They have been able to supply the best environment accommodating their values and civilization. Motivating the employees with intrinsic and extrinsic wagess system was done therefore authorising the employees in bring forthing the best consequences. The employees in bend have made these companies what they are today.

Leading family names act uponing the universe by altering the manner they think and their names morphing into verbs like “ Google ” have become portion of the often expressed vocabulary. Companies should look into their techniques of turning persons into independent enterpriser groups by authorising them and make an environment that does n’t rob an person of their “ humanity, alone individuality or personal freedom ” ( How Google Inc. rewards its employees. 2010 ) .


Motivation is a derivation of the Latin word “ movere ” which means “ to travel ” . As described in the current psychological context, it is ‘“ Those psychological procedures that cause the rousing, way, and continuity of voluntary actions that are end directed. Directors need to understand these psychological procedures if they are to successfully steer employees toward carry throughing organisational aims ” ( Kinicki, A & A ; Kritner, R.

2009 ) .

Theory of Motivation

Need theories of motive:

One of the motivational facets that can be utilized is the basic demands and necessities of an person that every individual seeks to carry through. Human physiological and psychological demands are born due to lacks caused by the environmental effects which lead to a certain action depending on the strength of a certain demand. They vary depending on clip and may differ from topographic point to topographic point. Two theories explained by Maslow ‘s Need Hierarchy theory and McClelland ‘s demand theory best explain this construct. ( Kinicki, A & A ; Kritner, R.

2009 ) .

Maslow ‘s demand hierarchy theory

Maslow ‘s theory concluded that there was a certain hierarchy of an person ‘s demands and necessities. The hierarchy began with the most basic physiological demands of endurance which one time satisfied turned an person ‘s attending to advanced necessities of safety, love and self respect therefore climaxing into self realization. These demands can be manipulated efficaciously to accomplish coveted public presentations. ( Kinicki, A & A ; Kritner, R. 2009 ) .Leaderships are posed with the challenge of making fresh methods of motive and maintaining updated with the demands of an employee because once the necessity is accomplished, the motivational facet will disappear excessively. This small defect in Maslow ‘s theory can be overcome through inventing programmes and wagess fulfilling the employee ‘s demands by offering benefits that meet single demands.

( Kinicki, A & A ; Kritner, R. 2009 ) .

McClelland ‘s demand theory:

An person ‘s demand for accomplishment can thrust an person to prosecute hard and ambitious undertakings with an purpose of exceling all bing criterions set by their co-workers. They will work quickly and avoid sharing their glorification by working independently.Socially active people dedicate their clip in set uping associations with every bit many persons and groups as they can. These people are nevertheless hampered by this desire for association in their leading abilities as they are unable to take determinations without compromising their repute. Therefore the fright of being disliked frequently breaks their resoluteness as a leader.Power hungry people have a desire to act upon and command.

They can positively steer this desire by training, learning and pressing people towards a certain end. These people are dedicated professionals adhering to the values of subject and ego regard. ( 2009 )Persons can be nurtured in a manner to develop in them the desire to accomplish. This desire in bend can turn out effectual as it will take to better public presentation. Organizations could concentrate on this facet in their preparation. While human resource section could see the person desire for achievement, association and power during their arrangement of persons in an organisational apparatus severally.

( Kinicki, A & A ; Kritner, R. 2009 ) .

Kenneth Thomas “ Four Intrinsic Rewards ” :

Motivational theory can be materialized in signifier of wagess system. Harmonizing to a direction professor Kenneth Thomas of Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, wagess system can be rooted in the four common determinations that an single frequently makes whilst in an organisational apparatus. This theoretical account incorporated the old theoretical accounts of intrinsic motives with his research on employee authorization. ( Kinicki, A & A ; Kritner, R. 2009 ) .The account of the theory in a summarized signifier as indicated by Angelo Kinicki and Robert Kritner are:

Sense of Meaningfulness:

This sense of meaningfulness arises with a sense of an person to get something that affairs in the larger context and is of value to the multitudes.

The sense of being on a worthy way makes all the attempts worthwhile giving a sense of intent, class and finding.

Sense of Choice:

Sense of pick in an single gives them authorization to have their work. A sense of ownership farther fuels an person to make fresh thoughts and invent advanced strategies of accomplishing that undertaking using the best of their judgement and potency.

Sense of Competence:

This sense is accompanied by a sense of pride in one ‘s work when one competes with their capablenesss in executing better.

Sense of Advancement:

An person is motivated towards carry throughing a mark one time he/she feels satisfied with the advancement and a feeling of assurance is developed giving an single energy and enthusiasm.

The consequence of Google Inc:


Google, the universe ‘s most popular hunt engines, was initialized as a undertaking by two alumnus pupils in 1998. This was web based hunt service which was named Bak Rub going popular among the multitudes and pulling a batch of investors. It shortly grew into a corporation called Google-a Web site whose intent was to do web pages, treatment forums, and single words or give voice easy searchable.

( Holden, G. 2008 ) .Larry Page and Sergey Brine, the laminitiss of the web, derived the name “ Google ” from “ googol ” which was a mathematical term stand foring 1 followed by 100 nothings. The name sanely thought, represented the end of Google to do the tonss of information available universally via a individual beginning ( Google.com.2010 ) . Hence Google came to be known as the taking cyberspace based hunt service supplier for a assortment of web based applications.

( Wahla, S2006 ) It achieved the mark of one of the successful engineering based concerns and the most popular hunt engines on the World Wide Web. ( Vise, D.2006 ) .Google ‘s success can be determined by the fact that its name was included in Merriam Webster lexicon in 2001 and the Oxford English dictionary 2006 as a verb because of its frequent use. Sentences like: ” I need to Google that and acquire more background. “ Or “ I goggled him and found out that ” were normally heard. ( Scott, V.2008 ) .

Google was named as the figure one “ best company to work for ” in 2007 and 2008, by the fortune magazine, chiefly based on the Googler ‘s vote. The Googlers as the Google ‘s employees proudly call themselves, are an indicant of the company ‘s rules of valuing their employees. Therefore in return the Google staff worked difficult to construct the company ‘s repute non merely as a successful cyberspace hunt engine but besides as the most extremely sought houses by occupation self-seekers. Google receives as, many as 1,300 sketchs per twenty-four hours. In response to its 3000 occupation vacancies in 2006 it received 760,000 applications. ( Griffin, R & A ; Moorhead, G.

2010 )Google corporate direction policies have been analyzed, bespeaking the inclusion of characteristics profiting the employee, making an unconventional environment which may be considered unlogical for a working atmosphere but in this instance has lead to a alone and distinguishable Corporate Culture at Google ( Weber, S. 2007 ) .Google ‘s laminitiss created this web site with aspirations of set uping a positive environment for the people to work in. Being pupils themselves they believed in puting a merriment filled and lively atmosphere where people could easy interact and come up with advanced thoughts in a relaxed environment with motives of being rewarded for their attempts. These ideals were opposed to the conservative corporation civilization born from the construct of “ greed is good ” . Therefore “ Googleplex ” came into being pulling originative professional raising up thoughts together in a campus type atmosphere. These possible thoughts subsequently could be developed into blockbusters. ( How Google Inc.

rewards its employees. 2010 ) .Google has gone beyond boundaries of human resource direction. They have delegated a corporate civilization of their ain by supplying employees with installations beyond outlooks. Employees are at leisure to convey their pets to work. A gym installation has been provided. They can bask free bites ; entertain themselves by playing pool, ping niff and picture games whilst working at the same clip.

( Weber, S. 2007 )Integrating the thought “ merriment is good ” in their work environment is what the Google Inc believes in. They believe in making disputing undertakings and prosecuting it as a merriment filled activity therefore actuating its employees to be enthusiastic about a challenge.

Google has been able to procure a 5th rank through its successful direction schemes of benefits proviso, flexibleness and ambitious ends. Harmonizing to CEO, Erin Schmitt:“ We realize and celebrate that our employees have diverse demands, and that this diverseness requires flexible and separately directed support. Our precedence is to offer a customizable plan that can be tailored to the specific demands of each person, whether they enjoy ice mounting in Alaska, want to retire by age 40, or program to follow 3 kids ” ( How Google Inc. reward its employees. 2010 ) .Google ‘s finding to excel all criterions is overpowering. As Yokel! ‘s chef informations officer, Usama Fayyad saya:“ We believe the compensation degrees ( Google ) are willing to travel is unreasonable.

It has gotten nuts, ”Building on the thought the laminitiss started with, Google has created an environment where the basic necessities are taken attention of but alternatively extra installations are provided. As stated by a former Google employee:“ . In add-on, The Google community plays together, with movie series, parties, ski trips, and avocation nines. The company has built a sense of community. “ Google is like a small town, “ applied scientist Dan Ratner.The Google staff draws pride from their association with the best internet company of the universe.

Chiefly, because of the work doctrine that it conducts for its employees. Google has integrated its staff into one organic structure that maps in coordination with each other. They are hence able to decide all jobs and multidisciplinary issues as a squad. The staff is encouraged to come up with new thoughts.

Persons are allowed to pass 20 % of their clip on their single undertaking. This enables the staff to better Google ‘s undertakings and merchandises. One such illustration is of an anthropologist who observed that Asians performed fewer cyberspace hunts owing to the incontinence of typing a search term utilizing drawn-out character keyboards.The company devised a characteristic called Google Suggest in response. This enabled the site to come up with term suggestions merely with the aid of few characters. ( Griffin, R & A ; Moorheard, G. 2010 ) .

A similar illustration is of Google Labeler which is a game format in which the users have to tie in as many words as they can with that image. This game is in fact making Google ‘s undertaking while users have fun. The “ cloud ” is besides one of Google ‘s inventions.

Constituting of 1000s of kinked computing machines in the Google ‘s information processing centres, the cloud forms a ace computing machine with alone calculating power. In some instances this installation is sold to pupils and companies likewise, as an industry expert Frank Gens would state:“ A whole new community of Web startups will hold entree to these machines. It ‘s like they ‘re seting Google seeds, “In another case IBM research worker Mark Dean stated:“ Compared to ( clouds ) , the Web is bantam. We ‘ll be express joying at how little the Web is. ” ( Griffin, R & A ; Moorheard, G. 2010 ) .The extent to which Google has gone to make a relax environment is applaudable. Employees are free to work in any outfit they chose whether it be their pyjama.

They can convey their pets, eat free nutrient, bask physical activities and do occupations like rinsing their apparels which might be considered highly unsuitable in any sort of working environment. But Google has given its employers the freedom to make whatever they want while they work for the company. By fulfilling its employee it can be certain to acquire high quality public presentation in response.

By relaying the chief thought, on which it is built, of “ woolgathering large ” it motivates its employees to make and provides them with resources to accomplish their marks. It is described as a university where the employees create, portion, and argument and develops thoughts in groups.Google has successfully created an environment that psychologically nurtures the traits of creativeness and committedness within the employees.

Energized with a lively working environment it promotes invention and productiveness within the employees. Connecting the persons together as one incorporate group sharing a common vision, it negates the construct of massive hierarchy among employees that suppress rational growing and development. It believes in equal to peer feedback instead than affecting in-between directors. As Schmitt provinces:“ If employees want complete control so join the Marines. ”Google ‘s laminitis was a steadfast truster in the theory that exceeding thoughts generate through inquiring and premises is the chief thought behind decentalisation of power.

As their slogan suggests:“ Make non make something because person told you to make so. ”Inventions arise from oppugning and treatments. ( Hamel, 2007 ) . A director would surely non accommodate this conceptual scene. Group scenes will promote treatments and arguments about an thought go forthing no infinite for in-between direction or any other high ranking forces. A bid and regulation policy will halter the originative procedure and decidedly goes against the “ I think I can ” civilization and will foster “ no you ca n’t ” bureaucratism. This is something the Google. Inc would non allow.

( How Google Inc. reward its employees. 2010 ) .As the competition grows with new emerging companies the demand to turn to employee moralss will increase. Companies should follow policies similar to Google ‘s to increase their success rate by pulling a dedicated and gifted staff. Google has surely set a criterion for other concerns to associate and vie with.

Many have been debating policies about developing motive in their employees but have failed to demo any fortitude in this facet. Google important figures have shown pureness of purpose by puting their major budget on their employees instead than blowing it on other useless ventures, therefore deriving employee satisfaction and trust. Google has focused all its undertakings on a baronial cause to convey a positive alteration in the universe. The employees motivated by the cause are encouraged to bring forth outstanding consequences as they are filled with pride of being associated with a venture of this magnitude.

Therefore leaders should concentrate their energies in making intrinsic wagess that would automatically fuel the companies working organic structure.


As the following coevals of pupils prepare themselves to encompass the corporate universe it is imperative for the companies to measure their schemes and adopt rules like Google.Inc every bit shortly as they can. New persons will get down seeking for houses to fall in with their caputs full of superb thoughts. Google will work on pulling these persons and develop their thoughts into successful merchandises.

As the human needs diversify it is for companies to update their direction construction and environment to pull immature endowment to their organisations and retain them as an plus for their organisation… Emerging endowments have been found to prefer working in intimate groups instead than under an authorization. They require to be released from the concern of their necessities and necessitate to be given ample of clip to work on an thought. They approve of assessment processs to measure themselves and run for disputing chances around the universe. Leaderships should measure and endeavor to keep motivational ambiance for their employees as the employees are a valuable plus to be looked after.

( How Google Inc. rewards its employees. 2010 ) .


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