Examining The Ayurveda And Siddha Medical Systems Biology Essay

Oxidative emphasis ensuing from the toxic effects of free groups on the tissue plays an of import function in the pathogenesis of assorted diseases. Production of free groups may be greatly induced by exogenic factors like environmental pollutants, drugs, radiation, and pathogens.

these reactive O species ( R.O.S ) create a homeostatic instability which generates oxidative emphasis and causes cell decease and tissue hurt.. Involvement of R.O.S is implicated in neurodegenerative and other upsets such as Alzheimer’s diseases disease, Parkinsons disease, multiple scelorsis, down syndrome, redness, viral infection, autoimmune pathology and digestive ulcers. To besiege the harm caused by R.

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O.S, multiple defence systems jointly called antioxidants are present, with protective efficiency. Depending on the balance between R.O.S and the handiness of antioxidants in the microenvironment of the cell. Antioxidant attack to disease direction holds possible as most of the diseases are mediated through reactive O species, besides with rapid promotion of civilisation, industrialisation, overpopulation, there has been proptional rise in stressors1.

Modern adult male is exposed to stressors like atmospheric pollution, nutrient debasement, extremely ambitious and competitory life style and man-made drugs. Homeostatic mechanism is geared towards antagonizing the mundane stressing life. if the emphasis is utmost, long lasting or unusual, the normal mechanism may non be sufficient. In this instance the emphasis triggers a broad set of bodily alterations, called the general version syndrome G.A.S. There is a big and comparatively consistent literature on the effects of emphasis on the physical and mental unwellness and infections. Body reacts to such a state of affairs by arousing assorted autonomic and splanchnic and endocrine responses in a assortment of state of affairss for illustration release of endocrines like hydrocortisone and epinephrine, break of stomachic mucosal unity has been reported during emphasis.

Bot h peripheral and cardinal mechanism seen to modulate these alterations 2. These lead to increased bosom rate, B.P, and metabolic rate. All intended to increase the public presentation and the ability tocut down emphasis. .

But beyond threshold these factors can be damaging. Stress has been postulated to be involved in the pathogenesis of assortment of morbid provinces, for illustration psychiatric upsets like depression, endrocrine upsets, including diabetes mellitus, male powerlessness, cognitive disfunction, peptic ulcer, high blood pressure and ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease. The emphasis effects are determined by the continuance instead than the strength of nerve-racking stimulations.

Therefore chronic mild emphasis is more detrimental than acute transeunt emphasis.There are a figure of preparations available in the modern medical specialty that are effectual against mental and physical upsets in emphasis. Modern medical practicians prescribe antianxiety drugs like benzodiazepines in stress. , which are intended for diagnostic alleviation instead than covering with the root cause and emphasis.

They have limited function in bar of the emphasis upset because they cause sedation, euphory and periodic palsy and may even do tolerance and physical dependance on drawn-out usage. Furthermore they are non effectual against chronic emphasis induced in behaviour, down unsusceptibility and knowledge and male sexual dysfunction.. Evidence of impaired immune map has been once and for all shown in both experimental and clinical nerve-racking state of affairss.In Indigenous system of medical specialty, there are a figure of herbal drugs and preparations available, to defy emphasis without changing any physiological map of the organic structure. These drugs improve physical, mental wellness, opposition of the organic structure to infection and other external factors, which perturb the homeostasis of human systems.

Drugs demoing such activities are called as adaptogens2. .The present work trades with the rating of certain ayurved an ad siddha drugs for Antioxidant and adaptogenic activity.

The ayurved and siddha system of medical specialty includes several workss that are categorized as Rasayanas and are agents that promote wellness and length of service by augmenting defence against disease, collaring aging, regenerating the organic structure in debilated conditions and increasing the capableness of indivual to defy the inauspicious environmental factors. The kayakarpam therapy in Siddha Acts of the Apostless by leaving absolute unsusceptibility to disease. 3-6The really significance of Kayakarpam or kayakalpam, Rasayana as it is termed in Ayurveda as it is termed in Ayurveda or greening refers to nutrition and its transit in the organic structure. Such a province of improved nutrition is claimed to take to a series of secondary properties like bar of ageing, improved length of service, unsusceptibility against diseases, increased vitaility and lusture of the organic structure. They emphasize more on preventative facets and declining the diseases through Kalpam and Kalpa sadanai.

The bestowing of length of service is attained through karpa Aviltham.Karpa medical specialties and karpa Yogam ( Regimens of life ) . Amuri, Muppu are indicated as aboriginal readyings used in Kayakarpa process and are assorted with every other Siddha preparation to better the efficaciousness.

Siddha is a traditional medical system of India. It is of Dravidian beginning and has its full literature in Tamil linguistic communication. Its beginning is besides traced to fabulous beginnings belonging to the ancient tradition. Siddha system of medical specialty is used to bring around fungous infections, cough,cold, diarrhoea and febrility. Siddha system is really effectual in handling complaints such asAssortments of joint diseases, tegument diseases, liver jobs and urinary piece of land infections.

Theyare besides known for rejuvenate, antioxidant and adaptogenic belongingss. In SiddhaMedicine the usage of metals and minerals are more prevailing in comparing to otherIndian traditional medical specialty systems. The usage of more metals and chemicals was justifiedby the fact that to continue the organic structure from break uping stuffs that do non break upeasy should be used. The other ground possibly was that the south Indian rivers were nonperennial and herbs were non available all through the twelvemonth. One of such readying ismuppu.

The aimof this surveyKayakarpa drugs are powerful readyings that might turn out to be right options to turn to some untackled present twenty-four hours diseases and conditions.Tthey can be good resources to better general unsusceptibility and prevent diseases. In Siddha literature the readyings called amuri, Muppu are extremely acclaimed Kayakarpa readyings.T carry out the pharmacological showing is the aim of the surveySiddha system of medical specialty is one of the oldest medical systems of India.

the palm foliage literature could be traced in Tamil dating back 3100. b.c giving a item history of the intensive work done by Siddhas of south India. In modern yearss Siddha system of medical specialty is declined due to miss of scientific cogent evidence. By supplying rational cogent evidence to the preparations and standardising their manner of readying and transporting out assorted surveies with the experimental information & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s would assist in re-establishing their claim which otherwise would go nonextant. By the above work we can supply cosmopolitan credence and utility to this system of medical specialty and give acknowledgment to this ancient system of medical specialty.AimThe Primary aim of the survey involves rating of theAyurvedic drugs and traditional siddha readying for antioxidant and adaptogenic activity ( Part A )The 2nd portion of the survey involves the item chemical probe of the bioactive fraction ( Part B )


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