Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Examining Human Resource Managers In Medium To Large UK Enterprises Essay

Examining Human Resource Managers In Medium To Large UK Enterprises Essay

Analyze the importance of the function and activities of a Human Resource Manager in medium – big administrations in the UK and demo how the function and FOUR of the chief activities of a line director comparison and contrast with the Human Resource Manager ‘s strategic and operational function and in the four activities chosen. In the essay provide theoretical and practical illustrations from wider reading of text books, diaries, your ain experience in work, the Internet and UK concern administrations to back up your scrutiny of these pull offing people at work ‘good patterns ‘ in people direction activities. For illustration browse the Times Top 100 UK Companies for practical illustrations of ‘good pattern ‘ and its nexus to theory.


1 ) Why these 4 activities are choosen

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2 ) Why you have choosen Marks and Spencer and Introduction about Marks and Spencer


Use Framework of Analysis


I take the position that ‘Administrative ‘ attack is ‘good pattern ‘ for an administration to do better determinations. Administrative attack is nil but theories on which how the directors should execute in order to accomplish success. I have noticed that Marks and Spencer direction commission have the assurance and cognition to use context to their ain administration or for employees in the given occupation. This has been developed to acquire better betterments in its concern.


In order to accomplish success in concern, it ‘s of import to use context which affects the administration in more efficient manner. The context allows us to use administrative theory for the administration and its analysis via PEST ( for an industry ) and SWOT ( for an administration ) helps to rectify the failing and better the public presentation.

OUTER CONTEXT – Plague analysis of FMCG ( fast traveling consumer goods ) industry

Political impacts

Government ordinances and protection

Political stableness

International concern ordinances and limitations

Competition ordinance

Government administration and revenue enhancement policies

Economic impacts

Interest rates

Economic growing


Inflation rates

Exchange rates

Social impacts

Lifestyle alterations

Demographics such as age distribution and population growing


Populating conditions

Health consciousness and safety

Technical impacts

Focus on engineering

Technology transportation rate

New innovations and development

Changes in cyberspace and information engineering

Energy use and costs

INNER CONTEXT – SWOT analysis of Marks and Spencer


High Recognition of Brand.

Leading Premium Quality Food Retailer

Niche market success for nutrient

Maintains backward integrating with providers

Increase turnover and trading net incomes

Popular Designer vesture

Diverse scope of merchandises

Contains equal information processing

online gross revenues


Aging client base

Percept of high monetary values

Bad promotion every bit considered as an old fashioned shop

Slow to alter


Internationalisation – Increasing its planetary market

Increased monetary values in some countries

New merchandises and services for the clients

Better its growing countries such as nutrient, place and beauty etc

Need for branded goods


Intense competition in all M & A ; S production countries

Addition in turnover of high public presentation directors

Inability to accommodate to altering client demands


HRM definition

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.amazon.co.uk/Armstrongs-Handbook-Resource-Management-Practice/dp/0749452420 # reader_0749452420

Human resource direction ( HRM ) is a strategic, incorporate and consistent attack to the employment, development and wellbeing of the people working in administrations.



Role of Line Manager

To take all determinations in their section guaranting that managerial privilege remains with direction, unless the latter is shared by other parties, such as through corporate bargaining. ( from his press release )

Operational function of HR Manager

To place and implement the policies that are related to the public presentation of strategic programs such as recruiting and choosing the campaigners etc

Strategic function of HR Manager

To back up and rede line directors and to carry through both the scheme executing and scheme preparation functions

Strategy executing ( traditional function ) : top direction formulates the company ‘s corporate schemes and HR develops systems that support or align with the corporate scheme.

Strategy preparation ( today ‘s function ) : a spouse in the scene of the corporate scheme and its executing

Typical Activities of HR director in strategic and operational functions



Four Activities:

Recruitment and Choice

Marks and Spencer recruits suited campaigners irrespective of their age. It non merely uses the criterion-based choice but besides uses the on-line choice for initial showing which is conducted electronically. Marks and Spencer ‘s choice procedure is based on endowment showing. Most of the campaigners apply on-line and they are screened ab initio on several inquiries and the campaigners who are successful in this phase are once more screened utilizing the on-line endowment testing which assesses their accomplishments for the occupation they are using for. The campaigners who are selected in this trial are so invited for an interview and eventually who perform good in interview is selected for the occupation.

Activities of HR Manager

To pull a pool of qualified appliers to the administration

Lists specific duties of the occupation

Determine the figure of employees needed to make full the vacant places

Develop forces programs

Responsible for developing the beginnings of qualified campaigners

Perform initial testing trial for the qualified appliers and direct the list of filtered appliers to line director

Activities of Line director

Specifies the makings that are needed to make full specific places

Responsible for making occupation analysis

Responsible for composing the occupation description

Behaviors concluding proficient showing trial for the campaigners that are qualified in initial showing trial

Interview the campaigners and selects if he feels he is good suited for the occupation or else petitions for new appliers

Training and Development

In Marks and Spencer, all the directors are capable of making a calling planning profile which helps them to concentrate their mark place and besides foreground what sort of programmes the Marks and Spencer needs to better the public presentation in preparation and development.

Marks and Spencer conducts two signifiers of preparation

On-the-job preparation. This type of preparation takes topographic point while workers perform an activity in their workplace. This preparation chiefly involves practical acquisition to better proficient accomplishments which can be gain by affecting in assorted undertakings. The key in executing on-the-job preparation is to happen Marks and Spencer employees enjoy the work and accomplish all the accomplishments needed to make their occupation which benefits both the administration and the employees.

Off-the-job preparation. This takes topographic point off from their workplace. In this preparation Marks and Spencer provide assorted resources for its employees such as intranet, workbooks for unfastened acquisition and besides workshops to develop their accomplishments.

hypertext transfer protocol: //annualreport.marksandspencer.com/operating-and-financial-review/our-people.aspx

Development helps the employees use the preparation to accomplish their demands and calling aspirations. Marks and Spencer include many development programmes such as Lead to win, Your M & A ; S calling way, Pull offing for success and taking with impact, Marks & A ; Start, Graduate schemes etc.

Activities of Line Manager

Responsible for supplying public presentation coaching to the employees

Give preparation to the employees

Puting the right campaigner on the right occupation

To actuate employees to execute good

Developing the abilities of each employee

Bettering the accomplishments of the employees by giving counsel that they need

Keeping soft working relationships with employees

Line director performs formal reappraisal on employees for every 2 old ages

Activities of HR Manager

Prepare preparation stuffs and class paperss

Identify needs with line directors

Aid employees to place the demands

Supply leading to construct effectual squad

Develop Training and Development activities

Evaluate public presentation of employee

Review calling advancement

Equal Opportunities

Marks and Spencer committed to an equal chances policy in every facet of the administration right from the enlisting and choice procedure to the retirement procedure. The company provides the work environment which does non hold any torment, favoritism and exploitation.


It is Marks and Spencer ‘s policy to

Promote work environment which is free from exploitation, torment and favoritism

M & A ; S ensures that each and every employee receives an equal intervention in all facets of employment policies despite of age, coloring material, gender, disablement, race and matrimonial position etc

Use a work force which replicates the community that serves and increases the personal and commercial chances

Understands the staff in cognizing their equal chance rights by presenting preparation programmes

Comply with the jurisprudence to protect both the administration and its employees

Check and describe the work of the employees and reconsider if any alterations are to be made in company ‘s policy.

There are several Torahs to protect the equal chances policy like anti-discrimination jurisprudence, sex favoritism act, equal wage act, race dealingss act, just employments act, disablement favoritism act, age ordinances etc.

Discrimination is an unjust intervention towards the employees i.e. handling an employee less favorably compared to others in some state of affairss either deliberately or accidentally. Marks and Spencer follows anti-discrimination jurisprudence.

Harassment is an unacceptable behavior which is based on age, sexual orientation, faith or belief. Some of the illustrations are

Unwanted suggestions, comments

Offensive images and gestures

Physical contact i.e. even a touch

Strong-arming behavior

Exploitation can be explained as if a ailment consequences in more unjust intervention. For ex, if a supervisor gives an unwanted sexual purpose to a gross revenues helper so the gross revenues helper can give a ailment against him. If the unjust intervention additions after she gives ailment against him, so it is called as exploitation.

It is everyone ‘s duty to do certain that a healthy environment is maintained in the administration without favoritism, torment and exploitation.

Health and Safety

4 Practice illustrations of good pattern

Compare and Contrast between 2 or 3 administrations

Concepts, theories and theoretical accounts


Tocopherol ) Decision

F ) Bibliography

G ) Appendix