Examining High Performance Team Building Essay

Table of ContentssIntroductionCompany Background-Choice Process-Trust-Constructive Conflicts-Compeling Purpose-Reward System-Conclusion-Recommendations-References-


As Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith from Mckinsey & A ; Company cited in ( Kinicki & A ; Fugate, 2011 ) suggests a squad is “ A little figure of people with complementary accomplishments who are committed to a common intent, public presentation ends, and attack for which they hold themselves reciprocally accountable.” However squad edifice is a thing of the past, now the administrations believe in making a High Performance Team, As ( Wageman et.

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al 2008 ) describes it as a squad who non merely systematically meets but besides exceeds the stakeholder’s outlooks, during this procedure the persons enhance their ain capablenesss by continuously larning and personal development. With the quickly altering concern environment, the organisation aims to construct High Performance squad which can easy accommodate to the concern alterations, increasing competition and work force per unit area and assist the organisation to acquire a competitory advantage over others.

Company Background-

Jet Airways is India’s Premium air hose company, which operates on domestic and International sectors, consisting of 22 International sectors across 04 continents and 74 sectors across India. Jet Airways are known for its premium service and first-class client attention. Where every flight that takes off requires a good squad work, whether with the crew involved or a different set of squad comprising of captains, crew members, land handling, etc. , who needs to work as a squad for a peculiar flight leg.

During the Global fiscal crisis ( GFC ) , where many flights being cancelled, and people were acquiring laid away, to continue the passenger’s outlooks from the air hose, the direction came up with a squad of crew members in each base called as a Task force, who could be depended upon if any deficit of crew, or who could be contacted to run a flight at the last minute due to endure alterations, or runing a charter flight, or inaugural of a new sector. An effectual squad can hold a permanent feeling on the riders, with prompt service bringing. Making a High Performance Team requires to make full few major standards, a standard which define the intent of determining a high public presentation squad. The chief standards are:

  • Choice of the squad members
  • Trust
  • Constructive Conflict.
  • Having a compelling intent.

  • Reward systems.

Choice Process-

Jet Airways being the premium air hose for about 2 decennaries in the Indian skies, has a tougher and drawn-out choice procedure of its crew members. Where the choice procedure involves size uping the best campaigners to fall in the air hose. Physically fit and appealing personality is non the lone standards, draw a bead oning crew need to hold a good logical thinking and situational handling techniques. Campaigners with anterior winging experience is ever been an advantage to be selected As ( Wageman, Nunes, Burruss & A ; Hackman, 2008 ) suggests Selection depends upon Knowledge, experience, accomplishments, representation of cardinal positions and functional or operational expertness are critical.In Jet Airways Task force team-The higher direction choice of a group of extremely efficient crew members, depending upon their work dedication, situational handling technique, expertness in first assistance and safety and besides good dialogue accomplishments every bit good as good soft accomplishments.

It was a squad of a mix of personalities to manage and undertake most state of affairss. The higher direction of Jet Airways followed certain program to make a High public presentation squad such as

  • Team charter program for the Task force, which could run who portions the information with each other and makes a determination devising as a squad work.
  • Team Composition- Which describes different personalities, cognition, accomplishments, abilities and experiences of each crew member was taken into consideration.

  • Team Adaptive capacity- A squad which shows an adaptative capacity to accommodate to the alterations such as a last infinitesimal alteration of flight finishs and run on a short crew.

In Rowing Team-Choice of our rowing squad had a similar state of affairs, when our captain, foremost selected few squad members depending upon his cognition and old bonding with certain members. Subsequently make up one’s minding upon others accomplishments and expertness.Schemes used in HPT-Choice procedure in Jet Airways initial enlisting have a psychometric trial, followed by a annually refresher test in psychometric analyzing, leading workshop and situational handling. It helps in reflecting one’s accomplishments and personality types and detecting one ‘s strengths and failing.What Went Wrong?As ( Warner, 1995, p.17 ) suggests that making a one type of squad can’t be a solution to all the different state of affairss.

Different sorts of state of affairss demands different attacks to undertake it. Choosing the best and experience crew members dint ever work good, as most of the senior crew members have their ain work manner and prefers to work separately which believes it improves their self-esteem. After the selecting and enrolling the crew members, the crew was positioned to different bases, consequently to flight demand, ensuing in improper distribution of crew members.


In any teamwork or squad edifice, Trust plays a cardinal ingredient. As explained by ( Kinicki & A ; Fugate, 2011. P 238 ) “Trust is a mutual religion that the purposes and behaviors of another individual will see the deductions for you.” When a individual says “Trust me” , we normally don’t, unless the person’s behavior and actions are inclined towards deriving the trust.In Jet Airways Task Force Team-Having a trust factor towards the direction for our occupation security during times of recession and layoffs was hard.

Where many employees are misanthropic about swearing the direction about retaining all employees. To construct the trust in the direction, the direction had unfastened communicating yearss, where we seniors could run into the higher direction squads and show our and junior crew’s feelings and frights and exposure to occupation security. Being vulnerable and holding an effectual communicating helps in edifice trust. As ( Stewart, 2001 ) suggests beyond competency, community and committedness, trust of the class chiefly depends upon the communicating. The direction promised that no employees would be laid away, alternatively would promote employees to take a leave without wage for a twelvemonth, which most of the employees were satisfied with as they could hold a opportunity to make higher surveies or program a maternal leave and still hold their occupation secured.In Rowing Team-In our rowing squad, few squad members had a fright of H2O, and ab initio we all spilled our ain exposure and frights of others. It takes bravery to accept your defects and frights in forepart of all, it helps to sympathize towards others.

Our comfort degree and penchants were decided. As in the rowing squad, some members preferred to manage the presentation portion instead than rowing. We as a squad trusted each other that they would back up each other, whether organizing the rowing technique or assisting with the presentation. Motivation from different members of the squad, allows to raise up the full squad spirit.Schemes used in HPT-Jet Airways ever believes in making the Joy of winging, whether for the rider or its employees. As ( Wageman, Nunes, Burruss & A ; Hackman, 2008 ) suggest that the senior leading squads need to acquire all the support it requires, as these are squads that steer the organisation towards a profitable.

The chief schemes Jet Airways uses to construct a HPT among the crew members are:

  • Being Empathic
  • Promoting Open communicating.
  • Supply support
  • Work towards employee satisfaction.
  • Bing true about state of affairss.

Constructive Conflicts-

Conflicts can originate in any state of affairss, whether it’s in a squad, administration, and household or among friends. As ( Wall and Callister, 1995, p517 ) defines struggle as a procedure in which one individual or party perceives its involvements which being opposed or negatively affected by other party or individual. Conflicts happen on regular intervals, but using those struggles constructively helps to make a bonding with the squad members. Well-handled struggles can be constructive towards the squad edifice, if non it could be destructive. Constructive struggles frequently lead to invention of good thoughts, brainstorming for a common solution.

In Jet Airways Task force team-To alter the struggles into a constructive attack, trust in each other once more plays an of import function. Conflicts among the chesty captains and crew members is common, when captains would desire to rush up the winging clip by understating the block clip for the flight, non gaining the force per unit area and emphasis on the crew to present a quality service in a shorter clip frame, and upsetting the riders finally. However, the trust between the captains and the senior crew, allows to present a prompt service in the short span of clip, the crew members trust that the captain would give them excess clip if required and back up them encase any issues arise with the riders.In Rowing team-In the rowing squad, we had our portion of struggles, when ab initio each we had struggles towards the rowing coordination or choosing the film for our presentation. However, subsequently we started swearing each other determinations and working towards a common end.

We started utilizing the Dialectic method to decide the struggles, where we would discourse the opposing point of views of all the members and so come to a common determination. The reinforced trust in our squad and the committedness towards our common end, we turned the struggles into a positive feedback system.Schemes used in HPT-Having an Openness to accept your ain errors every bit good as active hearing to another person’s point of position, It is really of import to listen to other person’s sentiments to come to a determination devising and a semen with a common involvement to decide the struggle.

Compeling Purpose-

To organize a High Performance Team, the squad must foremost happen a compelling intent to make so. Harmonizing to ( Wageman, Nunes, Burruss & A ; Hackman, 2008, p 59 ) , The chief compelling intent to make a HPT are: Consequential, Challenging and Clear.

It acts like a driving force to actuate the squad to work together.In Jet Airways Task force team-During the Global fiscal crisis, where most of the air hoses in India were traveling bankrupt, as the falling economic system and the low rider tonss. Jet Airways had to pull the rider by supplying first-class service. Where the Task force crew were on assigned on premier flights to present first-class service and make a trade name trueness for the riders. It was a eventful and ambitious state of affairs for the air hose to prolong. It acted as a compelling intent for all the staff.In Rowing team-Our obliging intent of the rowing squad, was to execute better in the rowing.

Improve better than the old hebdomad, and win the race. On the presentation side, we expected all the squad members to be originative and do and seek thoughts that we ne’er tried before. We were determined to execute better either on the rowing or during the presentation. Another obliging intent of our squad has been fundamentally merely to bask this alone experience of this paper and portion our experiences with others.Schemes used in HPT-The scheme of the air hose, to court the riders worked good. Traveling the excess stat mi to do a rider feel at place and efficient service and rider trueness helped the air hose to sail through the fiscal crisis.

Reward System-

Honoring and acknowledgment is truly of import to do squad members feel apprehended and acknowledged. Honoring helps the squad members to experience motivated to work better, it besides acts as a drive force for other members to work and move good in the squad. Appreciation and recognition besides act as a wages for the person. As ( Brounstein, 2002 ) illustrates that a behavior that is rewarded is repeated in positive support. When an person in a squad performs good, honoring him/her creates a motive for him every bit good for others to maintain succeeding and making the good occupation. A rap on his dorsum or an acknowledge or a pecuniary wages makes the individual to work harder to keep the grasp he gained.

In Jet Airways Task force-Honoring the best performing artist crew of each base has ever been a pattern in Jet Airways, Geting an grasp missive from the Directors and if received on a regular footing, the top crew across the web, is invited for tiffin along with the Chairman and Higher direction. Bringing a sense of pride and hike on self-pride.In rowing team-In our rowing squad, when an person does something extra for the squad such as arrange the T-shirts, organise the nutrient or assist each other for the presentation, gets awards and grasp from all the squad members.

Honoring gestures like acquiring nutrient or cocoas during the squad meetings and bananas for the squad after the rowing. Motivates the full squad spirit to execute better. It helps in making a bonding and construct a resonance with each other. Acknowledging the single accomplishments, increases the team’s value and passion. A trophy given to all the members of the squad at the terminal of the race, and holding a jubilation for the full squad and households helps to make a positive feeling.Schemes used in HPT-Jet Airways have ever rewarded the crew and other staff on carnival and meriting evidences. Crew who has gone the excess stat mi systematically in supplying premium service to the rider. Honoring the excess attempts made by the crew has ever been acknowledged by the direction.

Increasing the crew’s morale and self-pride.


As the concern environment is altering quickly across the Earth, no longer can teams manage bigger challenges, hence more companies are developing a high public presentation squad. Trust plays an of import function in make up one’s minding the squad makeover, where the exposure of exchanging the occupations or uncertainness of being laid off ever playing in the head of the employees. A high public presentation squad is developed by right choice, training and directing them to execute in the expected manner. To make a HPT we must happen the chief outlooks from the squad, what and how the responsibilities would be performed, every bit good construct up trust and exposure towards other members. A High public presentation squad doesn’t have to be the best of the employee, but a mix of employees, but holding a right attitude towards the common end.


As organizing a HPT is necessary for most of the companies at present.

The direction has to take the right balance between the people and the accomplishments they possess. Having a blend of positive attitudes and desired behavior. However the direction of Jet Airways must besides

  • Keep an oculus for any Derailers in the squad, any squad members being pessimistic about the thoughts and suggestions. First must be consulted and briefed about the behavior. If it persists, he should be removed from the squad.

  • Distribution of experient crew members across the different bases. Having a balance of experient and the new crew.
  • Feedback and suggestions should non merely be from the top to bottom of office hierarchy, but besides the from underside to exceed direction.
  • Periodic meeting with the higher direction, strengths the trust and assurance in the senior direction.
  • A regular squad edifice exercising or games should be planned, which would assist to make a HPT, and adhering among the members.
  • Interrupting from the humdrum work agenda and being more originative by prosecuting the squad with excursions and trips as a wages system.


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