Examine the Way Shakespeare Presents the Relationship Between Romeo and Rosaline and Romeo and Juliet in the Early Parts of the Play Essay

Analyze the manner Shakespeare presents the relationship between Romeo and Rosaline and Romeo and Juliet in the early parts of the drama.

Introduction* One of the most the most tragic love narratives.* Romeo portrayed as the quintessential hero* Romeo characterised as immature adult male transformed by love ( upon closer analysis ) * This can be seen in Romeo’s initial involvement in Rosaline. which is superficial and inactive in comparing to the more complex and active relationship he develops with Juliet. * Shakespeare employs a diverse usage of elaborate linguistic communication and literary techniques to exemplify this Paragraph 1

* Rosaline: Romeo’s compulsion. Belief of echt love but unanswered ( quotation mark ) * Hyperbolic linguistic communication ( quotation mark )* Use of oxymoron’s – province of head.

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convulsion ( quotation mark )* Confusion stems from rejection* Love is elating. non basking his experience – metaphor ( quotation mark ) Paragraph 2* Convinced love is madness ( quotation mark )* Love has made him lose himself ( quotation mark )* Discovers love is ineffectual – Rosaline determined to remain chaste. ( quotation mark ) * Aesthete side is revealed when depicting her. focal point on Rosaline’s physical beauty and attraction. Paragraph 3:* Military linguistic communication – love is a battleground ( quotation mark )* Language associating to decease – concentrating on aesthetics/ chief subject of drama * As if Juliet already knows destiny ( quotation mark )Paragraph 4:* Light imagination – prevailing characteristic ( quotation mark )* Despite Romeo’s great declarations of love for Rosaline. his feelings are really fliting. as shown by his behavior when he spies immature Juliet.

( quotation mark ) He is smitten at first sight. * Contrast of light and dark ( quotation mark )

Paragraph 5:* Romeo’s usage of spiritual imagination – comparing run intoing Juliet to religiousexperience ( quotation mark ) * Convinced that one buss will unclutter him of his wickednesss ( quotation mark ) * Religious imagination – sees Juliet as a divinity or a descendent from Eden ( quotation mark ) – more light imagination * Reference to clip – ( quotation mark ) implies that Juliet feels the clip is longer than it is before she following sees Romeo Decision:

* Different linguistic communication used by Romeo for Rosaline and Juliet * Rosaline’s darkness opposed to Juliet’s visible radiation ( quotation mark ) * Loses individuality merely like with Rosaline ( quotation mark )* Large sum of scriptural allusions used* Explanation of destiny ( quotation mark )* Romeo relationship with Juliet more of import than Rosaline – immediately forgotten ( quotation mark ) * Not really in love but with the construct of love.

Paragraph 1| Paragraph 2| Paragraph 3| Paragraph 4| Paragraph 5| conclusion| Out of her favor. where I am in love| It is madness.

most discreet| She will non be hit with cupid arrowAssailing. siege| It is the E and Juliet is the sunTwo of the fairest stars in heaven| Saints. pilgrim. sanctum. supplication. shrine| Arise carnival Sun and kill the covetous moon| O wrangling love O loving hate| Tut. I have lost myself.

I am non here. This is non Romeo. he’s some other where. |She is rich in beauty.

merely hapless. That. when she dies. with beauty dies her store| Beauty excessively rich for usage. for Earth excessively beloved! | Therefore from my lips by thine wickedness is purged| I know non how to state thee who I am| Feather of leadBright smokeCold fireSick health| she hath Dians humor.

and. in strong cogent evidence of celibacy good armed| My grave is like to be my marrying bed| As a rich gem in an Ethiops ear. So shows a white dove parading with crows. | Bright angel Winged courier of heaven| Star crossed lovers take their life| Love is a fume made with the smoke of sighs| | | | I will non neglect ; tis’ twenty old ages till then| Did my bosom love boulder clay now? |Although. nevertheless. to get down with. despite.

in add-on to this. where as. contradictorily. in decision. paradoxically. however.

to sum up.This suggests. this demonstrates/portrays. moreover.

perchance. doubtless. arguably. indisputably. unimpeachably.

undeniably. instead. once and for all. this signifies. this could stand for.On the other manus. likewise. likewise.

in the same manner. every bit. it could be argued.Consequently. as a consequence.

therefore. therefore. obviously.

later. ironically. hence.

of course.


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