Evolving Technology Essay

It is safe to say that everyone agrees that technology has evolved way beyond what people who lived centuries ago could anticipate. Many inventions have paved the way for our modern technologies. The only reason why technology has grown the way it has is all because of science. Science is responsible for how society is today, no matter what ones views are of our modern society. Although it is true that science has had many great contributions to the world, it is argued that it has also made negative effects as well.Although some critics may disagree, these negative affects should be solved outside the realm of science. Science has evolved so much that people in the Early and Middle Ages had low life expectancy rates.

Today, however, people live to be much older. This is due to the advances in the medical sciences. For instance, a fatal H1N1 virus pandemic occurred in 2009 killing thousands of people. It became so serious that President Barack Obama declared H1N1 a national emergency.

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Fortunately, scientists quickly found a vaccine.People are cured and no longer have to stress about it. Science has actually saved lives, which is the ultimate positive contribution. Unfortunately, there are many ways science has not been so positive in many eyes. Some of the ways science is used can be very controversial to the public. Some may view a scientific development as immoral while others might support it.

Everything depends on one’s perception. For instance, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approximately killed 246,000 people on the first day.The scientists who invented the atomic bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy knew of its capabilities. However, the bombs were still used to kill thousands of people. There was nothing that science could do to fix the problem it created. The problem with science is that it can be used for good and evil.

The science that is used for bad creates controversy. However, science is not to blame for its use, people are. Science is not a person because it has no soul or morals.

Therefore, science should not have to fix whatever problems it creates.Science should not have to choose sides and decide what is wrong or what is right. If a development is wrong or immoral than the government should ban it. After analyzing some ways science has affected society in positive and negative ways, one would realize that science itself should not have to take the blame. Critics should realize that science is the reason that they are alive to critique anything.

People should realize that science has had more positive effects than bad ones.


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