Evidence based testing Essay

Qualitative Search:Qualitative Method:Qualitative methods of research do not involve statistics or measurements. They are often considered to be as less scientific. But it is a wrong approach, though these are often used in the natural sciences, they have been used in sociology, philosophy, and history and many of the famous studies are actually qualitative.

The paper, telehealth, we have selected for critique, will be studied with qualitative methods. The limitations and advantages of the paper will be studied, the approaches used will be analyzed and the points will be seen in detail through qualitative study. The research will address different questions.Research Question:According to Cresswell (1994) “A qualitative study is defined as an inquiry process of understanding a social or human problem, based on building a complex, holistic picture, formed with words, reporting detailed views of informants, and conducted in a natural setting.” The research question for this paper arises that whether really the telehealth ha merged to a significantly adapted approach among people as the due to increased efficiency, individualization, and equity of quality oriented health care and limited resources, as the article mentions the advantages and growth of the telehealth among common people and evidences on its advantages. It is to check that whether the theory holds true or not?Data Gathering:The data gathering in the article is quite convincing.

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There is a large list of the data gathered from different sources, and does not restrain to only the one era but has a good research work done, from 1990 up to 2003. A number of publications have been concerned and their number has been mentioned as well. These publications are consulted to gather the data for analysis in order to prove the evolution of telehealth and the causes which led it to originate. The number of publications per country is also mentioned.

The data is collected in a very organized way. All the journals that have more than 10 publications are also mentioned.Data analysis:The data being collected from such sources is tan organized for analysis.

Analysis is necessary in order to find out the results the publications are divided into categories and analysis is done according to those categories. These are the system descriptions, case studies, evaluation, review articles, future perspective papers. Hence it is analyzed that most papers either deal with description of the system, and the problems faced by them, some of them are case studies which take along some specific scenarios in order to find out the solution to some specific problem. A few are the review on other articles and some purpose new system. According to these categories the perspective of each publication has been extracted out. Findings:It has been found through the result that most of the work done on the home telehealth has been done on the two important themes, one is VSP measurement (Vital Sign Parameter) and the other is audio video teleconsultation.  A relatively sparse discussion support for patience, nurses, relatives and improved information on IT tools is present.

Research before 1990’s has developed the work for virtual home care visits. And a recent advance in technology and facilities has put forward the trend of tele health, as it becomes easy to provide the care at home.Conclusions:According to all the data gathered, its analysis and all the findings, it has been concluded that the theory put forward by the article is really true. The telehealth is really becoming common day by day, all the studies reveal that this practice was not common in the early years but with the advancements of technology and science and the limited resources in the hospitals telehealth is becoming more popular in common people.Limitations:There are still some limitations in the article; it does not state how it affects the life style of common people. What are its affects on the lives of people? No doubt tele health is becoming more popular but we still do not know tat does it really addresses the needs and is a good substitution of regular health care programs. And what are its affects on the economy of the country and the drawback of it.Recommendations:A detailed study of the topic is required which clearly reveals tat how the telehealth or the promotion and what were the actual factors that led to the popularity and familiarity to the telehealth.Reference:Sabine Koch, (2005, September 6), Home Telehealth- current state and future, international journal of medical informatics.


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