Everywhere cotton. A lot of people would

Everywhere around the world is growing at an incredible rate. A growing population requires an increase in resources.

Which means we need more farms and farmers. With all the growing population, there isn’t enough room for as many farms that we need.Our lives without agriculture would be very different. We wouldn’t be able to have fresh foods that come from crops, products made from livestock, or things that crops make, like shirts from cotton. A lot of people would be out of a job.

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People that work at grocery stores would be out of a job because they wouldn’t have anything to sell. Around 15% of people are farmers. This means there would be a lot more unemployment. A lot of people don’t realize what an impact agriculture makes on our lives.

 Texas is the nation leader of cattle, hay, and cotton. We also happen to have the most farms and ranches. Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the nation.

In 1900, the population in Texas was 3,055,000. In 1901, there was an era known as the “Oil Boom”. This was when petroleum was found somewhere near Beaumont.

This led Texas to enriching the economy which led to a population increase. Now the population in Texas is around 27,862,596. Texas is a popular destination for domestic and international migrants.

Its been said that 2 of the main push factors for moving here is it’s resilient economy and affordable housing. It has a relatively young population, so that will most likely result in an even bigger population. Texas is ranked #1 for livestock. With all these people, that doesn’t give us much room to raise these animals.In 1900, the population in the United States was 76,094,000. One major increase in population , was right after World War 2. After the war, many families were reunited.

Being apart made people want to expand their families, which led to the Post-War Baby Boom. The United States has always had a big impact on agriculture. They are responsible for many of the improvements in the agriculture industry. In 1920, the farm population was nearly 32 million. In 1988, about 240,00 people left the farming lands.

This made crop levels decrease 


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