Everyone misfortune. The story of Rocky Balboa,

Everyone has experienced failure, but only a few have been determined to overcome misfortune. The story of Rocky Balboa, a fictional Philadelphia fighter, is a significant example of determination. Everyone expected Balboa to not become successful, however, he stood his ground and became the heavyweight champion of the world. Determination is “the establishing of the extent, quality, position, or character of anything” (The American Heritage Dictionary).

In this generation having an understanding of the word determination sets yourself up to to create achievable goals, make the right decisions, and become independent. Before researching the word determination, my thoughts on it has been that it was just a character builder to help people achieve their goals.  “Distinguishing determination skills can help you get to know yourself and support your needs to help reach your goals” (Michael Brooks).

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Some people are eager to quit soon as times get hard, but once you are determined to achieve your goals the rewards are endless. An example would be if a person may have a goal to do something, but then the task seems more difficult than the person expected. The person then weighs the desire to achieve the goal against the work required and decides to give up. People learn about the word determination, as they develop and grow in this society. 58% of people always use determination to get through daily life, but only 10% never use this concept to set goals (Brooks). On the other hand, being too determined to accomplish a goal may cause you not to see the troubles.

If you are not determined, you will give up often and not get things done. A person who is determined has a firmness of purpose and the wish to achieve a goal. It is a fixed intention or decision to overcome obstacles.Many people have various methods of how they use determination. “Ignore the naysayers.

Really the only option is, head down and focus on the job.” (Chris Pine). In this quote, Chris Pine demonstrates what he does to get through daily life and doesn’t let any hardship get to him. 50% of students use determination to complete school work or school sports such as cheer, basketball, football, dance, and tennis (Brooks). There is self satisfaction when you achieve a goal in which you set out to accomplish, this feeling can make you feel like a superior. After extensive research, my understanding of this concept is something that benefits you to succeed in achieving a goal. This concept can be summarized as “the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose” (Random House Dictionary).

The opposite of determination includes fear, indecision, indifference, hesitation, and doubt. If you have learned the moral that you should be determined to accomplish that goal, you will focus your effort to stick with that certain goal. Determination is a character trait in which you are eager to achieve a goal. Determination is important in this society because you can accomplish the goal you have always wanted and not let anything get to you.

The song, Eye of the Tiger, is a powerful example “went the distance, now I’m back on my feet / just a man and his will to survive / so many times it happens too fast / you change your passion for glory / don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive” (Survivor). The lyrics for this song can motivate people to overcome obstacles and stick to the intent. Therefore, determination is not just something to help you achieve a goal, it is also a character builder.


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