Every gender and religion are often discussed

Every one ofus is diverse in one way or the as we have similarities than differences, andthese differences are an important part of developing a society as a whole.I personallydefine an inclusive environment when people can easily express themselves, havetheir own opinions and various point of views to a certain matter. An inclusiveor a diverse environment is where one can freely participate in working,teaching other people and have a social mindset towards activities. It is whereone can feel safe from unfair criticism, abuse or harassment due to theirculture, ethnicity and colorA key term hereis privilege. It refers to the benefits gained by a dominant group based onskin color, gender, religion and trying to be an able-bodied individual.

TheAmerican University does include various things such as – –       An Individual student can participate wholly in class,can study better, aim to achieve outstanding results with less stress. –       The staff at the university can freely and fullyinteract and express themselves with other staff and the students.-       The University will benefit from cultural diversestaff and students through various perspectives and experiences. In the AUX Course,Race, social identity, ethnicity, class, disability, gender and religion are oftendiscussed in an oblique way. The AUX experience would help me develop a spacefor these conversations go forward and learn about them beyond the customs ofthe university. The coursewould help me develop, structure or be a building block before one learns aboutvarious cultures.  It would make one be apart of the community of learners whose members come from various types ofbackgrounds and bring with them a range of experiences.

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There ispride within oneself when in a mixture of people, with different beliefs and values.A diverse community not only encompasses various races, religions and ethnicitiesbut has different social backgrounds, different experiences, various countries eachindividual comes from. 


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