Ever “why” questions and changed my perception

Ever since I was a kid, I was passionate with solving problems.

I canremember myself spending my free time trying to solve brain teasers andriddles. Also, I was always curious to find out how things made and why theywork. Those reasons drove me to choose Mathematics, Physics and Informatics asmy major subjects in high school. Mathematics helped me to improve my logicalthinking and physics taught me the basic principles to solve several “how” and”why” questions and changed my perception of life and things that surround usin everyday life.

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However, informatics quickly became my favorite subject as I gotfascinated by programming and the near limitless potential computers had.Combined with the fact that I grew up in a period which computer technologyaggressively risen, I felt than computer science is the most suitable careerpath for me. My admirableperformance at High School granted me a place at the Computer Sciencedepartment at University of Cyprus for a bachelor’s degree. Through my studiesI managed to expand my knowledge in all fields of Computer Science by selectingsubjects from all of them. I was immediately attracted from Information and NetworkSecurity and pushed me through to choose a computer security subject for mydissertation and specifically “Use-After-Free Protection for Objective-CBinaries”.

Except the knowledge I gain through my studies at the university, Ihave learned a lot by working during summer and Christmas holidays. Some workplaces were not related to my course, but they were great opportunities to getthe feeling of real working conditions and become self-dependent. In the summerof 2016, I took part in an internship program and I was lucky to work in the ITdepartment of Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc. During my time there, I helped tomaintain, update and upgrade the system or the employees personal computers. Itwas the ideal work experience as I gained experience in the IT field and Iexplored my future career interests. A very important period of my life wasalso when I served the military for 24 months.

After my basic training as atank operator I was promoted as a lance corporal and I was placed in the officeof my military unit, in which I had to be well organized and work underpressure to overcome the workload I had. Of all things I have learned during mylife in the army, I value above all the fact that I became more mature andresponsible person. Moreover, in my free time I enjoy playing billiards andskiing during the winter. Both sports require concentration, devotion andperseverance which are skills that helped me during my studies and I believewill be crucial for my future career.It is astonishinghow quickly computer technology is evolving and the increase of use from peopleand businesses. The disadvantage is the great increase of computer crime, cybercrime and in general the threats that against computer systems and networks aswe are watching nowadays, so there is a huge demand for more professionals whocan deal with them.  Therefore, I havedecided to continue my studies to get specialized in the field of informationand network security.

A master’s degree at Imperialcollege in advanced computing wouldcertainly provide me with the knowledge and skills I need to succeed as well asa tremendous advantage in finding a job.  Your university is one of the most high leveluniversities of U.K. with a lot history in the field of Computer Science and Iam looking forward to continue my studies there with zeal and determination inorder to become a successful professional in the career path I chose.

  I am confident that my enthusiasm and hardwork will help me overcome any challenges.   


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