Evaluation of Human Resource Management and its Perception Essay


A modern-day issue of careless on human resource section shown that an unjust state of affairs and really this might non the truth for every company but it still remain the neglecting incur on it. So, human resource section should be crystalline to convert the others as human resource is besides a demand for a company even though they are making some of the simple undertaking in a company but it still help out the full company indirectly in footings of range the company mark and accomplishing the company ‘s end. Beside, how of import of a occupation description for an employee and make foreground the restriction of the occupation description of the chosen company to guarantee that the suggested betterment are consist and relevant to the place being given.

1.0 Human Resource

Human resource is a section with the intent of playing an act to command over the full company with the company policy and besides the labour Torahs.

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Human resource is a section that is more pay attending on the full company planning which included every section, so, human resource section really is making all the implied occupation in a company. As common position, human resource section is used to be the recruitment intent but really it is a multitask section, even though it is a multitask section but many still believe that top directors will be more concern and attention on the other sections instead than Human Resource such as selling, finance, production and technology.Since human resource section is making the full implied occupation for a company but it still have certain ground that caused the careless by a top director on it section. A top director is the 1 who know the most for the company and besides the most familiar with all the patterned advance within the sections in the company.

So, why still a top director in company remains pretermiting the human resource section even thought a top director knows how of import and utile they are.

1.1 Human Resource Vs Other Departments

1.1.1 Non Revenue Generating

Human resource section will demo that it is non productivity ( non gross bring forthing ) in the comparing with other sections such as selling, finance, production and technology because the full sections as mentioned are all generating gross and delivery net income to the company everyday even every minute. On a top director position, net income is tantamount to the work efficiency itself and it will demo that a director is truly making something for the company in footings of gaining net income. All the working undertakings of human resource are more on implied manner. So, bulk of people will non be cognizant of the ‘physically ‘ part by human resource section on a company.

On top of the director ‘s position, no physically part is the chief factor why a director will pretermit or careless on human resource section because other than human resource section, selling, finance, production and technology section are keep bring forthing the physically gross which means they are conveying net income for a company that can be seen, this is the chief ground why a top director will more pay attending on those section instead than human resource section.

1.1.2 Act as a Support Department

Human resource section will non being pay attending on it is because bulk of the people will believe that human resource section is merely merely a support section for company which means that human resource section is making with the intent of giving support to all the other sections for illustration, enlisting for the other sections, support the other sections with certification, stationary, contract and so on.

Human resource section used to command over the full company with the resource. So, many will believe that they are merely merely usage to be the accountant in footings of salvaging cost for the company. In the other word, the perceptual experience on human resource section by others will province that they are merely a busy organic structure section and do n’t hold the ability to execute in footings of conveying any benefits to company every bit good.


1.3 Expert merely in Paper Work and Policies

As we know, all the certification, company policies and contract are besides prepared by human resource section since it act as the accountant of all the sections. For illustration if selling section is making enlisting, human resources section will take the undertaking to assist for the advertizement until the interview session for the selling enlisting every bit good, that is what they so name expert in paper work because human resource have to make for the advertisement, interviewing and even appliers testing every bit good, all these are some ‘easy ‘ occupation that seen by the other sections.

Human resource besides playing the function to command over the whole company with the company policies which means they have to guarantee that every staff are following the company regulations with their on the job public presentation, attitude, garb and so on, guaranting there is no any piquing with the policies.

1.1.4 No Contribution for the Company Image

Since human resource is making all the implied undertaking and those ‘hardworking ‘ are non be seen by the others. So, human resource is considered the most less part on profitableness and besides the image of the company since all the work undertaking and accomplishment by human resource got no direct relationship with the repute of a company because cipher will cognize how good is a company ‘s human resource section but in the other manus, it will making the consciousness if a company ‘s selling are holding a good gross revenues and good public presentation. So, it will assist to popular a company and construct up the repute but human resource will non be able to make so because all the accomplishment will merely stay internal since the repute from the common position will be net income, the company repute will higher with the higher net income gaining. So, this is why human resource is zero part to a company image.


1.5 Viewed As a Necessary Evil

A top director attention small on the human resources section, it will do many people think that why do n’t direct near the whole section in footings of salvaging cost and utilize the budget to do another investing for benefit the company, but since human resource is in charge of the full company policies and act as the span between company resources and section. So, it is consider as a necessary immorality in a company because usually human resource section will stand on the company side to go to for every section, human resource is assisting the company to make all the rectification particularly on staff, and it non be able to name off for human resource section. So, human resource is merely benefits to the company and non other section as from the common position.


2 Change the Perception on Human Resource Department

To guarantee that human resource is no longer being neglecting by every people even a top director in a company, it should be more ’emphasizing ‘ on the map and the utile of the human resources section for illustration giving a full contrast for human resource section by a address, article in company enchiridion, section rating and so forth, these ways will assist to convey up a phase for human resource section as equivalent to the other sections. Based on the ground as mentioned above, really what human resource making are all benefits to the company but merely all the effects are given by the implied manner and non cognizant by others. So, altering the perceptual experience on human resource section has merely a few ways but the cardinal point that use to stress the of import of human resource section will be based on the rectification on those ‘wrong perceptual experience ‘ on human resource as below,


1 Non Revenue Generating

Even thought human resource is non bring forthing the physically net income for a company but it still gain to a company by utilizing the other way-cost efficiency. Human resource used to command over the full company which included enlisting, stationary, policies and so on. Human resource can cut cost in sense of giving limited stationary to certain section ‘s staff ; this is the chief manner to salvage cost for a company and besides can make a perceptual experience for the staff to appreciate the company resources. Layoff or reassigning the staff based on the section adult male power demand, human resource can make any agreement for the section staff based on the company current state of affairs in footings of guaranting every section are working efficiency and effectivity.

1.2.2 Act as a Support Department

Human resources section is playing a function to be a protagonist for the other section but really it still got it ain benefits for the company.

For illustration, human resource section aid to make the advertisement for the enlisting from the other section, if let say it is the enlisting from production line and for certain it will make n’t hold any specializer in production line will cognize how to make all the advertisement undertaking which need sufficient complex procedure and it may impact the effectivity of the section, by making it itself, human resource section will take topographic point to make for it in footings of lessens the unrelated work load of other section and really this is besides the implied manner that human resource section aid a company to work efficiency harmonizing to the patterned advance in footings of deriving net income every bit good. So, human resource section act as a protagonist to assist out for the full unrelated undertaking from every section to guarantee that the company is runing smooth and effectual.

1.2.3 Expert merely in Paper Work and Policies

As a accountant of the full company by utilizing the proper company policies, really is utile for a company to develop a group of discipline staff. If no 1 will cover this undertaking and allow all the staff do whatever they want or being eldritch attitude or behaviour while working, it may drop a company repute which is developing those eldritch worker or lower category workers by the company. In the other manus, if the company policies are being tight for the staff, it will convey in the positive impact as good which means all the staff will obey to be an expected staff by the company with the cooperation between the human resource section and the policies development party.


2.4 No Contribution for the Company Image

Implied accomplishment is merely applicable for the human resource section but it be said that no part to the company image. Human resource section is the 1 who giving the benefits to the staff every bit good, in return to making a good image by the company ‘s staff, human resource section besides can utilizing those benefits like excess one-year leave, publicity or increase to be the encouragement for those staff to construct a good repute for company in sense of work harder, it besides a portion of assisting the company repute edifice but merely it non be seen by others but it is non see no part.


2.5 Viewed As a Necessary Evil

Human resource section really is a span between company resources and every individual section and it ca n’t be neglect as good, it shown that it is a must to hold human resource section and really it is right because if the company resources allotment is bad, it will look fondness to the company in sense of impacting the effectivity of working for the section. So, human resource section is non merely the span between the company resources and sections and it besides is the span for a company towards it successful because the planning, prediction and bring forthing action by the human resource section on the company is really of import particularly the resources allotment to every section.Based on the state of affairs that will meet the perceptual experience of others sections are much more of import instead than human resources section, it shown that human resources section is equitably of import with other sections.

If everyone knows good in the map and utile of the human resource section, they will cognize that really every section in a company are all communicated and non able to missed out anyone for the full company operation.

2.0 Introduction

The current house being looked into is Olympia College. Olympia College is a mid-size college with its central offices in Kuala Lumpur. It has six subdivisions in Malaysia – viz. Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Kuantan and Petaling Jaya. It offers classs like concern, IT, hotel direction, accounting and English.

The college has been established since 1995 and presently employs about 300 persons in assorted places.The college has a HR section in its central offices in KL, which is headed by a HR Executive. She is assisted by 3 HR helpers, who deal in paysheet, preparation, and disposal.

It is chiefly an administrative section as most of the hiring is done by Centre principals. In Group HR, the managers are the 1s who do the interviewing, engaging and fire.

2.1 The Importance and Usage of the Job Description

Olympia College has reasonably comprehensive occupation descriptions for all places in the company. The occupation appellation used as an illustration in the assignment is that of a Course Consultant. First of all what is a occupation description? A occupation description is a necessity that is provided by an employer who is supplying any occupations to its employees.

It is a list of the occupation ‘s general undertaking, maps or duties of a specific place in the company.It frequently describes the specifications such as makings and accomplishments required for the occupation, the salary scope and even to whom the place studies to. Hence the occupation description is an of import papers for an employee new to the company to guarantee he is clear on what he has to make and what is expected of him. The occupation description is used as portion of the orientation for the new employee when he joins the company.Without a occupation description, it would be unjust to anticipate the employee to execute his best as he would be diffident what he is supposed to make.

Even in public presentation ratings, the occupation description is a footing for the rating. It will steer the employee to accomplish the demands and ends of the organisation.Similarly, the occupation description is the footing for ending an employee.

When employee underperforms, the company will promote him to better by proposing different ways and agencies. However, if after perennial chances to better given, and the employee still does n’t, better so he may be asked to go forth. The expiration will be based on the occupation description.

2.2 Job Description of the Course Consultant

Since we are working as Course Consultants we will now demo the descriptions stated in our occupation description.Job Title: Course AdviserSection: Gross saless & A ; SellingReports To: Gross saless & A ; Marketing Coordinator/Marketing ManagerTeam: Gross saless & A ; Marketing StaffEmployment Categorization: Selling

Primary Job Function

-Carry out planned external and internal Selling activities-Ensure effectual follow-through in Marketing programmes to pull prospective pupils with the right entry making

Primary Duties:

-Participate in all Marketing activities both internal and external guarantee that they are efficaciously conducted.-Ensure coordination and executing of Road Show activities: – work as a squad to guarantee lower limit of 1000 vouchers are obtained for creative activity and update to the database.

-Device selling methods that REACH OUT to the MASSES and supervise advancement against current selling scheme organized by Management.-Adhere purely to Policies, Procedures, and Internal Instructions and Directives.-Ensure that all information provided to the Public, chances and pupils who enroll is accurate and right.-Provide consultative services to all parties on benefits of programmes organized.-Continually update KISS on a regular footing with relevant informations gathered from selling exercisings.

-Print out the Consultant ‘s Day Follow-Up Records study from KISS for Team Leaders reappraisal.-Ensure pupil activities are carried out to heighten image and our trade name placement.-Ensure effectual Customer Support Services and Complaint Management: – abide by the 24-48 hr turnaround clip to work out issues

Extra Undertaking:

-Assist in Budget and Finance Management of Gross saless and Marketing Office.-Compliance and Documentation Control in Gross saless and Marketing Office.

-Other responsibilities as assigned from clip to clip by your supervisor.As can be seen from the occupation description stated above, it is rather comprehensive and elaborate. It gives a clear thought of what a class adviser should make and besides his relationship with different sections ( mention to Appendix A ) . The ends that he must accomplish are besides stated clearly.


To better on the occupation description, the following are suggested:Description of the person that is suited for the place.1 ) This includes depicting the personality and disposition of the individual.

A class adviser should be surpassing, friendly and active. This is because the class adviser needs to travel to roadshows, school visits, and so forth. In all these selling activities, the class adviser will be coming into close contact with high school pupils and other immature people.

To pull these immature people to fall in the college, the adviser must be friendly and chatty.2 ) The class adviser ‘s disposition should besides be patient, chatty and helpful. This is because when chances join the college, they will necessitate all sorts of aid and counsel. A patient and helpful adviser will do pupils happy with the service that they get.3 ) The adviser should besides be willing to set in long hours when necessary.

During peak periods, the college will be traveling all out to enroll as many pupils as possible. This will necessitate all advisers to set in longer hours of attempt, and even work on off yearss like Sundays.4 ) The adviser should besides be the sort of individual who welcomes challenges. It is a challenge to convert childs to fall in the college as competition is tough. Olympia College is viing against many large name colleges like Sunway, Taylor ‘s and Inti which are situated in Ipoh and outside of Ipoh.4 ) The adviser should besides be motivated by money. Merely when he is ‘greedy ‘ will he work hard to enroll as many pupils.

That is the chief Key Performance Indicator of a class adviser – to enroll as many pupils as possible for the college. The adviser will be happy with the committee that he will have from his difficult work.

2.4 Decision

No uncertainty, that the occupation description is an of import papers for the employees because they help rate the public presentation that should be attained in the occupation and supply conformity plus equity to the employees upon rating On the other manus after looking into the occupation description of a class adviser they have already provided sufficient information on what is the specific work loads and undertakings that they are assigned to when they are to use for that certain occupation ; suggestions are besides given in order to better on the descriptions to heighten better conformity.However there are no perfect apparatuss or all right guidelines as to a house or a occupation it invariably improves from clip to clip whether it ‘s of their aim or work load they are everlastingly altering because every individual twenty-four hours they might be different undertakings to be done or completed. Therefore it is best for a occupation description to foremost hold its basic descriptions and besides a few supernumeraries to province that they are extra undertakings that may be needed to be carried out by the specific appellation.


The full assignment is demoing that the of import of the human resource section and the ways to alter the ‘wrong perceptual experience ‘ on it and it besides help us as a pupil to increase our observation accomplishments and analysis accomplishments every bit good. How of import of a occupation description and how it will helpful for an employee besides being discussed in the assignment and it found that bulk of the occupation description are besides have restriction since it truly difficult to supply the proper information for every place in a company, in the other manus, every people may hold their ain sooner manner to work every bit good. So, it difficult to specific and list down the full criterion operating process in the occupation description to guarantee the proper occupation description in being given to the employee.


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